Hydronium Properties in Skincare Products

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Hydronium Properties in Skincare Products

Hydronium is used in a variety of skincare products for its effects in removing dead skin and regenerating healthy skin. It is used mainly in peels. Various invention applications have shown that hydronium, when mixed with other chemicals, can also be efficient in treating burns as well as wounds.

1) Properties of Hydronium in Skincare Products

Insight 1: Properties of Hydronium When Used in Peels

  • When more hydronium ions are present in a peeling product, they have the effect of lowering the pH of the peel.
  • As this reaction happens, the peel is more likely to break the bonds linking skin cells, which results in more skin peeling.
  • The whole secret behind the mechanism of acid peels is to match the right peel to each skin type, depending on its pH level.
  • A peel with more hydronium ions will be more suitable with a skin that is more acid.
  • When the peel is applied to the skin, the hydronium ions penetrate it and start deploying their chemical effect.
  • The effect of the hydronium ions on the skin is to "melt" the glue that holds together the dead cells.
  • After that happens, they reach a deeper layer of skin composed of keratins and ceramides called "the granular layer".
  • This layer acts as a protection of deeper skin layers.
  • For a peel to be efficient, the granular layer has to be breached, and hydronium ions are used for that purpose.
  • They have the ability to penetrate until the dermis, and this physical property can be used to treat damaged skin.
  • A high level of hydronium in the dermis will have the effect of destroying cell walls, which means that their content will escape into the intra-cellular fluid.
  • This reaction will generate the deposition of more collagen.
  • This means that a higher level of hydronium ions in the dermis will increase the effect of the peel.

Insight 2: Properties of Hydronium When Used For Skin Health Regeneration.

  • When applied to the skin, hydrogen ions penetrate different layers of skin, accelerate the turnover of cells and favor optimum skin health regeneration.
  • Hydronium ions can be used in skin products such as creams and gels to treat problematic skin.
  • They can be used to restore skin health and treat skin conditions such as acne, rashes, redness, and others.
  • When hydronium ions penetrate deep into the skin, they cause skin cells to release epidermal growth factors, which result in the stimulation and acceleration of the regeneration of the healthy cells that survived.
  • As a result of these reactions, fresh collagen is produced.

2) Efficiency of Skincare Treatments Using Hydronium.

Insight 1: Hydronium Ions Used in Skin Sanitizing And Wound Healing Solutions

  • A patent was filed in Oct. 29, 2015 by David J. Weaver, Rochester, NY (US) and Scott D. Buckley, New Port Richey, FL (US) for a "water-based, alcohol-free, skin sanitizing and wound heal ing Solution with a natural skin softener", including "highly protonated hydronium".
  • In their patent publication application, the two inventors include their findings about the efficiency of hydronium in sanitizing and healing wounds.
  • The inventors explained that they discovered that a mixture of Carbamide and hydronium, through various chemical reactions, would pro mote healing in skin wounds.
  • It has been found that the two agents combined would create an immune system that would be able to identify and destroy bacteria and viruses.
  • This would favor their use in a skin sanitizing and wound healing solution, as they would be safer for the skin than solutions containing harsh chemicals or alcohol.
  • Thanks to this formula, the skin would have an extended protection of up to 48 hours after application of the solution on the skin.

Insight 2: Hydronium Efficient to Treat Burns

  • In 2014, South Korean inventors found that hydronium ions could be used to alleviate burns and atopic symptoms.
  • Using a composition that includes hydronium ions, the inventors have discovered that when applied to the skin of a patient suffering from burns, the itching disappeared rapidly, and the scab was eliminated after 3 days.
  • This effect is related to the fact that hydronium ions can be used to produce the most optimal pH and thus support cell regeneration.
  • The pain suffered by the patient was also reduced thanks to the hydronium mixture.

Insight 3: Skincare Products Containing Hydronium

  • H+ Return legacy is a Japanese skin product that contains hydrogen ions, whose property is to enable redox capability.
  • Environ Cool Peel is a peeling cream that contains hydronium.

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