Health Insurance Events/Documents

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Health Insurance Events/Documents

Some key documents used to update an individual on activities associated with their health insurance account are the Annual Notice Of Change (ANOC), the Auto-Enrollment Notice, the CMS Non-Renewal Action Notice, the Reassignment Notice - Plan Termination, and the Loss of Deemed Status Notice. Below is an overview of the findings.

Annual Notice of Change (ANOC)

  • ANOC lists changes in service area, coverage or costs that will take place by next January.
  • This document is sent by September 30 every year.
  • ANOC is required to be sent to all Medicare members.
  • The individuals can then decide if they want to change their plans during the period from October 15 to December 7, which is also called the "Annual Election Period", or if they will stay on their current plan.


  • The auto-enrollment notice informs individuals that they will be registered in a "Medicare Prescription Drug Plan", if they don't already have their own plan. It also informs about the costs of that Medicare plan.
  • The auto-enrollment notice is sent each day.
  • This notice is sent if people automatically qualify for "Extra Help", if they have their coverage over "Original Medicare" and if they qualify for "Medicaid benefits".
  • After they receive the notice, people can call their Medicare drug plan to get informed about their new coverage and can choose to change the plan. If they do not choose to change the plan, they will be enrolled automatically.

CMS Non-Renewal Action Notice

  • The CMS Non-Renewal Action Notice reminds Medicare individuals that they need to join a new drug plan.
  • This notice is sent in January.
  • This notice is sent to Medicare individuals if their drug coverage has ended.
  • The individuals need to join a new Medicare drug plan after they receive this notice or else they will lose their drug coverage.

Reassignment Notice - Plan Termination

Loss of Deemed Status Notice

  • The "Loss of Deemed Status Notice" informs Medicare individuals that they are not qualified to receive "Extra Help" in the subsequent year.
  • This notice is sent in September.
  • This notice is sent to individuals when they no longer qualify for "Extra Help", Medicaid and are not in the "Medicare Savings Program" anymore.
  • The individuals no longer get "Extra Help" and they should apply again if they wish not to have a gap in between the help.