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Seven true competitors of Grove Collaborative in the United States are Thrive Market, The Honest Company, Lafe's, Seventh Generation, Brandless, Bliss, and Rael. Thrive Market is a membership e-commerce platform that offers nontoxic, eco-friendly, affordable, and effective home, beauty, and baby products.

Grove Inc's Competitors

Future Goals/Plans

Company Leadership

  • Grove Collaborative management team include;
    • Stuart Landesberg: Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President & Board Member.
    • Servaes Tholen: Chief Financial Officer
    • Christopher Clark: Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Board Member
    • Delinda Costin: Chief Legal and People Officer
    • Lilian Tomovich: Chief Marketing Officer
    • Andrew Silard: SVP, Consumer Marketing
    • Jon Silverman: Senior Vice President, Product Development & Merchandising
    • Andy Rendich: Chief Operating Officer
    • Jeff Goslin: Vice President, Operations Strategy
    • Tricia Butler: Vice President, People
    • Samantha Howe: VP Content & Community
    • Erin Weibel: Vice President of Merchandising and Ecommerce
    • Nickhil Bhave: VP of Consumer Product Management
    • Luana Bumachar: VP Owned Brands | Innovation
    • Delida Costin: Chief Legal and People Officer
    • Thomas Fontaine: VP of Engineering
    • Robert Gash: Vice President of Operations Technology
    • Meika Hollender: VP of Communications
    • Phil Moon: VP of Business Operations
    • Kathleen OBrien: Vice President.

Business Values

Target Customers

  • Grove Collaborative is targeting people who have been buying conventional products but want to make a better choice for their families and the environment.
  • According to the company, 70% of shoppers in the U.S. today prefer conscientious products.

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