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US Health Conferences/Expos - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Ten conferences that feature speakers on Irritable Bowel Syndrome include Digestive Disease Week, ACG 2O18, Pri-Med South Annual Conference, Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 18th International Conference on Gastroenterology and Endoscopy
New Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Guild Conference, IAS 2018, Inaugural Perspectives in Digestive Diseases, and the Crohn’s & Colitis Congress. The spreadsheet has been updated with the ten conferences as well as their details.


Initially, we searched for larger medical conferences that had a session dedicated to Irritable Bowel Syndrome focusing on the consumer rather than professional but came up with limited results. To locate additional results, the search was expanded and it was found that the majority of the conferences located focus on Gastroenterology or digestive diseases. There were still not many results found with a large attendance focusing on consumers. While the focus was on finding the largest conference delivering to consumers, the expanded search has a mixture due to the limitations of the search criteria and lack of results. We were also not able to find attendance metrics for three of the conferences, despite searching through news articles, press releases, and conference websites. A list of ten conferences was compiled and placed on the spreadsheet in the order of highest number of attendees to lowest or unavailable.

Many of the conferences did not have information listed for cost or guidelines for becoming a speaker. Some had contact information listed for additional speaker information. While the search was focused on the Northeast, due to the limited results, it was necessary to expand the search into the rest of the United States. There were also additional results worldwide but since the focus of this request is the United States, these conferences were not included.


The conferences added to the spreadsheet include:

1.) Digestive Disease Week
2.) American College of Gastroenterology - ACG 2O18
3.) Pri-Med South Annual Conference
4.) Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
5.) 18th International Conference on Gastroenterology and Endoscopy
6.) New Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
7.) Guild Conference
8.) IAS 2018
9.) Inaugural Perspectives in Digestive Diseases
10.) Crohn’s & Colitis Congress


Ten conferences have been added to the attached spreadsheet. Each conference either focuses on or has at least one or more session focusing on Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The dates, locations, cost, number of attendants and sources have also been added where available.