How many gym's in the United States have Boxing Equipment in their gym's

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How many gym's in the United States have Boxing Equipment in their gym's

Hello! Thank you for your question about the number of gyms in the United State that offer boxing equipment. The short answer is that there are approximately 7,049 fitness locations in the United States that advertise boxing equipment as well as about 242 boxing gyms, for a total of 7,291 gyms at minimum. This task was particularly interesting to me as I have recently taken up boxing for fitness.

Below, you will find a deep dive of my research and methodology.

As a first step, I listed some general numbers describing the popularity of boxing in America under BACKGROUND. Next, I looked for specific boxing gyms as those will all be relevant and are necessary to create a more complete picture of the boxing product market. I also conducted a spot-check of 5 businesses on the included boxing gym directory to ensure the list was current. I then researched larger mainstream gyms that feature boxing classes or equipment. Specific information relating to boxing gyms is listed under BOXING GYMS followed by general gym equipment under CHAIN GYMS.

Because many martial arts studios also use punching bags of various kinds, there is information on the number of martial arts studios under the heading MARTIAL ARTS STUDIOS. I did not include these numbers in the total count as most martial arts studios are single-owner, and including those numbers presents a skewed picture of the potential market for boxing equipment. From these numbers I found you an estimate minimum number of gyms with boxing equipment -- not every gym will necessarily advertise their boxing equipment.

America is the home to the strongest national market for fitness centers. In 2015 there were about 36,180 gyms and fitness centers in the country. No other country has more than 8,000 gyms. This number includes niche athletic businesses like aerobics studios but excludes sites of team activities like hockey rinks. If group fitness locations are included the number is about 94,770. Gyms are most heavily concentrated in California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Boxing in particular is gaining popularity as a fitness activity; the Title Boxing Club grew from 10 locations to more than 100 between 2011 and 2013, and much of that growth is from young, casual boxers. 13% of Millennials report taking part in boxing in 2014. As this trend grows, major gyms are beginning to offer boxing classes to draw in new members.

There are approximately 242 specific boxing gyms in the United States. This number is approximate as boxing gyms are heavily reliant on the instructor for identity; when an instructor moves to another gym or opens their own the number shifts. I have included in the sources list the most straightforward and complete directory of boxing gyms. CHAIN GYMS
To estimate how many gyms in the United States feature boxing equipment, I took a list of the largest gyms in the country by revenue and totaled the locations of gyms that report having boxing equipment or classes. The information is presented in a spreadsheet with the relevant sources for easy reference.

This gives a low end working estimate of potential clients, though it does not include independent gyms which do not have individual websites or equipment directories. Most traditional gyms will carry at least a heavy bag, but as far as confirmed boxing equipment and classes this is the most accurate list available.

There are more major fitness gyms in the United States- Snap Fitness, Planet Fitness, etc.- but those were not included as they do not currently advertise boxing classes or feature boxing equipment, though individual gyms inside the franchise may offer boxing classes or feature boxing equipment.

There are 67,207 martial arts businesses in America. The majority of marital arts instructors are single-teacher owned businesses which exchange training for administrative or other business work. Though they do not have many paid employees, most styles use equipment such as varying sizes of weighted bags in their studios.

To sum it all up, there are at least 7,291 gyms that carry boxing equipment, though others may have some related equipment. I hope you find this answer helpful.

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