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Blue Cross Blue Shield Positioning Analysis

Blue Cross Blue Shield positions itself as the largest health network to its providers. We have utilized the official Blue Cross Blue Shield and trusted media publications to extract the relevant information. Below, we have compiled the information regarding the positioning, annual revenues, provider segments and case studies regarding Blue Cross Blue Shield.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan (BCBS) describes itself as the largest health network to its providers. The company invites its providers to join its network and receive fast access to resources such as help centers, quick links and newsletters for checking benefits and submitting claims. Besides this, the company also invites providers to join its Provider Secured Services which allows providers to "quickly and easily" complete electronic fund transfers, and preview their benefits, authorizations and claims. BCBS lists a simple five-step registration process for its provider and positions itself as one of the most "well-known and respected names" in the medical insurance industry. BCBS offers access to HMO, PPO, Indemnity, and Medicare Advantage networks to its medical providers, and Indemnity, PPO, and nationwide dental networks to its dentists. The company also offers numerous technologies to its providers that allows them to track their patients and automate their business processes.

In the attached document, we have compiled the screenshots of the communication material used by Blue Cross Blue Shield.



According to the 2018 report published on Blue Cross Blue Shield by the Balance, the company has an annual revenue of about $320 million.


The main provider segments targeted and served by Blue Cross Blue Shield are:


Following are the case studies and articles published by branding agencies that have collaborated with Blue Cross Blue Shield:

  • In January 2018, the branding agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners published an article regarding its collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield California on the "Never Stop" campaign.
  • In 2018, the branding agency Gensler published a case study regarding its collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey on the design of a street-level retail space.
  • In 2018, the branding agency YouGov published a case study report regarding its collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield on a market survey about the company's popularity. According to the report, Blue Cross Blue Shield is the second most popular insurance brand in the US.
  • In April 2018, the branding agency Regence published an article regarding its collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield for enrolling new members.
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Cigna Positioning Analysis

Cigna seeks to position itself as a transparent and top provider of health services throughout America. The organization aims at providing visibility of provider services to their customers. Their strategy will support its mission to solidify their competitive advantage also driven by the acquisition of strategic companies.

The attached Google document features a screenshot of Cigna’s ‘Provider Network’ webpage pulled from its official website. According to the page, Cigna positions itself to other providers as a vendor of additional services to customers. In particular, the healthcare organization embeds provider's contact information and webpage to their in-network directory for patients to search. Cigna also portrays itself as an ethical company regarding business practices both nationally and internationally.

Similarly, the second screenshot on the Google document titled ‘Join Us Today’ also pulled from Cigna’s official website talks about how its focus on direct and fast settlement of invoices and providing high visibility on providers’ services to its patients.


Cigna uses numerous phrases to describe itself and the services and products it offers. Notably, the organization is committed to the highest business ethics standards both locally and internationally. On that line, it has adopted several messages that indicate its leadership positioning in the industry; the value it offers to customers; the nature of its services regarding communication, payments, and processes; and their focus on patients’ health. The phrases below are synonymous with Cigna’s marketing efforts.
Industry Leader: Cigna claims to be the first to receive ISO Certification in 1998. In this regard, they position themselves as an organization that firmly keeps up with stringent quality standards for claims processing and output.

Patient Health Focus: Cigna believes in doing what is right for its customers through its ten customer care principles. It also strives to keep customer satisfaction rates at above 98%.

Value (to provider): To Cigna’s provider network, it benefits them by providing fast and guarantee of payment, greater visibility, more patients, and 24/7 support team.

Data: Cigna provides a free directory of its network providers to allow patients to search and find their preferred providers.

Tools and Technology: Cigna offers free visibility on providers’ service through its in-network directory of providers for patients to search for providers.

Service: Guarantee of payment and 24/7 support team.
Payments: Cigna's focuses on direct and fast settlement of invoices.
Processes: Cigna provides a guarantee of payment issued within 48 hours.
Communication: 24/7 multilingual support team.


