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IBM Watson

IBM Watson's capabilities include examination of high volumes of data and data processing among businesses, industries and organizations. IBM Watson's awards/achievement include Innovator of the Year, Content Innovation Awards, Best OTT TV Technology of the Year, Best Industrial IoT Solution, and Person Of The Year.

About IBM Watson

  • "Watson is the first commercially available cognitive computing capability, representing a new era in computing. Watson analyzes high volumes of data and processes information more like a human than a computer—by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence, and learning as it goes."
  • "Watson is IBM’s suite of enterprise-ready AI services, applications, and tooling."


What it can do

  • "Accelerate research and discovery" — It processes millions of data points easily, that helps allocate less time looking for information and more time to focus on the work that matters most.
  • "Enrich your interactions" — It lessens response times, enlarge number of transactions and builds more meaningful and productive interactions.
  • "Anticipates and preempts disruptions" — It constantly keeps track the condition of the systems, to reduce problems before they disrupt the work. It also captures potential issues in the systems and processes that are essential to the business.
  • "Recommend with confidence" — It educates system the difference of business and to understand the language of industry. It also produces smarter recommendations and better informed decisions, provides tailored advice and deepen customer relationships with AI.
  • "Scales expertise and learning" — It assembles deep institutional knowledge that are accessible to everyone in the organization.
  • "Detects liabilities and mitigates risk" — It recognizes compliance issues easily and rapidly. "Train systems to understand and keep up with constantly changing regulations and privacy obligations"

Watson capabilities by Industry

"With Watson, you can put AI to work in any industry."
  • Media — IBM Watson Media solutions permits the infusion of AI all over media flow or video library. Solutions are as follows: AI powered captioning, Internal Video for Corporate Communications, AI Powered Highlight Clipping, Intelligent video recommendations, Live Event Streaming Services & Solutions, Live Streaming and Broadcast Tools, Media & Entertainment Video Solutions, Video Monetization through Ad Integration, OTT Streaming, Watson Video Enrichment and Video Marketing Services and Solutions.
  • Education — IBM Watson Education used AI as an added assistant in the classroom to boost learning outcomes and implement solutions that will aid students succeed. AI is used to individualize content (e.g lessons, activities and assignments) for students based on mastery, upgrade early childhood vocabulary development through tablet-based vocabulary learning app and to tutor students.
  • Advertising — IBM Watson Advertising utilizes world's leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology to unleash data and insights and to assist marketers to produce better decisions. It provides "trusted, insight-driven media, data, and technology solutions" such as media solutions, data solutions and AI-powered technology solutions.
  • Customer Engagement — IBM Watson Marketing, Commerce and Supply Chain enhance the customer experience through the delivery of customer’s data, product or service using AI-powered solutions.
  • Financial Solutions- IBM Regtech or regulatory technology aids firms successfully achieve regulatory compliance while cutting costs. It "is the application of innovative capabilities and techniques to help financial institutions better meet their regulatory monitoring, reporting, compliance and risk management needs."
  • IOT — Watson IOT solutions gather power of analytics, the IoT, and AI to the enterprise operations, build more informed business decisions by comprehending facilities through the usage of data, analytics and AI, handle "requirements, quality, compliance, change and configuration" and also supervise IoT devices.
  • Health — IBM Watson Health utilizes advanced technology that authorize professionals to partake health data and bring insight to further care through hospitals, providers, insurers, researchers and patients.
  • Talent — IBM Watson Talent provides HR solutions powered by AI to acquire, assess, and develop employees.

Products and services

  • Watson Assistant — It recognizes when to search for an answer, when to inquire for clarity, and when to direct you to a human. It can go on any cloud-enabling businesses to carry AI to their data and apps anywhere.
  • Watson Studio — It aids enterprises make the process of experimentation easier for deployment, speed data exploration and model development and training, and scale data science operations across the lifecycle. Also, it accredits organizations "to tap into data assets and inject predictions into business processes and modern applications and then optimize business value with visual data science and decision optimization."
  • Watson Machine Learning — It allows organizations to use machine learning and deep learning to deliver business value by simplifying, accelerating and governing AI deployments.
  • Watson Knowledge Catalog — It assists business users to quickly locate, "curate, categorize and share data assets, data sets, analytical models and their relationships with other members of an organization."
  • Watson Openscale — It tracks and estimates outcomes from AI across its lifecycle and accommodates and governs AI to changing business situations.
  • Watson Discovery — It is an AI search technology that removes data silos and recovers information buried inside enterprise data.
  • Watson Discovery News — It instills applications with news that involves concepts, sentiment, relationships and categories.
  • Watson Natural Language and Understanding — It offers "natural language processing for advanced text analysis."
  • Watson Knowledge Studio — Without requiring deep technical skills or coding, it permits domain subject matter experts to educate Watson about the language of an industry or an organization.
  • Watson Visual Recognition — Using machine learning, it swiftly and accurately tags, classifies and trains visual content.
  • Watson Speech to Text — It changes audio and voice into written text for fast understanding of content.
  • Watson Text to Speech — It changes written text into natural-sounding audio, with options for multiple languages and voices.
  • Watson Language Translator — It interprets text from one language to another.
  • Watson Natural Language Classifier — It examines text, and labels and assembles data into custom categories using machine learning.
  • Watson Personality Insights — Through text, it predicts personality characteristics, needs and values.
  • Watson Tone Analyzer — It understands emotions and communication styles of the different discussions online, like tweets or reviews.

IBM Watson awards/achievements

  • What the award was called : Innovator of the Year
  • When it was awarded: 2017
  • Why the computer received it: It was awarded in recognition of its cloud, cognitive and IoT capabilities, within the services' category IBM Watson was selected as the ‘Innovator of the Year’.
  • What the award was called: Content Innovation Awards
  • When it was awarded: 2018
  • Why the computer received it: "The award highlights technology that has improved the TV experience, overcome challenges to the market or enabled viewers in new ways." In line recently launched IBM Watson Captioning Live that debuted in April 2018 "to offer live intelligent closed captions for broadcast networks."
  • What the award was called: Best OTT TV Technology of the Year
  • When it was awarded: 2017
  • Why the computer received it: IBM Watson Media received the award for its forefront of innovation in television landscape, as it offers IBM Watson Media’s Video Enrichment that "provides advanced insights for advanced decision-making, streamlining production workflows and giving content owners and streaming service providers the rich data and insights they need to stay competitive."
  • What the award was called: Best Industrial IoT Solution
  • When it was awarded: 2019
  • Why the computer received it: "Named the best Industrial IoT Solution, this service aims to simplify the collection and analysis of data from IoT devices, equipment and machines."
    • What the award was called: Person of the Year at the 15th Annual Webby Awards
    • When it was awarded: June 2011
    • Why the computer received it: "The Webbys honor excellence in over 100+ Website, Interactive Advertising, Online Film & Video, and Mobile & App categories."