IL Cannabis Companies (Continued)

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Illinois Cannabis Companies, Pt 1

Seven additional cannabis companies in Illinois are PharmaCann, Greenhouse Group, Windy City Cannabis Corporation (WCCC), Equilibria, CannaTrac, TerrAscend, and CannaFundr. While these organizations may be headquartered or have additional locations outside of Illinois, each of them have locations in the state. Additionally, information for each has been provided in rows 10-16 of the attached spreadsheet.


  • PharmaCann is a cannabis dispensary which describes itself as an "alternative medicine" organization.
  • The company has locations in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Greenhouse Group

  • The Greenhouse Group is a health, wellness, and fitness group which sells cannabis and cannabis products.
  • The company has four locations throughout Illinois, in Deerfield, Litchfield, Mokena, and Morris.

Windy City Cannabis Corp (WCCC)

  • WCCC is a health, wellness, and fitness group which sells cannabis and cannabis products.
  • The company has four locations throughout Illinois, in Homewood, Posen, Worth, and Justice.


  • Equilibria is a cannabis company marketed to women going through menopause, with a specific focus on relieving symptoms related to anxiety, hot flashes, and sleep.
  • The company has only one location, in Chicago.


  • CannaTrac is an international company in the technology industry, which has created an electronic payment method to be used for cannabis and related products.
  • The company has locations in Illinois, Colorado, Ireland, and Canada.


  • TerrAscend operates in the pharmaceutical industry, and markets a number of cannabis products, both for medical and recreational use.
  • TerrAscend is a Canada-based company with a location in Illinois.


  • CannaFundr is an investment-based organization which works both with cannabis companies and individuals who want to invest in them.
  • The company is based in Illinois, and has an additional location in Voorhees, New Jersey.
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Illinois Cannabis Companies, Pt 2

Seven additional cannabis companies in Illinois are Revolution Enterprises, Verano Holdings, Leaf Tyme, LeafyQuick, the Chicago Cannabis Company, Ceres, and Hempesphere. More information about these companies has been provided below and in rows 17 through 23 of the attached spreadsheet.

Revolution Enterprises

  • "Revolution Cannabis operates smart, technologically-advanced facilities that are designed to produce pure, consistent medicines in new, reliable forms. We are driven by scientific advancement in the cannabis industry; our state-of-the-art laboratory allows for in-house testing and analytics, enhancing our ability to produce high quality medicine at an industrial scale."

Verano Holdings

  • "Verano believes cannabis is unsurpassed in its capacity to profoundly impact human health, wellness and happiness. Our business is to protect and responsibly share cannabis’ valuable essence and future promise through strict business management of the entire seed-to-consumer experience."

Leaf Tyme

  • "Leaf Tyme is a mobile cannabis directory that connects consumers and patients to licensed dispensaries, brands and clinics in their area. The platform allows users to find cannabis laws and regulations by state and learn how cannabis can help with common health conditions. The platform also allows ancillary cannabis businesses to promote and sell their products and services."


  • "LeafyQuick is an online ordering and delivery platform that helps provide legal access to CBD and Endocannabinoid products." Customers are able to view and select their products online for same-day delivery. "LeafyQuick also works with retailers, distributors and manufacturers to provide a technology-enabled distribution channel to help expand their businesses and brand. Empower businesses to reach consumers that want the convenience of online shopping but the service of a neighborhood store."

The Chicago Cannabis Company

  • "Our mission is to provide high-quality hemp products for our customers while providing economic opportunities for small farmers, disadvantaged communities, and Chicago's neighborhoods that have been negatively impacted by "the war on drugs." Our goal is to become a local leader and a go-to resource for industrial hemp cultivation, extraction, and distribution."


  • "A dual crypto-asset ecosystem where both assets will be registered SEC securities. CERES Coin (transactional) will be a stable, collateralized crypto-coin providing frictionless transactions in the legal cannabis industry. CERES Token (investment) will be an alternative investment asset allowing CERES investors to participate in revenues generated by the velocity of CERES Coins (transaction fees) as well as revenues generated by CERES’ cannabis lending business."


  • "Modern life with its crazy pace, constant distractions, fear of missing out, urge of being everywhere and the feeling of not doing enough. All that leads to high levels of stress and anxiety. Taking a break and finding time for self-care is important for living a balanced life in peace with your body and mind."