Cigna’s annual revenue for 2018 was $48,000,000,000.
Cigna’s annual revenue for 2017 was $41,600,000,000.
Cigna’s annual revenue for 2016 was $39,700,000,000.


Cigna serves these provider segments: Hospitals, Primary Care Providers, Family Doctors, Labs, Specialists, Pharmacies, Urgent Care, Emergency, Surgery, Dentistry, Medical Supply and Equipment, Imaging Services such as X-ray and MRI, Convenience store clinics, and Specialized care centers and services.


Case Study: TV Doctors of America.
Advertising Agency: McCann New York.
Award: Effie Positive Change- Social Good: Brands/United States/ 2018 Finalist Cigna.
Summary of Ad
Five actors who played doctors on various medical television shows for Cigna are examined. The objective of this commercial was to drive health-related behavior change. Ultimately, Cigna's goal for this commercial was to get people to commit to seeing their physician for preventative care. The idea was to use "doctors" Americans would recognize and listen to comfortably.

Cigna wanted the message listened to comfortably, approachable, disarming, and contextually relevant in a delivery channel individuals would connect with effortlessly. Because, preventive care has been a tough issue, historically, for Americans to face up to; yet, it is a potential life-saving behavior.
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United Healthcare Positioning Analysis

In 2017, United HealthCare (UHC) net income grew by 9.9% to $163.3 billion. In 2018, it had annual revenue of $183.5 billion. The company’s overall aim is to streamline the health care experience for the entire healthcare ecosystem including patients, providers, physicians, and many other parties involved directly and indirectly. UHC has branded itself as a leader and a trustworthy partner with clinicians, patients, and vendors. The next section presents a detailed research strategy deployed to uncover the findings regarding UHC’s positioning to providers. Attached is the document containing screenshots.


The first analyses scrutinized UHC website, which featured substantial data regarding how it positions itself and talks to providers. The specific webpage for providers included additional details such as brochures, communication materials, words and phrases, and provider segments that depict how the company positions itself to providers and the public.

Unfortunately, UHC’s magazine and digital printing details could not be uncovered from the official website. Therefore, we opted to examine leading magazine ads or printed ads agencies such as Adweek and Dale Gregory Anderson, which specifically featured magazine ads for UHC.

Next, to find UHC’s annual revenues, we explored reputable business reports websites such as Forbes and Business Wire, which report such information once it is published. Luckily, we retrieved articles published by Business Wire for the annual revenues of 2017 and 2018, including analyses of the figures.

Fourth, we searched for case studies and articles describing UHC brand through branding agencies and Ads sites such as Effie, which often features marketing and branding information on healthcare organizations including records of ads that got public attention or awards. Luckily, we retrieved UHC ads regarding its branding of the medical code with humor, which is based on Chuck Norris style and produced by Leo Burnett, a Chicago-based global advertising agency.


According to UHC official website, the company claims that it works to make the health care experience and health care system better for everyone. On that note, it says to offer solutions to help health care professionals save time and serve patients better.


On UHC brochures, the company claims to help people live healthier lives by empowering them with information and tools to make better decisions. It claims that it is committed to helping make the health system work better for everyone including customers and providers. Moreover, it claims always to improve and enhance the performance of the health system and improve the overall health and well-being of the people it serves throughout the entire health community. Additionally, UHC claims to support the physician-patient relationship and to empower people with information, guidance, and the solutions they require to make informed health choices and decisions.


Regarding print advertising, UHC shows providers based on the Easy Star Rating system by MyUHC, which ranks the best providers based on the highest rating.


UHC uses several words to describe itself and the service it provides to patients, physicians, and caregivers. These words include trust and industry leader, which are among those used in its positioning statements.

  • Trust
UHC claims to “build trust through collaboration." It continues to assert that it will grow trust by collaborating with patients and providers. The combined efforts would find solutions to health care issues. On another note, UHC says that “trust is earned and preserved through truthfulness, integrity, active engagement, and collaboration with our colleagues and clients.”

  • Service
Ease of use: UHC describes its services as easy to use. It claims to simplify service delivery in the integrated health care environment by providing tools and solutions that support physicians to serve patients better.

