Healthcare Competitors: Dental Services

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Healthcare Competitors: Dental Services

Walmart Health currently offers dental care services in one location in Dallas, Georgia. CVS Health and Walgreens provide dental services at their retail locations through partnerships with independent dental care companies. Below is an overview of the findings.

Walmart's Health Centers

  • Before opening its first healthcare "Super Center" in Dallas, Georgia, with a wider array of services including dental care and behavioral healthcare services, Walmart operated "19 Care Clinics" located in South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas.
  • Dental services are only offered in the Dallas, Georgia, location. The other locations offer Care Clinic services such as primary care and lab tests.
  • An attempt to embed the links to the Walmart dental page on the Wonder platform failed and, therefore, screenshots and their respective links have been added in the attached Google Doc.
  • Walmart Health Center only offers 'Dental Exams,' which entails an exam, basic teeth cleaning, and x-rays charged based on the client's age.
  • New patients aged over 18 years old are charged $50 while those aged between four and 17 years old are charged $40. A deep cleaning is recommended/available if found necessary, at an undisclosed additional amount.
  • There is no information for returning patients, probably because the service was launched only recently in September 2019.

CVS Health

  • While CVS does not operate its own dental clinics, it partners with SmileDirectClub, a teledentistry company offering oral alignment services, to provide teeth straightening services within its locations.
  • CVS Health announced that "hundreds of SmileShops" will be opened inside CVS locations in the course of 2019, with over 1,000 additional locations expected through by 2021.
  • According to CNBC and Healthline, the CVS-SmileDirectClub partnership is a pilot program to provide dental services at its retail locations.
  • Currently, SmileDirectClub clinics are located within 94 CVS locations in the United States.
  • According to CVS, SmileDirectClub’s oral alignment costs are about 40% of those charged for traditional solutions, which can range from $5,000 to $9,000.
  • After the initial consultative visit to the SmileShops, clients can make monthly payments of about $85 each.
  • Additionally, CVS Health provides dental care health discounts through its CVS iSave plan.
  • The iSave plan partners with a network of dental specialist and general dentists throughout the United States to provide members with discounts of between 15% and 50% on dental care.
  • According to CVS, the CVS iSave plan members pay $24, $36, $54, $38, $70, $31, $55, $71, $576, $65, and $778 for "routine check-up," "in-depth check-up," "adult teeth cleaning," "child teeth cleaning," full mouth x-rays, "bite wing v-rays," panoramic film, composite filling, root canal, simple extraction, and "full upper denture," respectively.

Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA)

  • Walgreens Boots Alliance operates three business divisions globally: "Retail Pharmacy USA; Retail Pharmacy International; and Pharmaceutical Wholesale."
  • The Retail Pharmacy USA division consists of Walgreens, and acquired Rite Aid locations.
  • According to CNBC, Walgreens has made several partnerships recently to expand its healthcare services, which has led to the addition of dental offices within its locations.
  • However, Walgreens does not operate the dental care services, but, instead, they are operated by an independent dental practice. According to the company websites, "Aspen Dental at Walgreens is owned and operated by an Aspen Dental practice. The Aspen Dental practice and its staff are not employees, associates and/or agents of, or supervised by, Walgreen Co. or affiliated companies."
  • According to CNBC and Healthline, the partnership between Walgreens and Aspen Dental is a pilot program to provide dental services at its retail locations.
  • So far, there are only two dental care locations in Palatka, Florida, and Tampa, Florida.
  • According to the Aspen Dental website, basic cleaning, filling composite, filling amalgam, simple extraction, and crowning are charged from $75, $128, $112, $131, and $834, respectively.

Rite Aid

  • According to Forbes, Rite Aid completed the sale and transfer of 1,932 stores to Walgreens Boots Alliance in March 2018.
  • While Rite Aid operates healthcare centers called RediClinics within its locations, they only provide general/primary medical services such as preventive care, treatment of minor illnesses, and travel medicine.


Our research was not limited to the companies' websites. We also searched through mainstream media resources, healthcare-focused resources, and retail-focused resources, among others. While Rite Aid offers other forms of healthcare services, there was no indication that Rite Aid currently provides dental care services at any of its locations. Our research determined that Walmart recently launched its first healthcare "Super Center" that offers dental care services. From reports by credible resources such as CNBC and Healthline, we established that CVS Health and Walgreens, a subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance, recently launched pilot programs to provide dental services at their retail locations through partners.