Hay Market Research: Mexico

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Hay Market Research: Mexico, Part 1 (A)

Most of the requested hay production data points for Mexico were not fully available. Based on partially available data found, the total harvest of alfalfa for 2020 reached 536,838 tons in the Mexicali Valley, one of the biggest fertile grounds in the country. In 2019, the export of hay and similar forage products from Mexico to the U.S. was worth $6,356,625.00. The rest of the available and helpful data points were presented in the section below and inputted into the shared spreadsheet, row 12, and under columns C to F.
  • In the Mexicali Valley, the total harvest of alfalfa for 2020 reached 536,838 tons.
  • The Mexicali Valley allotted 35,708 hectares for the alfalfa crop.
  • From January 2020 to July 2020, the following are the quantities of forages that were exported to the U.S.: alfalfa - 33,516 tons, Sudan hay - 4,792 tons; wheat straw - 2,754; oat hay - 2,112 tons; and Bermuda hay - 22 tons. The total amount of these forages that were exported to the U.S. from January to July 2020 was 43,196 tons.
  • Extrapolating this value to one year, the estimated amount of forages that will be exported to the U.S. for 2020 will be around (43,196 X 2) = 86,392 tons
  • So far, the United States is the only trading partner of Mexico when it comes to hay exports.
  • In 2019, the export of hay and similar forage products from Mexico to the U.S. was worth $6,356,625.00.
  • In the Mexicali region, the total number of acres of alfalfa hay planted is 88,236.38 (35,708 hectares).
  • Based on available data, the average alfalfa hay harvested per acre was calculated as follows: 536,838 tons/88,236.38 acres = 6.08 tons per acre

Research Strategy

To determine the requested data on hay production and export in Mexico, we looked through various agriculture or trade-related government and global databases such as FAO, USDA, Gobierno de Mexico, U.S. Trade Numbers, Trend Economy, WTO, Comtrade, Trademap, Intracen, and other similar sources. Based on this search approach, we were able to find the total value of hay products that Mexico exports to the U.S., its sole trading partner for its hay exports. However, the total hay produced from Mexico as a whole, and the total market value were not available. What we found from the Mexican government agriculture site is just the total hay produced from the Mexicali region. Furthermore, the amount of hay exported annually from all the regions in Mexico was not found.
We also looked through various market reports such as those from Mordor Intelligence, GM Insights, Market Watch, and other similar sources to determine if we can find some available data on Mexican hay production. While we found several insights on hay products, the information is global in nature and is not specific to Mexico. The specific data for Mexico is behind the paywall.
We also attempted to triangulate the requested figures by searching in various publications and reports from Scielo, Science Direct, various university studies, and other similar sources for available statistics that can be used to determine the rest of the requested data. However, the data points that are applicable to the entire country were not fully available. We then extrapolated some figures and presented the data from one of the biggest fertile agricultural regions in the country to act as a proxy for the missing country-wide figures.

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