Issue Resolution: According to UHC, issue resolutions are solved together following the collaboration of efforts to discover the most appropriate solution. It reinforces the message by claiming that it "will confront issues, not people."

Help: UHC is committed to helping make the health care system function for everyone. Such an ambition is only achievable through a demonstrated commitment to and attainment of performance excellence in all business activities of UHC.

  • Industry Leader
On its website, UHC claims that as an industry leader, it powers clinicians to lead change, promote health, and transform the health care system.

  • Patient Health Focus
UHC’s patient’s health focus affirms that its efforts coupled with those of health care professionals and key partners in the health care ecosystem aim to expand access to quality health care services to enable people to get the care they need at reasonable rates.

  • Value
UHC integrity is founded on these words that say "Honor commitments. Never compromise ethics." Moreover, it continues to affirm that UHC will speak the truth and deliver on its promises.

  • Payments
UHC claims to use real-world data to build and simulate models connecting payments for prescription medicines to patient health outcomes.

  • Process
Annually, UHC processes over 750 billion digital transactions through an efficient and fast service.

  • Communication
UHC offers space and tools that support communication among physicians and patients to enhance service delivery and create lasting relationships.
  • Data
UHC deploys unique skills in data collection, management, and analysis. Also, it is capable of translating data into actionable insights and information.
  • Tools & Tech
UHC claims to give advice and solutions to individuals in the health care ecosystem to help them make informed decisions on health choices. These tools, which are available to providers help them streamline and expedite service delivery. On this line, UHC seeks to position itself as a time conscious company, which saves more time, money, and effort for providers.


United HealthCare’s 2017 net income grew 9.9% to $163.3 billion while its 2018 annual revenue reached $183.5 billion.


UnitedHealthcare Inc. serves these segments: Doctors, Clinics, Facilities, Hospitals, Primary Care Providers, Family Doctors, Dental providers, Mental Health and Substance Abuse providers, Medical Specialists, Labs, Pharmacies, Urgent Care, Medical Center, Specialized care centers.

UHC also serves Clinicians with the required medical degree, post-graduate education, a valid DEA or controlled dangerous substance certificate or an acceptable substitute or passing score on-site visit.


Case Study: Lunch with Chuck
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Award: Cannes Lions

  • Summary of Ad
The Ad featured classic Chuck Norris jokes that show the unexpected ways of earning a medical code. UHC wanted to tell the audience that the over 76,000 complex medical codes can be simplified through UHC’s solutions and that it can make the health care system more approachable by incorporating humour in the ad.
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Aetna Positioning Analysis

Aetna primarily uses its website to promote itself to providers. It has described its relationship with providers as “partners in care.” The company targets provider segments such as individual and group health care professionals, hospitals and other facilities, pharmacies, Medicare Part D, and other networks. Below, we will provide more information for the overall positioning to providers by Aetna.

How Aetna Talks About Itself To Providers

An extensive search has revealed that Aetna uses only its website to promote itself to providers. The company’s social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube featured marketing materials that target members only. An examination of advertisements databases such as Moat and iSpot TV have revealed only Aetna’s digital advertising materials and TV spots targeted at members. Advertising publications such as Ad Age and The Drum also revealed marketing campaigns aimed at Aetna’s members only.
Aetna’s main web page for providers stated that it would become their “partner” in their commitment to make patients’ “health, safety, and well-being” the top priority. The web pages for its provider online tools such as NaviNet and Coventry have mentioned that the tools would bring convenience to the providers and also help to increase the speed of completing tasks such as prior authorization requests. The screenshots of the providers, NaviNet, and Coventry web pages have been provided on the attached document.

Phrases Used By Aetna To Describe Itself

An examination of Aetna’s main and sub web pages for providers did not reveal any words related to industry leader, value, and communication. Below, we will provide the exact phrases used by the company to describe itself in terms of trust, service, patient health focus, payments, processes, data, and tools & technology.

2017 And Post-Merger Revenues

Aetna’s total revenue for the year ended December 31, 2017 (the latest annual revenue available) was $60.535 billion. The company has not provided the revenue attributed to providers only. CVS completed the acquisition of Aetna on November 28, 2018. It has reported that Aetna’s revenue from November 28 to December 31, 2018 was $5.5 billion.

