Holiday Marketing Strategies - Instagram

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Instagram - Holiday Marketing Strategies

Some examples of marketing campaign done by Instagram during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday include Instagram stickers, Timeliness Instagram algorithm and Instagram Christmas market. However, I was unable to provide adequate information due to inadequate information sources on these marketing campaigns.


  • Music sticker: This is a background feature from Spotify that allows a user to add music to their pictures and videos. An example includes the Christmas carols and Christmas compositions by some favorite artists.
  • GIF sticker: This is a looping graphics obtained from GIPHY that can be added to an image or video in order to promote fun and liveliness.
  • Countdown sticker: This is a pop up that allows users to follow up on a timer that is well efficient during New Year when waiting for the time to strike midnight as a gesture of the beginning of a new year.
  • These features formulate a more emoji-centric method of communication such as the basic sticker of Santa clause, snowman, Christmas trees, mistletoe, ginger man, and the famous Christmas candy cane. As a result, these stickers are catchy towards the users attracting them towards the app in order to access these sticker hence traffic.


  • Instagram moved from a chronological feed to an algorithmic approach because of the increased number of content and the simplicity to manage them all.
  • This Instagram algorithm considers the timeliness of Instagram post engagement as well as time period in which the photo was posted. This is an attempt to provide Instagram's market with the latest and more interesting posts.
  • One of the reasons why Instagram made this change was due to the presence of holiday pictures being mixed up in 2018, in that Christmas posts were being displayed despite the dates being past New Years.
  • This marketing strategy that cares about time of posting is prone to facilitate uniqueness in terms of recentness hence providing relevant information provided towards the users, especially those with businesses.


  • In 2017, Instagram introduced the Instagram Christmas market in which it participated in celebrating UK's inspiring small business holders that possess an Instagram account at use the account to market or expand their businesses through an invitation to the Insta Gift Market that was held in Old Spitalfields Market.
  • The marketing campaign #InstaGiftMarket was the ultimate destination in which all Christmas gifting were available. Using such a strategy promoted a marketing campaign that promoted growth in both customer purchase and more creation of business accounts.


During this research, I began by conducting a direct Instagram holiday marketing strategy research regarding how Instagram formulated strategies every year during the Christmas and New Year holiday. I analyzed various articles, reports, and social media analysis regarding the market strategies. However, despite acquiring some strategies that Instagram uses, I was unable to provide four examples but rather only acquired three.
I was fortunate enough to access information regarding Instagram stickers mainly because it is a general feature that a regular user would identify. Additionally, this information was readily available in Guiding tech article. The second example however required some intense research on the timely factor of the holidays and how Instagram is able to identify when certain posts should feature. As a result, I was able to acquire information regarding the timeliness algorithm that is able to differentiate when more posts should feature. As I progressed with my research, I proceeded to investigate on the physical marketing that Instagram does and was able to access the Old Spitalfields Market. Instagram was able to facilitate the #InstaGiftMarket and create valuable networks with the general population hence promoting marketing.
For the final marketing strategy, I researched on other marketing strategies that Instagram would have implemented during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. One of the strategies I tried to follow was the promotion of IGTV. However, during my research I realized that this method benefited the users compared to Instagram as a marketing strategy. Instagram does not use this procedure to market them but instead provides a marketing strategy for other accounts and businesses. Similarly, I pursued the "12 days of Christmas" Instagram campaign that did not also provide a marketing strategy for Instagram. This is because this campaign is a user strategy compared to a strategy for Instagram. Most of the strategies pursued benefited the users compared to Instagram; however the strategy Instagram aims at attracting more users and providing better tools for their users considering different holidays.