Hiring a Web Application Development Company

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Hiring a Web Application Development Company


The most important factor to consider while hiring a web application development company would be to ensure if the organization is the right fit for the needs and goals of the client. The range of services offered, a portfolio of relevant or similar work, and key metrics for measurement of ROI for website development are some pointers to consider while choosing a web application developer. In this case, a web development outfit that has previously worked with pharma clients should be preferred. Since the company is medium-sized, I have assumed that the only difference in constraints would be the budget. All other parameters would essentially remain the same.

The following points have been sourced from articles/blog posts written by experts at reputed web development organizations with an established digital presence. Also, I found the customized requirements for a good pharma website on healthcare and/or other pharma-related blogs.

Choosing a web development company

In this section, I have provided an outline of the factors to be considered and verified before hiring a web application development company. These include:

1) Range of Services Offered
If a web development company offers to handle your entire digital presence i.e. everything from designing the look of the website, developing its structure, content, and user-friendliness, to mobile app development (in case the company requires one) and ensuring that people actually find and visit the website (inbound marketing services). Building a web application is not a one-time job — the web development company should also provide maintenance and troubleshooting in case of website issues. Moreover, in case the company outsources the website on third-party servers, it may not be able to assure/determine security policy. Do ask the company for their scope in providing a secure website before making a decision.

2) The Portfolio
Browsing through websites that a web development company has previously built will enable you to gauge their capabilities and efficiency, including evidence of similar features or tasks that the hiring company would like on their website. In this case, previous experience in creating a web application for a pharma company would be a plus.

3) Establish Credibility
There are a number of ways to whether a web development company is legit. The most important factor is to make sure that the company has a dedicated team of in-house developers, who will complete the project in hand even in case 1-2 developers become unavailable, and will not leave the client with an unfinished product. Another check would be to ask for an office location and visit them for an initial discussion if possible. This will help prevent fraud and ensure that the "company" is not just one person in their basement.

4) Clients and Testimonials
When hiring a web application development company, it is crucial to look beyond front-end design. Take a look at their work including websites built and performance, in order to determine development capabilities, expertise, and outcomes for the client. Speak to previous clients and establish their capabilities in terms of project management, responsiveness, availability, and deadlines among other things.

5) SEO
With 60% of web visitors landing on websites through search engines, it is necessary to ensure the chosen web application development company provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) i.e. the client's website can actually be found by people. Since mobile users form a majority of website visitors, the application should be operable on mobile devices, a factor that can be easily tested.

6) Project Price
When deciding upon a price, take into consideration the return-on-investment (ROI). The client may ask for examples of websites they have built that feature prominently on search engines. This not only implies that their SEO strategies are working but provides insight into the kind of results the web development company is able to achieve through the websites they have built.

Of all the above mentioned parameters, the key must-haves to keep in mind while hiring a web application company are:
— A team of dedicated developers to ensure completion and future support for the web project
— Recognition of quality and service among previous clients which can be established through testimonials
- In-built SEO strategies and development tools to accomplish website development goals

Criteria for the pharma company

The following features should be available on the pharma company's website in order to bring in optimized results:

1) Viewer Engagement
Website content will determine the popularity and online presence of the hiring company. A visitor must be engaged on his/her visit to the website, and for a pharma website, the most asked for element is educational information regarding the product which includes label information and possibly clinical studies that show results of using the product.

2) Emotional Connect
A user-friendly web interface enabling the customer to browse through the website effortlessly is a key element of every web application. Next, through the ability to tell stories through content and providing features such as forums for customer participation, the client can ensure that each customer is able to relate to the information being provided while improving the pharma company's brand awareness as a responsible organization.

3) Demographics
While customers may form a major portion of website viewers, physicians are also looking to help patients by directing them to appropriate information regarding the products being recommended to the patient. According to a survey by Manhattan Research, doctors feel that pharma websites should focus on providing information about their products rather than simply advertising them.

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To wrap up, I have provided the essential criteria to be considered while choosing a web application development team, as well as the points to be discussed from the perspective of a pharma company.