Provider Segments Served/Targeted

Aetna targets the following provider segments:
  • Individual and group health care professionals (medical, dental, and behavioral health specialties)
  • Hospitals and other facilities
  • Pharmacies for retail networks
  • Medicare Part D network
  • Other networks (Coventry Workers' Compensation, Coventry Auto Injury, and First Health)

Case Studies/Articles Put Out By Branding Agencies That Aetna Works With

Aetna has not worked with any branding agencies for campaigns related to providers. Aetna’s latest campaign called “You don't join us. We join you” targets members instead of providers. Superunion, the agency that worked on this campaign, has published a case study for the campaign where it talked about helping Aetna in its transition "from a health insurance provider to a full-scale, consumer-focused health partner.

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Humana Positioning Analysis

According to our analysis of Humana's overall positioning to providers, the company experienced challenges in its earlier days that it overcame to become of the industry leaders. Consequently, Human opted to expand it positioning to providers by targeting more healthcare providers including chiropractors and behavioral health providers. As stipulated by the research criteria, we have provided screenshots that are relevant to Humana's positioning to providers on the attached document.


We looked at several sources, databases and marketing agencies to find out how well Humana communicated with providers as compared to its competitors. We assumed that alongside the changes that occurred over the 10-year period, there was also an improvement within the company in regard to reaching out to more providers. Humana focuses on making processes easier for both providers and patients through the use of technology and by making medical sources available. The company has also focused on including specific areas such as pharmacy, physician and dental areas.

Humana made a great return on investment after making many changes for a total of $28 million resulting in the company has established itself and thriving in its markets. In addition, the company uses social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach more providers and this has helped to establish the company as a leader in its industry.

Lastly, Humana is proud of its services because it offers high quality, speed, and a move away from paperwork for the use of advanced technology. Additionally, the company also offers additional services that are targeted towards chiropractors and behavioral health providers and it is tapping into these markets in at least nine states.



On the company's official website, the company communicates using both texts and images that target professionals such as physicians, dentists, and pharmacists. Through the use of its Facebook account, the company advertises to both providers and patients and encourages networking.

Humana has also been using Quality Improvement Programs to help providers. Additionally, the company encourages providers to call or write to them.

Humana proudly shared on its Twitter account that working with the company would be an honor because the company was ranked number 1 out of 16 healthcare companies for its corporate citizenship.


Below are words and phrases that have been used by Humana to describe its services so as to gain the trust of providers and maintain a beneficial relationship with them.










Humana has an annual revenue of $56.9 billion.


Humana's provider segments include:

5. CASE STUDIES AND articles

Case studies and articles on Humana follow below:

In the case study titled "Humana saved $50 million thanks to improving customer service and reducing staff turnover", the Disney Institute looked at Humana's progress from 2006 to 2017. The Disney Institute's investigation was focused on the company's progress as it related to issues of retention, poor service, employee dissatisfaction, and turnover. However, Humana has improved in several ways that have led to a return of its $28 million investment.

The Manifest in its article titled "Advertising", listed Humana as one of the former clients that benefited from the creativity of the Coming of Age marketing agency.

The Drum wrote an article titled "Ad of the Day: Humana gives a love note to health in latest spot," which encourages patients to keep healthy.

Bloom Creative wrote an article titled "What Humana Can Teach Every Healthcare Brand About Better Marketing," which highlighted how Humana uses marketing, technology and community building to create a reputation of its own.
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Anthem Positioning Analysis

Anthem presents itself to its providers by highlighting its offerings such as the resources in its site that can help the providers improve their services to Anthem's members. The company also entices providers by continuously deploying various transformation initiatives. The screenshots of these communication materials to the providers were pasted in the linked document.


