High-end Windows and Doors Competitive Landscape

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High-end Windows and Doors: Competitive Landscape

Albertini Windows and Doors marketing campaigns are: building a brand image as a luxury window and door manufacturer; using messaging to: 1) evoke emotions of regalness and 2) ensure that customers will get the full attention and customized service; and, deploying a variety of marketing tools, including Instagram, Constant Contact mailings, booths at expos, etc. Their target audience is individuals, architects, and contractors working on luxury buildings and homes across the globe.

Target Audience

  • Albertini Windows and Doors sells to private individuals, architectural and engineering firms, commercial contractors, and general contractors
  • Over the past 30 years, the company has expanded its market to include: European countries, Asian South-East, North Africa, the Middle East, and North America. They have flagship stores in: Israel, China, the United States, Lebanon, and they have dealers in: the UAE, Cyprus, France, Azerbaijan, Greece, India, Turkey, and Russia.
  • Albertini Windows and Doors is a luxury brand; their products are featured in villas, lavish and regal homes, country estates, historically important architecture, luxury condos, etc.

Recent Campaigns

  • Because Albertini is a very small, private company--14 total employees--identifying particular campaigns is difficult. Below, are some examples of recent campaigns, an explanation of two of their messaging techniques, and some marketing tools they use.

Building a Brand Image

  • Albertini places print advertisements in high-end architectural magazines such as Architectural Digest, Luxe Interiors & Design, and Design Diffusion News that depict luxury homes and villas and their recent slogan, "Limited Only By Your Imagination."
  • Albertini ran a campaign about two years ago, also print advertisements in high-end architectural magazines with the slogan, "It's Not Just About Windows, but Real Emotions," credited to the founder of the company, Francesco Albertini.

Messaging Techniques

Evoke Emotion

Client Oriented

Marketing Tools

  • In addition to print advertisements, Albertini sends out a regular email to their target audience from Constant Contact.
  • Albertini has also created an Instagram account that, in part, highlights Albertini products used in building projects reported on by high-end architectural and design magazines.
  • They showcase their product lines on Pinterest.
  • Albertini also sets up booths at major design expos such as the Brera Design Week and the Milan Design Week.
  • Finally, Albertini invites architects to Turin, Italy for interactive "Learn and Lunch" events, showcasing their product lines.

Research Strategy

The research team first visited and searched through Albertini Window and Doors company website, examining the company philosophy, products, gallery of projects, press release and news pages, and case studies pages. We also visited the U.S. based website and examined the same types of information. Both of these websites provided helpful information about their target audience--this was very evident by the 'gallery' and 'case histories' presented on the Italian website, by the featured advertisements, and the by 'company' link on the Italian website, explaining their global reach and a link to their showrooms in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

The 'company' link on the Italian website for Albertini, moreover, helped clarify the specific messaging they aim for in their marketing. To find other data that might further elaborate on their messaging strategies, we searched for retail centers that featured their products and examined the language used that echoed Albertini's description of their communication strategy and philosophy.

To learn about their campaign, we examined the specific advertisements--including their slogan--posted on both the Italian and U.S. websites, on their Instagram account, and on the CEO's, Marco Albertini's, LinkedIn page. Albertini's LinkedIn page provided us with examples of their email marketing, using Constant Contact.