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Hometown Foods Brands: Jim Dandy

Jim Dandy prices range from $10.99 to $47.98. Some of Jim Dandy's competitors are Palmetto Farms, Quaker, Trader Joe's and Old School Mill.

Jim Dandy - pricing

  • On Amazon, two pounds of Jim Dandy Enriched Quick Grits are priced at $10.99 or $0.34/ounce.
  • A pack of two 2-pound bags of Jim Dandy Enriched White Corn Quick Grits is priced at $19.99 or $5/pound.
  • A pack of two 16-ounce bags of Jim Dandy Enriched Quick Grits is priced at $11.21 or $0.35/ounce.
  • A 2-pound bag of Jim Dandy Enriched Regular Grits is priced at $11.99 or $6/pound on Amazon.
  • A pack of two 16-ounce bags of Jim Dandy Iron Fortified Quick Grits is priced at $47.98 on eBay.

Jim Dandy - competitors

Jim Dandy - selling channels

Helpful insights

  • Jim Dandy brand, among other brands, was acquired by Brynwood Partners in late 2018.
  • According to the Hometown Food website, brands Funfetti, White Lily, Jim Dandy and Martha White products are all manufactured at an Ohio facility where 255 employees work.
  • According to Bloomberg, the Smucker baking brands, which include Martha White and White Lily alongside Jim Dandy, have made 5% of the company's revenue in 2017.
  • The 2017 baking brands revenue as part of company's revenue is half as much compared to data from 2014.
  • J. M. Smucker, the company that previously owned Jim Dandy among other brands, was founded in 1897.

Research Strategy:

In order to compile a list of Jim Dandy competitors, we examined brands in the same industry as the brand under investigation, that is, the production of grits. We have extracted those that use the same channels to promote and sell their products, that is, online marketplaces such as Amazon. We were unable to find the business size or the founding date for the brand. The strategies listed below were deployed in our search for this information:

To commence our research, we searched the Hometown Foods website and the parent company, Brynwood Partners annual report, since our search determined the company acquired the brand in late 2018. We hoped to find information on number of employees the brand has, as well as data on revenue for the brand. We also hoped to find the date the brand was founded by looking at brand descriptions. The Hometown Foods website contained a brief listing of the brands, however no extensive information on the brands was found. The closest we were able to get was a report that provided the total number of employees for White Lily, Jim Dandy, Martha White and Fufetti brand together, not focusing on any brand in particular.

As for the Brynwood Partners website and financial reports, information on the acquisition of the brand Jim Dandy was available, however no financial or descriptive information specific to the brand was found. Most of the information focused on the overall company performance.

Following this, we searched company databases such as Crunchbase.com and Hoovers. Our objective was to find a profile for the brand that we could use to obtain relevant information, or at least any relevant information on the parent company profile. Our search determined the brand does not have its own database profile. Information on the parent company profile was insufficient and did not focus on any of the brands.

Next, we searched industry-specific third party releases for mentions of relevant information. Sites searched include markets.businessinsider.com and bakemag.com. The reports on third-party websites mainly focused on the recent acquisition of the brands including the Jim Dandy brand. However, no relevant in-depth information was available.

Subsequently, we decided to search for parent company revenue and the percentage of revenue the Jim Dandy brand is responsible for, in order to calculate revenue using that percentage and the parent company revenue. We also searched for employee segmentation for each brand owned by the company and total number of employees in order to calculate the number of employees that work for the brand. To find this information, we searched the parent company's financial reports, press releases, as well as third party reports. This strategy also failed because our search determined the segmentation per brand is not available. The closest we were able to get was a report that stated the total percent of revenue of all the newly-acquired baking brands. This could not be used for triangulation because it encompassed other brands such as Pillsbury and Martha White.

We also searched interviews and public statements from the current CEO of the parent company, Hendrik J. Hartong, looking to find any relevant statements. This strategy was unsuccessful because the only interview relevant to the brand did not provide any useful information; rather focusing on general overall information.

We were also unable to find any marketing examples specific to the brand. To find this, we searched the company's website as well as marketing campaigns on advertisement databases such as Adage and Moat. We also searched for any current or past TV advertisements of the brand on site iSpot.tv, but no marketing examples specific to the brand were found.

Finally, for the social media following, we checked brands' accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but our search revealed the brand does not have its own social media accounts. In light of this, we checked the company's social media accounts, Hometown Foods, but the search determined the company does not focus on the brand on any of the social media accounts.
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Hometown Foods Brands: Martha White

Martha White was founded on February 8, 1972. As of 2018, the company had 35 employees, with an annual revenue of $7 million. Martha White has various product lines such as the Martha White Hushpuppy, and Corn Meal; the company has 75,404 Facebook followers. Details of our findings are below.