We first searched for directly available information on how Anthem talks about itself to its providers, the words and phrases that it uses, its annual revenue, provider segments served, and case studies from the branding agencies that that company works with. We looked for this information in various sources such as in the Anthem's website, its annual reports, social media pages, and other related company sources; press releases such as those from Globe News Wire, Cision, and others; business publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, and other similar sources; media outlets such as CNBC, Huffington Post, and other sites; consulting sites such as PWC, Deloitte, and other relevant sources. Based on this search approach, we were able to find how Anthem talks about itself to its providers, the words and phrases that it uses, its annual revenue, and provider segments served. However, the information is quite limited as the data found were more focused on the customers or members of Anthem's health plans. Furthermore, we only found one brand agency that the company works with. The agency also did not release any articles or case studies that are focused on the providers.
We also tried looking for more case studies from databases such as Moat, Adage, Effie, AdForum, and other similar sites to look for other promotional campaigns that might give more information on the marketing pitch to Anthem's providers. However, we were not able to find more campaigns or case studies that were meant for providers. What we found were campaign pitches of Anthem to its members.
We then tried looking for images or magazine scans on the exhibits or experiential campaigns of Anthem to check if we can get more data on how they market to their providers. However, the marketing materials found were limited and mostly focused on Anthem's members rather than its providers.

Based on the limited findings above, the following are some of the data that we found.


Anthem's talks about itself to its providers by emphasizing that the company can offer resources that can help these providers in serving its members better. The company also mentioned that it values the providers as part of its health network. It has restructured its provider site to make it more convenient to navigate and more helpful. The company is now transitioning all the resources into the new site. Anthem also announced the appointment of Paul Marchetti as a Senior Vice President who will oversee the company-wide care transformation approach. He will work with the providers to develop and streamline the healthcare system to make it cheaper and more reachable for all US citizens.
Anthem also collaborates with the members of the delivery structure to improve the safety, value, and quality of the healthcare services being provided. The attached document contains the screenshot of some of the company's communication materials for its providers as described above. A brochure about updates to the communication process and a teaser for a new E-tool webinar for providers were also included in the linked document.


I. "Anthem has a significant opportunity to lead as we continue to unlock the full potential of our company. We are prioritizing investments, focusing on reducing costs, delivering innovative products and services to improve quality of care and outcomes, and creating a more agile, flexible organization that can quickly respond to the evolving needs of our consumers, customers, and the changing healthcare environment."
II. "Thank you for your investment in Anthem and for trusting us to oversee your interests. Your Board’s mission is to represent the interests of all shareholders, not in the short term, but with a long-term perspective."
III. "As we look at Anthem in 2017, we are proud of our results. Our ability to serve 40 million people—more consumers than ever before—along with strong performance in our businesses and the fifth year of increased operating revenue, positions us well to continue to deliver long-term, sustainable growth to our shareholders."
IV. "We lead by: caring for the diverse needs of consumers with more than 1 in 8 Americans served by an Anthem affiliated health plan; building better outcomes as we implement innovative care programs to address the country’s most significant health challenges; improving quality with around 70% of Medicare Advantage consumers in 4-Star plans or greater in 2018; meeting the needs of our communities with $40 million in Anthem Foundation-sponsored grants, 55,000 employee volunteer hours, and $4.6 million raised through Associate Giving Program; creating value with more than 60% of healthcare spending in value-based care models; tackling high drug costs with new innovative pharmacy benefits management to reduce drug costs by $4 billion annually; driving innovation by having more than 35 million touch points by consumers using digital innovations such as 'LiveHealth Online, What’s My Status, and Anthem Engage'; and delivering strong 2017 financial performance."


Anthem Inc.'s revenue for 2017 is $90 billion.


The provider segments served include dental providers, pharmacy services, and behavioral health.


The Meers Advertising Agency works with Anthem for the latter's various TV commercials. However, those commercials were more for the members and not the providers. The agency also did not release any article or case study about its work with Anthem that target the providers. The most recent article from the agency is about tips on how to identify clients that can give the most profit.
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Oscar Positioning Analysis

Oscar Health positions itself to providers as a simple solution option for health insurance so that providers can focus on administering health care. Oscar Health focuses on providing a consumer-focused experience. Its "Provider Portal Tool" simplifies providers’ processes, payments, and data-entry, securing top line growth and bottom line stabilization. The corresponding screenshots have been added to the attached document.


