Halifax North End Bar Scene

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Bbars/pubs in the Gottingen and Agricola Street areas

Using the map as provided by the client as well as Yelp, we were able to locate thirteen bars/pubs in the areas as requested. Through Yelp, we utilised the filters to find the bars and pubs in the area. We then selected the ones in the area provided by the client. To locate unique features and what separates them from other bars and pubs we utilised reviews, Facebook descriptions and their websites. The bars/pubs are as follows:

1. Bar Kismet: 2733 Agricola Street
2. Timber Lounge: 2712 Agricola Street
3. Gus’ Pub & Grill: 2605 Agricola St
4. The Foggy Goggle: 2057 Gottingen
5. Studio East Food+Drink: 6021 Cunard Street
6. Charlie’s Club: 5580 Cunard Street
7. The Seahorse Tavern: 2037 Gottingen St
8. Lion & Bright: 2534 Agricola Street
9. Field Guide: 2076 Gottingen Street
10. Menz and Mollyz Bar: 2182 Gottingen Street
11. The Nook: 2118 Gottingen Street
12. The Local Restaurant: 2037 Gottingen Street
13. Agricola Street Brasserie: 2540 Agricola St

Please find the link to the spreadsheet in source 54 or via this link: Spreadsheet Bar/Pubs in the Gottingen and Agricola Street areas.

Please note: At 2215 Gottingen Street we found Diamonds Dining Room & Lounge. However, no information could be found on them (no website, reviews or social media).