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Instagram TV

The success recorded by companies using IGTV such as Netflix, Adidas, and Coach implies that IGTV is an effective medium to market brands through influencer marketing. These companies experienced skyrocketing views of their influencer marketing videos by using IGTV and adopting best practices such as choosing the right influencer, video quality, and emotionally charged hashtags.



  • Success metric: Netflix promotes itself in IGTV by featuring popular actors that got about 2.2 million views in an hour on its popular posts.
  • Best practices: Netflix posts easy to consume, tightly edited fun videos by knowing their audience.


  • Success metric: Coach — an accessory brand — post its IGTV videos using their brand ambassadors which spiked their audience reach.
  • Best practices: Coach video posts contain emotionally charged hashtags and suitable brand ambassadors with good collections previews.


  • Success metric: Adidas is promoting its brand with the "She Breaks Barriers" social campaign using female marathon runners which led to 1.2 million views on its recent post.
  • Best practices: Adidas focused on social campaign and promoted the same on IGTV featuring social causes in vertical format videos with good editing and subtitles.

Canada Specific:

  • Mejuri — a Canada fine jewelry brand — promotes its brand by posting tutorial videos on “how-to-wear” jewelry using influencers but details on success were not quoted.
  • Tim Hortons — a Canada coffee brand — also promoted long-form videos on IGTV but success metrics and best practices are not quoted.

Other success metrics:

  • IGTV views are skyrocketing after they introduced the 1-minute IGTV previews feature on Instagram. Later’s IGTV channel views initially averaged 3,000 views per post. Following the introduction of the Instagram preview feature, views rose by about 300% to hit 14,000 per post.

Other relevant insights:

  • For promoting videos on IGTV, companies need to recreate another video with vertical video optimization as they can’t post the same video which they posted on YouTube.
  • Only brands with 10,000+ followers and verified accounts can use IGTV, this hinders micro businesses.
  • IGTV lacks search functionality which limits users to search for channels but can not search for a specific video post.
  • Though there was a new integration of 1-minute IGTV previews feature on Instagram, the lack of coordination between Instagram and IGTV initially made brands to think twice about influencer marketing via IGTV.

Research Strategy:

To determine if Instagram TV (IGTV) is or isn't an effective medium for brands to promote their product/service through influencer marketing in Canada, your research team searched for multiple success stories of IGTV across various influencer marketing and social media articles such as Crello, Later, Entrepreneur, Fourth Source, and others. We found that Instagram TV (IGTV) initially faced challenges in promoting brands because of vertical video optimization and isolation from the Instagram app. However, following the introduction of the 1-minute IGTV previews feature, brands have had significant success via IGTV. While we found Canadian brands using IGTV, there are no hard data to measure how successful they have been for using IGTV. Hence, we expanded the scope of this research to include U.S. brands.

  • "What’s the secret of their success? knowing their audience fun content that’s easy to consume tightly edited videos free long-form content their audience is interested in"
  • "What’s the secret of their success? high-quality closeups good editing ingredients listed on the screen free long-form content their audience is interested in"
  • "What’s the secret of their success? videos well adapted to vertical format subtitles videos tell a story and feature real people, depicting a problem not as a generalization but showing real examples"
  • "But unlike turning on the TV, you’re not able to search for shows on IGTV, only channels. "
  • "One of the biggest reasons for IGTV’s initial low viewership was its disconnection from the Instagram app, which made it difficult for brands and creators to convince their followers to leave the Instagram feed experience in order to watch an IGTV video. "
  • "Just last week, Instagram introduced the option to share 1-minute previews of your IGTV videos to your Instagram feed and profile, and it’s already making a big impact on the channel’s viewership numbers."
  • "For example, prior to the new sharing feature, Later’s IGTV channel received an average of 3k views per video. Our latest video (which we shared to our Instagram feed), has so far received nearly 14k views. That’s over a 300% increase!"
  • "Food and Wine averaged about 7k views on their IGTV videos before, and now with the new feature they are getting 225k+ on the videos that have been posted, compared to about 100k views on an Instagram feed post. "
  • "Mejuri, the everyday fine jewelry brand, showcases their product in easy step-by-step “how-to-wear” tutorials. This is a great way to show off new products and drive traffic back to their website!"
  • "Part of the struggle to publish on IGTV was the vertical video optimization. For creators who publish primarily on YouTube, moving to IGTV means creating a separate cut of their content or filming it in a different way to make the video display properly."
  • "While only verified accounts or accounts with 10,000 or more followers can use the ‘swipe up’ feature on Instagram Stories, accounts of any size can now add a swipe up link to IGTV videos within Instagram Stories."
  • "IGTV is so new for the influencer marketing industry, but we predict good things are to come. So, why not be the brand that embraces it and sets the standard for an awesome IGTV-sponsored experience?"