Our initial research referenced Oscar Health's website. The requested information for various aspects of how Oscar Health presents itself to providers was readily available, with much of the information centered on its innovative tool called the Provider Portal. It showed that this tool was created primarily by Oscar Health to allow providers to focus exclusively on their patients.
To provide more insight, the research was expanded to communication materials, website presentations and blogs which yielded a presentation on the Tennessee State government website where Oscar explains all its growth and features. Oscar Health blog has provided new partnerships with Cleveland Clinic and Humana. Again, it referenced the portal system for a simpler process for patients, and the fastest experience for providers. This also included the type of providers that Oscar targets.
Oscar Health web designer’s website also explains why and how they designed the site to communicate the principles of the company. Lastly, a Forbes article explained the growth of the company. It was included to show how the company displays strong positioning to its target providers, growing faster than competitors.

words and phrases used by oscar to describe itself

  • Trust: The Oscar Health model claims that provides both top line growth, and bottom line stabilization for providers.
  • Service: The Oscar Health platform offers a variety of plans with options for co-pay and co-insurance based benefits through the network, intending to satisfy any group's needs.
  • Industry leader: Oscar seeks to partner with progressive providers and top health systems to improve the health care system. A primary focus is that the process is simple, allowing the health care provider to completely focus on their services.
  • Patient health focus: Oscar states that its members are the center of its business, and specify that the future of health care, through its business approach, would focus on individuals. Humana is listed as a partner because of a shared aim of re-shaping U.S. health insurance, creating a simpler and consumer-oriented experience.
  • Value: Oscar’s member satisfaction score is three times higher than the industry average, partnering with only leading quality providers to connect with patients. Oscar sees the current health insurance system as overly complicated and expensive, needing to be re-aligned to meet the needs of patients. It has stated that it intends to help members find affordable and higher quality care, as opposed to continuing to increase costs for employers and individuals.
  • Payments: Oscar has created its own claim system through its portal that increases the speed of payments, while making details/statuses of claims and payments easier to access.
  • Processes: Oscar’s system can manage appointments and provider schedules, further enhancing the provider’s ability to focus on patient care.
  • Data: The Oscar Health system also provides data entry services that can display any member’s entire treatment history through the health care organization.
  • Tools: Oscar states that its portal is a complete tool that can provide every management need for a health care provider in a simple, fast, streamlined manner with superior ease of use, ranging across all sizes of health care organization.
  • Technology: With superior management technology, clerical/administrative functions of health care providers can be handled by Oscar Health, adding no further burden to providers by using Oscar Health as an insurer. A “Doctor on Call” feature through its platform has raised tele-medicine usage rates of its customers to six times the industry average.
  • Communication: A primary Oscar Health focus is to maintain the health of members with innovation and solutions for more difficult conditions, while also providing coordination between separate health care providers.


Oscar Health earned $300 million in revenue at the beginning of 2018, triple than the previous year, resulting in a net profit of $7.4 million.


Oscar intends to partner with the highest quality health care providers. It seeks health care providers that have ambitions to alter the current health insurance system in the United States into a more modern, patient-oriented process.

case studies/articles by the branding agencies oscar works with

The website design was intended to display Oscar Health’s determination to create a simplified health insurance process that is easy to understand. It was modeled to be a reflection of this accessible, modern approach.
“Oscar has filed to offer insurance in nine states and 14 markets in 2019, “nearly doubling” its current footprint.” This has been made possible by the growth of the company, better financial operations, and further funding for its organization. While other, larger health insurance companies have recently reduced their Obamacare offerings, Oscar is increasing these options. It continues to offer progressive insurance options.

