Halifax Agency Data

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List of PR/Marketing Agencies in Halifax

The following companies have been added to the shared spreadsheet. All of these companies are advertising, public relations, or marketing agencies located in Halifax, Nova Scotia or surrounding suburbs.

1. Verb
2. Revolve
12. M5
14. Cossette

For you convenience, sources have been added to the spreadsheet as well as linked below.

We were able to find almost all data points. In a few cases, the number of employees was not made public, and it was clear that the employees listed on their website were only upper management. LinkedIn can tell us the number of employees who say they work for a company, but these numbers are often very unreliable, since it is only accurate if employees are on LinkedIn and update their profiles. When LinkedIn was the only source available for number of employees, I input N/A instead rather than potentially giving you a wildly inaccurate number.

Please note, for Column D, when I could not find the CEO or owner, I linked to the highest-ranking employee I could find. In most cases, it seems likely that the noted employee is the person who serves in the CEO or owner capacity; they are just called by a different title at that specific agency. In a few cases (M5 and Cossette), the agency has several locations, so I included the person who runs the Halifax location. All titles have been noted on the spreadsheet for your convenience.

Also, please note, for Column F, I included the companies each agency "brags" about by listing in their portfolio, as these are typically the biggest clients they have.

Lastly, for Column G, I included the social media links that each agency uses, as promoted on their website. Some agencies use more social sites that others.

Again, you can find all the information requested on this shared spreadsheet. Halifax does have an abundance of advertising, public relations, and marketing companies, so we would be happy to find more to add to the list if you'd like more options.