Healthcare Services Newsfeed 2/16-2/22

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Healthcare Services Newsfeed 2/16-2/22

An overview of the top 20 healthcare related news stories has been compiled into the attached spreadsheet. Each news story was selected from the week of February 16 – February 22. Top stories were identified using the search terms and topics provided by the client. The topics covered by the selected stories include Anthem's decision to decline payment for non-necessary ER visits, proposed legislation for freestanding ERs, a new EHR study by JAMA, and mergers and acquisitions.


A list of the top news stories from the week of February 16 through February 22 is provided below. Please note: there are two articles that were published on February 15 after you received your last update and, as such, were not included in last week's news feed. However, I believe they are important enough to be included here. In addition, you will notice there are several articles on Anthem's new ER payment policies. They all examine the issue from different angles. The articles are listed in order by publishing date.

February 15, 2018
1. Changes to Anthem’s ER policy not good enough, say ER docs
2. 'New model of healthcare' emergency hospital opens in Bossier

February 16, 2018
3. Anthem makes exceptions to controversial ER policy
4. Ascension Pens Deal to Double AMITA Health’s Hospital Count
5. CityMD to buy urgent care Long Island competitor STAT Health

February 18, 2018
6. Observation care can add thousands to your hospital bill

February 19, 2018
7. Bad bedside manner: Bank loans signed in the hospital leave patients vulnerable

February 20, 2018
8. Free-standing ERs soon might be forced to tell costs upfront
9. What it costs hospitals to reverse an opioid overdose
10. Physicians decry consequences of consolidation

February 21, 2018
11. JAMA: EHRs fail to reduce administrative billing costs
12. Anthem to limit anesthesiologists in latest cost-saving move
13. Emergency Or Not? Ky. Medicaid Changes Will Penalize For Unnecessary ER Visits
14. In massive restructuring, 800,000 MassHealth members automatically moved to new plans
16. Mercy Health to merge with large hospital system
17. Dignity Health workers protest amid pending CHI merger

February 22, 2018
18. After Losing Its Hospital, A Small Tennessee Town Shows One Way To Make Do
19. After $92M Error, Edward-Elmhurst CEO Urges Others to Audit Accounts Receivable
20. Lawmakers, hospitals concerned insurer denying more ER claims


In conclusion, an overview of the top 20 healthcare news stories was compiled in the attached spreadsheet. The stories were chosen from the past week and contained significant information on the provided search terms and topics.