Research proposal:

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From Part 05
  • "Let Humana make a difference for your practice. "
  • "Humana is committed to providing efficient, high-quality pharmacy services for you and your patients."
  • "Faster payment processing"
  • "Reduced manual processes"
  • "Reduced risk of lost or stolen checks"
  • "Humana claims payments are deposited directly in the bank account(s) of your choice"
  • "We are proud to be recognized by industry-leading groups for our commitment to sustainability, for how we operate our businesses, and for the work our associates are doing to help our members live healthier lives"
  • "Humana service operation specialists are equipped with effective communication tools and methods to maintain strong relationships with vendors and partners to align with the needs of our members. These processes include business-to-consumer or B2C and business-to-business or B2B."
From Part 06
  • "Anthem has been a leader in providing individuals with access to high quality, affordable health care and moving forward we will continue to focus on serving as America’s valued health partner, delivering superior health care services to our approximately 40 million members with greater value at less cost. One of the best ways we continue to deliver on our commitment to ensuring consumers have expanded access to affordable health coverage is by working collaboratively with the delivery system to advance quality, safety and value. We are committed to our partnership and we remain committed to working with you to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of our members."
From Part 07
  • "Save time with the Provider portal. Spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients. Oscar’s Provider portal handles the nitty gritty of coverage for you – so adding us as an insurer doesn’t mean adding more to your plate."
  • "One tool to rule them all. The Oscar Provider portal is a one-stop, self-service shop that makes managing claims, payments, and patient information fast and simple. And it’s easy to use whether you have 10 patients or 10,000."
  • "Track payments We've built our own proprietary claims system that integrates directly with the Provider portal. Which means you're not only paid faster (most claims are paid in 5 days), it's also never been easier to gain insight into the status of your claims and payments with Oscar."
  • "Clinical Dashboard Easily pull up a summary of every Oscar member’s clinical journey since joining. Think of it as a medical chart that spans every encounter with the health system. They don’t have to remember everything – and you don’t have to worry."
  • "Direct scheduling For our most engaged providers, we are able to provide the ability to manage appointment slots and scheduling through the Provider portal."
  • "The Oscar model is working… resulting in top line growth and bottom line stabilization"
  • "We put our members at the center of everything we do"
  • "Our member satisfaction score is 3x higher than industry average. "
  • "Our easy-to-use Doctor on Call feature drives Oscar members to use telemedicine at rates 6x higher than the industry average."
  • "We partner with the highest-quality providers to build a connected patient experience. "
  • "Introducing Oscar’s 2019 TN Individual U65 product suite. All plans leverage the same network, but feature varying balances of copaybased and coinsurance-based benefits to meet all group needs."
  • "Oscar received over $300 million in premium revenue in the first quarter of 2018, three times higher than the same time last year, as well as a net profit of $7.4 million."
  • "Creating a brand experience that reflects Oscar Health’s dedication to simplifying health insurance."
  • "Oscar Health is an insurance provider that pledges to make health insurance easy to understand and simple to use. The goal of the site was to build an experience that mirrors this goal - by making everything clean, modern and accessible."
  • ""
  • "Now Oscar has filed to offer insurance in nine states and 14 markets in 2019, “nearly doubling” its current footprint . The expansion is possible thanks to growth, improving financial operations and new funding announced earlier this year."
  • "Oscar is expanding at a time larger players like Aetna, Anthem, Humana and UnitedHealth Group have either left or scaled back their Obamacare and related individual health insurance businesses. "
  • "Oscar has also established some notable relationships with medical care providers in the markets it has entered. This year, for example, Oscar began to offer co-branded individual insurance in Ohio with the Cleveland Clinic in five northeastern counties in that state."
  • "That’s why we started Oscar – to try and take an outlandishly expensive, outrageously complicated system and restore its focus on the needs of the member. That meant putting ourselves right in the middle of it all, as an insurer, and redefining what a health insurance company was."
  • "Instead of passing higher costs on to individuals and employers, we're focused on empowering our members to access and choose better, more affordable care."
  • "At Oscar, we see the future of health care as one where the system will revolve around the needs of the individual. It’s why our member experience is at the center of everything we do – how we design products, develop technology, and choose provider partners."
  • "Humana shares our ambition to reshape commercial health insurance in America into a simple, seamless, and consumer-focused experience."
  • "We also share a focus when it comes to keeping members healthy – Humana is a pioneer in finding innovative solutions to help its members manage complex chronic conditions and coordinate care across providers."