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Our research team was able to locate that Nancy Surphlis, the Chief Investment Officer is in charge of media planning and buying at Hearts & Science. Unfortunately, the internal structure of the team is not made publicly available. We were able to find 121 employees for Hearts & Science Canada, but unfortunately the team structure was not published beyond C-level executives.


Our research team first conducted an exhaustive search of the company's website. We located the website that was specific to Canada, which published all C-executives. Here, we learned that Nancy Surphlis, the Chief Investment Officer is in charge of media planning and buying at Hearts & Science. Unfortunately, the website did not publish any information regarding the media planning and buying team that she is in charge of. Our team believes this is because it is internal information that is not typically available to the general public.

As a second strategy, our research team searched LinkedIn, where we were able to locate 121 employees for Hearts & Science Canada. Unfortunately, there was no structure regarding which teams each of these employees belong to, nor the heirachy of the teams.

Lastly, our team did an extensive search of Nancy Suphilis, hoping to find projects she was involved to possible get of insights to those who served under her. We first conducted a press search using popular Canadian media publishings to include Media in Canada and Canadian Business, but only found information from when she worked at Omnicom. Next, we attempted to locate employees under Nancy on ZoomInfo. Here, we identified 51 employees, but none were located in Canada.

Lastly, our team searched employment websites such as Indeed and Monster to determine if we could use job descriptions to create some sort of hierarchy. Again, our results were largely fruitless as we only found information on jobs in NY and Burbank. The only Canadian listings we found were under ODM and did not meet the requirements. Thus, our team concluded that this information is not publicly available.


The team that handles media planning and buying for clients at Hearts & Science in Canada is lead by Nancy Surphlis, the Chief Investment Officer. Nancy Surphlis's bio can be viewed here, and her Linkedin profile can be viewed here.

Nancy Surphlis has over 20 years of industry experience with leadership roles at media buying agencies to include OMD, M2, and Omnicom Group. She graduated from Carleton University.

Nancy Surphil's reports to both the North American CEO, Erin Matts and North American CFO, Jeff Wamble. Erin Matts has extensive experience in the media and advertising industry and has previously served as the Global Director of Digital Connections at Anheuser-Busch InBev, and the Chief Digital Marketing Officer at Glam Media. She was also named on Ad Age’s Women to Watch, and listed among "AdWeek’s 2016 Young Influential's list of game changers under 40." Jeff Wamble previously served as the Finance Director of Ogilvy and has an MBA from Columbia.

Erin Matts bio can be viewed, here and her LinkedIn profile can be viewed here.
Jeff Wamble's bio can be viewed here and her LinkedIn profile can be viewed here.

Zoryana Loboyko, Senior Vice President; Terry Horton, Managing Director; Olia Markhevka: Director of Marketing Science; and Kelly Young; Group Account Director are all additional C-level executives at Hearts & Science in Canada.

There are 121 employees of Hearts & Science in Canada who have LinkedIn accounts, which can be viewed here.

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