Who are the highest rated LED lighting manufactures with regards to growing indoor cannabis?

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Who are the highest rated LED lighting manufactures with regards to growing indoor cannabis?

Hello! Thanks for your question about the highest rated LED lighting manufacturers with regards to growing indoor cannabis. Due to the small Cannabis industry, there is no official list of companies that manufacture industrial-size LED lighting for Cannabis growing, but I have found four major companies that target professional Cannabis growers. The short version is that the key players are BIOS, Lumigrow, Fluence, and Heliospectra. Below you will find a deep dive of my findings.

I have scoured the Internet for articles from trusted media sites and corporate websites related to this subject. Although the industry is growing, it is only recently that Cannabis are produced on an industrial scale and thus there is insufficient information to create top rated lists for industrial-sized LED lighting. I have found lists that talks about the best LED grow lights for growing Cannabis in a room but not for a 20,000 square foot facility. There are many LED companies in the industrial space, but I have focused only on the major companies that target professional Cannabis growers.

The grow light that you select depends on the area you want to cover. A small 100 watt light cover less than 4 square foot, while a large 400 watt light can cover about 12 square foot. It is recommended to purchase a larger light because it is cheaper watt for watt. However, this may not be ideal as it also reduces the photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) that reaches your plant. The best light to purchase is the fixture that covers the exact space you need it to cover, which is 20,000 square foot in your case. Assuming that 32 watts per square foot of grow space are required, you would require 640,000 watt light in total.

BIOS is a science-based company that manufactures products engineered to create the optimal light spectrum that is ideal for growing plants. It has conducted studies in professional growing facilities that show at least a 40% reduction in energy use and in many cases at least 10% increase in Cannabis crop yield.

- BIOS lighting fixtures are solid state, which means that there are no moving parts, thus a lot fewer things that can break down.
- BIOS products reduce energy demand, helping growers save an enormous amount of money.
- BIOS products have a long operational lifespan.
- BIOS lighting is broad spectrum light that is ideal for plants and does not negatively affect human vision and health.

Fluence Bioengineering LED-based lighting systems are designed to provide high levels of PAR ideal for commercial cultivation and research applications for cannabis.

- Fluence patent-pending thermal management delivers the most energy-efficient lighting systems for real-world applications. It is capable of dissipating 39% more heat than previous generation products.
- Every Fluence systems are built with the latest LED technology from the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers such as Samsung and LG.
- The SPYDR, VYPR, and RAZR series are designed for precise, uniform photon delivery in any environment.

LumiGrow Smart Horticultural LEDs can be used for vigorous plant growth and yields. The company has worked with North America’s Cannabis cultivation enterprises to advance the industry’s understanding of the interactions between light and Cannabis.

- The product’s robust and reliable design minimizes plant canopy shadowing, runs cooler than traditional lighting, and is cUL/UL and CE certified.
- When synced with the smartPAR Wireless Control System, growers can create lighting schedules to meet precise lighting requirements, manage multiple zones, etc. from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
- The world’s leading commercial and horticultural research institutions have been using LumiGrow lighting for 10-years strong.

Heliospectra is a global leader in intelligent lighting technology for controlled environments horticulture. The company was recognized as the Industry Leader in Lighting Technology award winner at the Second Annual Cannabist Awards.

- Heliospectra’s patented lighting system allows growers to grow plants that have a longer shelf life, and increase the overall yield of their operation
- It also allows growers to create customized lighting spectrum recipes that may be able to shorten a cannabis plant’s flowering cycle and alter a strain’s balance of active cannabinoids.
- At the same time, growers could potentially reduce the energy consumption in their grow operation by up to 50%.

To wrap it up, BIOS, Lumigrow, Fluence, and Heliospectra are four major companies capable of providing industrial-size LED lighting for Cannabis growing in a 20,000 square foot facility. Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help with anything else!

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