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Haim Perry is known to be an investor in tech startups, but his most famous project was founding Hotels4u, a leading booking agent for hotels, apartments and villas in the UK. In 2008, Hotels4u was sold to Thomas Cook for GBP 22 million while Perry stayed on as Managing Director. Below is the information regarding his demographics and projects and the network of investors that he works with such as Thomas Cook and Eric Nicoli among others.



Haim Perry is listed as the director for the companies Hotels4u.com Limited, Baron Properties Estates Limited, Centtrip Limited, and Baron Residential and Baron Equities Limited. He resigned as director of Hotel4u in 2014 and from Centrip Limited in 2018. He has also invested in numerous startups, some of which are discussed or listed below. He claims to be a founding investor in Centtrip, and InVision and an investor in many other companies that are involved in technologies such as mobile camera photography (Corephotonics), media and arts (Wentworth), AI (Mogees) among many others.


  • Perry founded Hotels4u and served as CEO and Managing Director at Hotels4U until its sale in 2008 to Thomas Cook. Perry agreed to stay on after reinvesting some of the proceeds of the sale. The sale would give the company access to the international markets that Thomas Cook was already present in and therefore was an opportunity for growth.
  • Perry had previously worked for the Thomas Group as Director of Purchasing and Group Destination Manager.

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Centtrip Limited

  • Centtrip provides multi-currency account and mobile application for payment and banking services and offers prepaid card that can hold 14 currencies, managed online and giving access to live market and real rate of exchange. Haim Perry is listed as a board member.
  • Centtrip's "globally influential business leaders" include Eric Nicoli, Haim Perry, Marisa Drew and Jonathan Berman.


  • In 2017, Haim Perry was part of a group of private investors that gave GBP 1 million to Mogees, a company known for its "multi-award winning machine learning and gestural recognition" innovation after their launch of domestic products Mogees Play and Pro devices. Others in this private group of investors include: Elio Leoni Sceti, a former CEO of Iglo group and EMI and board director of ABInbev; Eric Nicoli CBE with former connections to HMV Group plc, the Tossauds Group Ltd and Vue Entertainment Ltd, United Biscuits and EMI; as well as A.I.Music Group.
  • The group of investors is cited to be "heavy bent towards music, retail, and entertainment, in addition to tech".
  • The investment will be used to embed "gesture recognition tech" into new products and applications, and developing new multi-platform hardware and software to target IoT, gaming, VR, AR, smart toys, and industrial applications.
  • The article gives that Mr. Perry has invested in several tech startups including Invision Biometrics (which was sold to Intel), Centtrip, Akazoo, Yakatak and Corephotonics. Haim still lists that he is a founding investor and majority stakeholder for Invision.

Other Investments

  • Crunchbase gives two of his recent investments for Fiz, 2014, and HyperSurfaces, 2017, for an undisclosed amount and $1,100,000 respectively. The investment in Fiz was done in partnership with Eric Nicoli, an investor he also partnered with in other startups such as Mogees. HyperSurfaces was done with A.I.Music, Eric Nicoli. Elio Sceti, also investors that he has partnered with on other investments.


Haim Perry does not use a lot of social media outside of LinkedIn. However, we were able to identify other investors that Haim Perry works with that comprise his network.
Some resources list other investments that Haim Perry has made in other companies, but attempts to cross-reference Haim Perry with each startup did not yield additional information, therefore those investments were included in Other investments category.