  • Martha White has the following product lines: Muffin, Pizza, HushPuppy, Cupcakes , Corn meal , and Cornbread.
  • Martha White has 2 pizza variants: Deep-pan pizza crust Mix, and Thin & crispy pizza crust mix. They cost from $1.48 to $5.38.
  • The company's Muffin Mix Flour come in various flavours such as Blueberry, Apple Cider, Chocolate chip, Honey Bran, Lemon poppy seed, Pumpkin spice, Strawberry cheesecake, Strawberry, Sweet Potato, Wildberry, and Yellow corn. These Muffin mix variants cost between $1.48 and $15.92.
  • The company's 8-ounce Hushpuppy Mix costs $0.98.
  • The company's Corn Meal offerings include: Corn Meal in buttermilk self-rising enriched white corn meal mix, Plain enriched white corn meal, Plain enriched yellow corn meal, Self-rising enriched yellow corn meal mix, Enriched self rising white bolted corn meal. These products cost between for $2.24 and $7.06.
  • Martha White's Cornbread offerings include: Cornbread in Cotton Country, Buttermilk cornbread mix, Buttermilk cornbread & Muffin mix, Mexican style cornbread & Muffin mix, Sweet yellow cornbread & Muffin mix, Sweet yellow honey cornbread Mix made with whole grains, Yellow cornbread & Muffin mix, Gluten-free sweet yellow cornbread & Muffin mix. They cost between $1.67 and $17.97.
  • Martha White also offers all-purpose flour, and self-rising flour. They cost $2.
  • Martha White's cupcake offerings include: Cupcake in butter, Pecan cupcake mix, and Red velvet cupcake mix. These products are sold for $7.77.


  • Some competitors of Martha White are Amotts, Fage, Fazer Group, Dawn Food Products Inc., Continental Mills Inc, Kerry Ingredients , Tumaro's Inc., and Waitrose Ltd.
  • Martha White's marketing on Pinterest shows some of its products such as muffins, bread, and other cookies offered along with their recipes/ingredients. These offerings are sold to people who are interested in making the products themselves.
  • An example of Martha White's offerings with recipes/ingredients is shown here.
  • On Facebook, Martha White markets its products by posting videos and other promotional content about its recipes and products. An example of such promotional posts can be found here.
  • As stated on its website, Martha White sells its products in the US alone.


  • On Instagram, Martha White has 100 followers.
  • On Facebook, Martha White has 75,404 followers.
  • On Pinterest, Martha White has 4,000 followers.


To find the requested information about Martha White, we searched through its official website, as well as companies' directories and information databases such as Bloomberg and ZoomInfo. From these sources, we were able to find information about Martha White's revenue, number of employees, and its founding date. To find the company's social media followings and marketing, we searched through its accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
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Hometown Foods Brands: White Lilly

White Lily Flour was originally founded in 1883, but was most recently bought from Smucker's by Brynwood Partners in 2018, and formed, along with other former Smucker's baking brands, into the portfolio company Hometown Foods. White Lily has six product offerings, all of them flour or cornmeal.

Product Information and Pricing

  • White Lily has six product offerings, all of them flour or cornmeal.
  • Enriched Bleached All Purpose Flour (Price on Amazon: $10.75/80 ounces)
  • Enriched Bleached Self-Rising Flour (Price on Amazon: $9.01/32 ounces)
  • Enriched Unbleached Bread Flour (Price on Amazon: $14.03/5-lb bag)
  • Enriched Unbleached Self-Rising Flour (Price on Amazon: $11.04/5-lb bag)
  • Enriched Self-Rising Buttermilk White Cornmeal Mix (Price on Amazon: $14.98/5-lb bag)
  • Enriched Self-Rising White Cornmeal Mix (Price on Amazon: $19.99/5-lb bag)
  • White Lily, nor Hometown Food, display pricing on their websites or other publicly available information. As such, we have used Amazon prices as an example of the price points for each product.

Competitor List

  • Ostensibly, any company that makes flour/cornmeal and distributes it in the US is a competitor of White Lily, equaling dozens of brands, including a number of private label ("store") brands. The brands that have the most similar product positioning and offerings as White Lily include:
  • King Arthur Flour
  • Gold Medal Flour
  • Hodgson Mill Flour
  • Renwood Mills' Southern Biscuit Flour
  • It should be noted that Martha White and Pillsbury both came up as potential alternatives to White Lily, but cannot be counted as competitors as they are both owned by Hometown Foods.
  • Other flour brands that are sold in the US include: Goya, Robin Hood and Maseca.

