Hands On Summer Programs - Working with Animals.

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Hands On Summer Programs - Working with Animals.

Ten hands-on summer programs that involve working with animals have been presented in the linked spreadsheet. They vary in location all over the world, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia. They all involve some type of hands-on experience with animals. Application deadlines, the base cost of the program (USD), requirements, activities and hands-on experiences are all included in the spreadsheet. Below is a short summary of each program.


There are ten hands-on summer experiences for people that want to work with animals reviewed below. They can also be found with links on the linked spreadsheet. Below a short summary, that includes the program name, base cost (USD) and the hands-on experience offered by each.
Loop Abroad - Veterinary Service in South Africa Cost - $3,850
The participant can expect to:
• Provide medical care to cheetahs on and off the facilities.
• Have one US veterinarian and South African Volunteer Coordinator per 10 students.
Loop Abroad - Veterinary Service in Australia Cost - $3,950
The participant can expect to:
• Assist in health checks on multiple animal species.
• Assist in necropsy in the lab.
• They will examine pythons and echidnas.
• Health check possums and bandicoots and walk alpacas.
• Create enrichments for animals on the facility.

Broadreach - Veterinary Program in Costa Rica - $6,680
The participant can expect to:
• Work with veterinarians to gain experience in multiple settings.
• Practice suturing during necropsy.

Broadreach - Veterinary Program in Bali - $6780
The participant can expect to:
• Work at wildlife rescue centers in Tabanan and North Sulawesi.
• Assist with spay and neuter surgeries.
Examin rescue dogs.
GoEco - Pre-Vet Wildlife Internship Cost - $2,200
The participant can expect to:
• Visit local farms and bush presence during rutting and lambing sessions.
GoEco - Animal Rescue and Veterinary Assistance in Yucatan, Mexico Cost - $1,800
The participant can expect to:
• Handle dogs and cats, assist in spaying or neutering surgeries.
• Assist in the recovery area.
• Administer animal welfare surveys.
• Give workshops on animal welfare.
• Help with fundraising and increasing awareness in cat and dog population control.
GoEco - South Africa - Animal Rescue and Veterinary Shelter Cost - $1,530
The participant can expect to:
• Feed, groom, walk and socialize animals on the property.
• Help all rescue animals on the property.
• Assist veterinarians with clinical operation on-site or off.
GoEco - Canada - Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Cost - $1,650

The participant can expect to:
• Feed animals
Clean enclosures
Data collection on animal behavior.
The program wants to be sure that participants are aware that they will be enlisted to remote locations, sometimes there may not be stores or internet in the region.
GoEco - South Africa - African Wildlife Ranch Pre-Vet Internship Cost - $1,380
The participant can expect to:
• Prepare food and feed animals.
• Cleaning and maintain enclosures.
• Train Animals
• Take part in Animal Enrichment
• Shadow curators
African Conservation Experience - Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience - Cost - $3280

The participant can expect to:
• Treat wounds and other health conditions.
• Take part in disease testing and prevention.
• Do pregnancy testing, parasite control, and contraceptive work.
• Take part in wildlife darting, capture, chemical immobilization, sedation, ear tagging, ear notching and fitting tracking collars.


Ten programs that run over the summer term have been presented with detailed information on the linked spreadsheet. They all involve some form of hands-on experiences with animals. Some are more geared to those with interest in the veterinary sciences, others are more ecology based. The programs are located around the world and all have different requirements, listed on the linked spreadsheet.