Healthcare Services Newsfeed 3/9-3/15

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Healthcare Services Newsfeed 3/9-3/15


Below and attached you will find the answer to your request for 20 top healthcare services news stories from 3/9/2018 to 3/15/2018. Most of the information requested can be found on the attached spreadsheet, so this write up will include a brief section on why I chose these articles, an analysis, a listing of all articles and a conclusion.


In order to find this cross-section of articles, I utilized all the search terms provided in various combinations, with a focus on topics that might be of interest to your company. I limited the search to the dates requested and focused only on US based information. I also tried to provide a broad sweep of news, and not represent any one particular topic with more than one article. Several stories, including the Cigna acquisition deal of Express Scripts or the increase in emergency room visits from anaphylaxis to food had several articles written on them. Given the breadth of news on Healthcare, though, I felt it best to list as many relevant topics as possible. However, below in my analysis section, I will note which of these topics seemed to receive the most coverage.


Undoubtedly the stories that received the most coverage in this topic were CVS and Aetna stockholders agreeing to the merger of the companies, as well as Cigna proposed acquisition of Express Scripts and the regulatory attention both deals have garnered. Of major national interest is also Anthem's continued idea of the refusing certain cases if treated in Emergency Rooms, and the political scrutiny this has drawn. The possibility that UnitedHealth might do something similar has also drawn broad attention.

Further, covered by multiple writers was the Blue Cross Blue Shield study showing the rise of children's visit to the emergency room from anaphylaxis to food. Several stories of wider interest politically include a new law widening senior access to Medicare or how the CMS and Georgia lawyers are discussing Medicaid priorities in the state or how President Trump wants to give Americans more access to their health data.

Finally, I included a cross-section of topic stories about a broad range of issues in the Healthcare field that did not receive as much coverage this week. Other articles found cover smaller, but still significant mergers and acquisitions, as well as the opioid crisis and how ERs are dealing with it and topics specifically on best practices in ERs. I also included specific pieces on topics mentioned, like Dignity Health and the EMTALA

Listing of all articles

This list is identical to the one on the spreadsheet. It is included here for convenience

1. Anthem is refusing to pay for some ER visits. Two US senators want to know if it's legal
2. UnitedHealth may start rejecting complex ER claims
3. How ER Doctors Are Fighting The Opioid Crisis
4. Hospitals with higher post-discharge ER visits have fewer readmissions
5. Prescription drug prices are soaring. Will a bill in the Colorado legislature help consumers save money?
6. How terrible trips to the hospital are getting better
7. Emergency Rooms Share Records To Catch Patients Who Bounce From One To Another
8. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Study Shows Spike in Emergency Room Trips for Kids with Severe Allergies to Food and Other Substances
9. Trump wants to liberalize health data. Easier said than done.
10. Small wins vs. big losses: AI in healthcare
11. Cigna to Draw Antitrust Scrutiny Amid Health-Care Deal Wave
12. CVS, Aetna shareholders approve drugstore's acquisition of health insurer
13. New Law Broadens Chronic Care Through Medicare
14. CMS and Georgia DCH Representatives Discuss Current Topics in Medicaid at State Bar of Georgia Presentation
15. Insurers Are Getting Into Health Care, But Is It Good for You?
16. Why Are U.S. Health Costs The World's Highest? Study Affirms 'It's The Prices, Stupid'
17. David vs Goliath: IEPC challenges Health Plan behemoth Anthem Blue Cross regarding unfair Provider contracting practices
18. Merging ahead (Dignity Health)
19. N.J. largest hospital chain's next acquisition target is a renowned mental health center
20. Why Long Island’s hospitals are merging


The biggest topics of 3/9-3/15 in the healthcare service industry seem to be with major corporate merges, with both Cigna and Aetna making headline news. Also in the news continues to be the trend of Anthem and UnitedHealth refusing to cover certain conditions if treated in ERs. Several other stories of interest came up on a wide variety of topics, including a growth in ER visits due to food allergies, smaller mergers, political policy, and innovations in the field. This cross section provides a broad look at the issues of the past week, and should keep your company informed as to the latest stories in the field.