Where White Lily Products are Sold

Social Media Presence and Marketing

  • After an in-depth search through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, we have determined that White Lily only has an official Instagram.
  • White Lily's Instagram had 3,727 followers as of the writing of this brief.
  • After a review of available online sources, it appears that White Lily does not do much paid advertisements. The White Lily brand seems to rely mostly on its reputation as "the gold standard" in Southern biscuit recipes. Many news articles mention it in this context-- as the "tried-and-true," classic secret ingredient to delicious biscuits.
  • However, if we consider Instagram to be a form of marketing, then we can glean some examples from White Lily's Instagram posts.
  • White Lily's most recent Instagram post, as of the writing of this brief, posted on Thursday, August 15th, is a side-by-side picture of a 1950s American baking book entitled "Baking with White Lily Flour," and a pound of White Lily's Self-Rising Flour. The caption describes a way to win the classic book, by liking the photo, tagging a friend in the comments, and following @whitelilybaking.
  • Another recent post, published on June 13th, is to cross promote the TV appearance of "partner and friend, Carrie Morey" of Callie's Hot Little Biscuit on Low Country Live, a Charleston, South Carolina "Lifestyle Show."

Revenue and Employee Numbers

  • Unfortunately, the only publicly available information regarding the revenue of White Lily or Hometown Food is an estimation by D & B Hoovers, which estimated that Hometown Food had a revenue of $440 Million in 2018.
  • This is likely because Hometown Foods is an "operationally-focused private equity firm," meaning it is not required to publicly disclose its financials.
  • There is also no publicly available information regarding official employee numbers.
  • However, a review of one press release suggests that Hometown Foods, as a whole, was planning on hiring approximately 50 employees for their Chicago, Illinois headquarters. It is not clear whether this number includes just corporate positions, or also manufacturing positions.
  • A review of Linkedin shows that 54 members of Linkedin list Hometown Food as their current employer.

research strategy

In order to provide all the information regarding the White Lily brand, we began our search through trusted media sites, including White Lily and parent company Hometown Foods' websites, as well as news sites such as PRNewsWire and The Atlantic. We were able to locate a great deal of the requested information. However, there were a few things we were not able to find.

Firstly, we were not able to locate a publicly available "master list" of all on-line and brick-and-morter retailers that carried White Lily. White Lily's website does has a function that allows you to search by zip code for nearby retailers, within 100 miles. It is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of this request to search every available zip code in the United States. However, we did undertake a survey by which we input a selected zip code for each state, which helped provide a robust list of regional grocery store chains that carry White Lily. Most of these stores were located in the South and the Mid West. Another news article also states: "

Secondly, we were unable to locate any publicly available information regarding revenue or other financials for White Lily or its parent company Hometown Foods besides the Hoover estimation. We began by searching directly for this information, hoping to find a publicized report by White Lily; however, this proved unsuccessful. We then searched through White Lily's website for press releases for any mention of financial date. As well, we searched for mentions of revenue or other financial data on media and news sites such as the New York Times. This proving unsuccessful, we then expanded the scope of financial data to include Hometown Foods as a whole. We undertook the same process as with White Lily, systematically searching for any publicized reports, press releases, or third-party media mentions of any relevant financial data. Upon discovering that Hometown Foods is ultimately owned by Brynwood Partners, a consumer private equity company, we also undertook a thorough search through Brynwood's press releases and website. Unfortunately, none of these search strategies proved successful; we concluded that the information was not publicly available, likely because Hometown Foods is a privately held company, and is therefore not required by the US government to publish financial information.


From Part 01
  • "The portfolio includes the exclusive U.S. rights to the iconic Pillsbury® brand’s shelf-stable baking products along with the Hungry Jack®, White Lily®, Jim Dandy® and Martha White® brands. "
From Part 02
  • "Deep Pan Pizza Crust Mix and Thin & Crispy Pizza Crust Mix"
  • "Gluten Free Blueberry Artificially Flavored Muffin Mix with Artificial Blueberry Bits Apple Cider Flavored Muffin Mix Blueberry Flavored Muffin Mix"
  • "the information on all Hometown Food Websites is intended solely for use and access by persons residing in the United States, its territories and possessions. Hometown Food controls and operates its Websites from offices located in the United States and makes no representations or warranties that the information, products or services contained on any of the Hometown Food Websites is appropriate for use or access in other locations."
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