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Graham Goodkind Business Profile

Graham Goodkind has recently reduced his energy away from Frank PR to pursue other projects and activities. He is still active in the PR sphere, however, serving on the board of other relevant companies and writing content for PR-focused media.


  • July 2018, Frank was appointed as agency of record for Invisalign.


  • In March 2018, Mr. Goodkind announced he was "going plural" to work on other projects. He positioned this announcement as a positive, leaving Frank PR in the capable hands of its management team. With his extra time, he would be free to "get involved in exciting new projects".
  • He is a regular contributor to Creative Moment, a website where creative leaders critique other creatives.
  • A few months later, in September, Mr. Goodkind was appointed as a board adviser for Green Square, a corporate finance advisory firm.
  • In June 2017, Mr. Goodkind published an article (blog post) on Laurel Leaf Networking positively reflecting on his motivation and happiness working in PR, including how he's happy to see Frank employees starting exciting new waves in the PR world.
  • Last year, Mr. Goodkind was appointed chairman for Noise Media.
  • In May 2019, he talked with PR Week about how bullying and pressure were big problems for PR employees.
  • In May, he is going to be a panelist at PR360 in Brighton.
  • He is also a judge for the PRmoment awards.
  • Mr. Goodkind contributed to a column on "must-read" books for Christmas 2019. His recommendation was Disruption: Overturning Conventions and Shaking Up the Marketplace’ by Jean-Marie Dru.

Research Strategy

Further information about Mr. Goodkind's PR work was not as forthcoming as in the Early Findings. We made a comprehensive sweep of every news story, press release or other article in the media regarding either Graham Goodkind or Frank PR. Aside from internal news stories such as appointments, we found nine articles about Mr. Goodkind discussing either his work, Frank PR or something else relevant to him. We also found one article discussing Frank PR's appointment as the agency of record for Invisalign. We could not find any negative press about either Mr. Goodkind or Frank PR.