Hospital Commercials

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Hospital Commercials: Near Fort Wayne

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), located at 318 miles from Fort Wayne, has launched five commercials since April 2020. However, all the commercials launched were online-only advertisements. The commercials that fit the defined criteria and were available in', YouTube, and Aban Commercials's database were all online-only ads.

Ascension Health

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

  • HQ Location: Pittsburg (318 miles)
  • 17th largest hospital system's in the US (40 hospitals).
  • "UPMC TV Commercial, 'Choose UPMC: Dr. Sally Wenzel in Pulmonology'" (Online-only)
  • "UPMC TV Commercial, 'You Can Choose UPMC'" (Online-only)
  • "UPMC TV Commercial, 'Choose UPMC: Dr. Okonkwo in Neurosurgery'" (Online-only)
  • "UPMC TV Commercial, 'Here's to the Heroes'" (Online-only)
  • "UPMC TV Commercial, 'We're Open'" (Online-only)

Michigan Medicine (formerly University of Michigan Health System)

  • HQ Location: Ann Arbor (141 miles)
  • 1,000-bed hospital; it is among the largest hospitals in the US.
  • "Michigan Medicine TV Commercial, 'Safe and Trusted Health Care'" (Online-only)

Cleveland Clinic

  • HQ Location: Cleveland (204 miles)
  • 1,285-bed hospital; it is among the largest hospitals in the US.
  • "Cleveland Clinic TV Commercial, 'How to Help Cleveland Clinic Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic'" (Online-only)
  • "Cleveland Clinic TV Commercial, 'Women's Health'" (Online-only)
  • "Cleveland Clinic TV Commercial, 'Strong Community'" (Online-only)
  • "Cleveland Clinic TV Commercial, 'Immediately'" (Online-only)

Vanderbilt Health

  • HQ Location: Nashville, TN (408 miles)
  • 680-bed hospital; it is among the largest hospitals in the US.
  • "Vanderbilt Health TV Commercial, 'Your Safety Comes First'" (Online-only)
  • "Vanderbilt Health TV Commercial, 'Simple Purpose'" (Online-only)
  • "Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt TV Commercial, 'Extra Steps'" (Online-only)

University of Illinois Health (UI Health)

  • HQ Location: Chicago (162 miles)
  • "UI Health TV Commercial, 'Helping You Stay Healthy, So We All Can Keep Each Other Safe'" (Online-only)

McLaren Healthcare

  • HQ Location: Grand Blanc (194 miles)
  • Total number of hospitals: 14
  • McLaren Health Care TV Commercial, 'Don't Wait'
  • "McLaren Health Care TV Commercial, 'You Don't Need to Delay Seeking Treatment. McLaren is Ready.'" (Online-only)

St. Louis Children's Hospital

  • HQ Location: St. Louis (367 miles)
  • "St. Louis Children's Hospital TV Commercial, 'What Makes Us Proud?: Isaiah, Tony & Liv'" (Online-only)

Research Strategy

We searched Ispot, "a leader in TV ad measurement and TV attribution" for commercials of hospital systems, YouTube, and Aban Commercials for hospital-system TV advertisements launched since April 2020. While we were able to find more than 10 such commercials within a 350-mile radius of Fort Wayne, none were aired on TV; all the 19 commercials we found (even after expanding the radius marginally) were online-only commercials.