Heber Valley Competitive Marketing Analysis.

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Demographics - Heber Valley, Utah Tourists

The average of Utah visitors is 453 years, and 39% of them are male. The average income of the total Utah Visitors is $78,000.


  • The average age of total Utah visitors is 45.3 years.
  • The average age of in-state Utah visitors is 41 years, while that of out-of-state visitors is 48.7 years.




  • 12% of total Utah visitors have a one-person household, 40% have two-person, and 48% have three or more person households.
  • 12% of in-state Utah visitors have a one-person household, 27% have two-person, and 60% have three or more person households.
  • 16% of out-of-state Utah visitors have a one-person household, 51% have two-person, and 33% have three or more person households.

Where they are from?


  • 90% of total Utah visitors are Caucasian, while 2% are African American and 4% are of Spanish origin.
  • 92% of in-state Utah visitors are Caucasian, while 4% are African American and 3% are of Spanish origin.
  • 88% of out-of-state Utah visitors are Caucasian, while 1% are African American and 6% are of Spanish origin.

Marital Status


We initiated our research by looking at the Heber Valley tourism website. We scanned the 2018 reports found on the website to find any demographic data available. However, there was no demographic data available in the reports. Therefore, we shifted our focus to the demographic details of Utah visitors. Since Heber Valley is situated in Utah, we reasoned that any demographic data of Utah visitors will also apply to Heber Valley visitors. Based on this reasoning, we scanned the Utah state tourism department website. We looked into the annual reports and visitor profiles published by them and leveraged the information to provide the relevant demographic data. The demographic data provided pertain to overall year 2018.
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Heber Valley, Utah - Top Recreational Activities: Winter and Three Season

Snowmobiling and visiting the Midway Ice Castle and Homestead Crater are some of the top recreational activities in the Winter in Heber Valley, Utah.



  • During Winter in Heber Valley a sizable volume of water, along with thousands of lights, converts into a two-acre exhibit of gleaming ice with elevated spires, alluring courtyards, and stunning arches.
  • The Midway Ice Castle is a must-see Winter phenomenon. It has swiftly become one of the leading Winter attractions in Utah as it features about 5,000 icicles, which are lit up every night.
  • It provides the longest tubing lanes within the state and has over 20 miles of snowshoe trails, which wind throughout the hills and trees, and Nordic ski.
  • The venue is an excellent destination to engage in wintery activities, and it has lengthy 1,200-foot sliding lanes with lift service for towing tubers up the hill for tubing day or night.


  • One of the top activities to do in Heber Valley is fishing as there are about 3,000 fish per mile. Tourists can enjoy fishing at places like Upper Provo.
  • Wasatch Mountain State Park is a place for fishing that tourists can visit, and it is simple and enjoyable for children. Individuals can pay $3/day to rent poles and purchase bait at the Visitor Center.

Research Strategy:

Our research began by scouring for information on the Chamber of Commerce and city tourism websites of Heber Valley. The idea behind this strategy was to locate the annual report, press releases of the area and find information on the top activities and stats such as revenue generated, number of visitors, etc. This strategy worked to an extent as we found data on the different recreational activities in the Winter and other seasons. However, there was no statistical information available on the website, annual reports, or press releases. We believed this strategy would work as a city's Chamber of Commerce typically publishes annual reports of its tourism and could have provided relevant information.

Next, we searched for academic research on localized tourism, focused on Utah, particularly on Heber Valley, on sites like the University of Utah, Visit Utah, Utah Tourism, etc. The idea behind this strategy was to search for tourism research reports for Utah that could have included information for Heber Valley. With this strategy, we found tourism stats such as the visitor rate of the state, spending by visitors, demographics, etc. However, there was no information on the top recreational activities in Heber Valley with stats for them. We observed these sites as they tend to publish information on tourism stats and reports. We believed that such research reports could contain details on recreational activities in Heber Valley.

Afterward, we explored for information on media publications and articles on tourism in Heber Valley. The idea here was to find news pieces or articles on the Heber Valley tourism industry that would include commentary by industry experts, tourism or city officials/spokespersons, etc., that we could use to devise the requested data. We consulted sites such as ABC4, Travel Daily News, Roots Rated, among others. Nevertheless, there was no such information available. At most, we came across information on the activities to do in Heber Valley. We believed this strategy would work as these sites typically provide news, analyses, and articles on travel markets and could have offered relevant information.

Due to the lack of available data, we were unable to provide information on the revenue generated, along with the number of tourists involved in the top recreational activities in the Winter and the three season in Heber Valley, Utah. The activities provided for the Winter and Three season were based on their mention in multiple reports and articles in tourism sources, expert reviews, and media sites, among others.