Grant Writers in the United States

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Grant Writers in the United States

Freelancer as a total of 187 freelance grant writing professionals in the U.S., whereas Upwork has 230; Fiverr has 33; and Guru has 1,997. The number of freelance grant writing professionals on FlexJobs could not be analyzed due to the nature of this platform. A full set of details for each platform has been provided below.


  • Technical/Science-Based: 52 (technical), 18 (science).
  • Non-Profit: 21.


  • Total: 230.
  • Technical/Science-Based: 62 (technical), 40 (science).
  • Non-Profit: 81.


  • Total: 33.
  • Technical/Science-Based: 15 (technical), 4 (science).
  • Non-Profit: 20.


  • Total: N/A
  • Technical/Science-Based: N/A
  • Non-Profit: N/A


  • Technical/Science-Based: 764 (technical), 215 (science).
  • Non-Profit: 555.

Research Strategy

To carry out this research, our team relied on the advanced search functions and filters available on each of the aforementioned freelancer platforms. A combination of filters was used to isolate the number of freelance grant writers/grant service providers located in the United States, and then further to isolate them as categories by technical, science, and non-profit. This approach was able to yield sufficient results with the exception of FlexJobs. Overall, data about the number of freelance grant professionals on FlexJobs could not be determined due to the fact that this platform does not necessarily function as a freelancer market place (as do the other platforms noted). Instead, FlexJobs is a job search portal (similar to Indeed) which only shows job postings for freelancers, as opposed to listing freelancers for fire. The 'Employer' portal on FlexJobs cannot be accessed without a subscription, and it is unclear whether this portal provides a listing to freelancers by category or not.