Global statistics for digital entertainment consumption, including short films and vlogs.

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Global statistics for digital entertainment consumption, including short films and vlogs.

Hello! Thank you for your question on global digital entertainment consumption and demographics. The short answer is digital entertainment in the form of social media video and on demand streaming makes up the largest chunk of online video viewing. Only 22% of the 2.5 billion internet users worldwide watch short films, and 65% of them have viewed a vlog. While the largest portion of them watch video on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. The main demographic of video viewers are between the ages of 18 and 34 across the globe. Below you will find a deeper dive into how I came to find this information and additional information on global internet usage trends.


First, I looked up articles that presented a clear definition of digital entertainment. Then I searched for statistics on the digital entertainment market. I looked at global online video usage; and focused on social media, video on-demand, and TV streaming.  

For a demographic view I focused on three age groups Millennials (ages 13-34), Generation Xers (ages 35-51) and Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). I looked at how each group used digital entertainment and determined that Millennials are the highest users of digital entertainment. Most of the age demographic studies are based in the United States. So to get a better global picture I looked up information on the number of global internet users. This research lead me to find the necessary sources to better define global demographics.


Digital Entertainment is any form of media being provided for amusement or enjoyment, that is digitally displayed on electronic devices. Devices include computers, laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones. The type of content considered to be a part of digital entertainment includes, social networking media, TV streaming, and video on demand.


Online video has a 90 percent penetration rate among internet users on any device worldwide. The highest percent of video content users are found in South Korea (95.9%), Spain (92%), Italy (91%), and Mexico (90.1%). These statistics are based on a vast array of video platforms/sites from Vine video clips to full length digital movies.

The main source of digital entertainment is video on demand (VOD). Nielsen reported that 43% of the global VOD users watch at least once a day. Movies are the dominating format viewed on VOD platforms with 80% of global users stating this is their main use for the service. Of the movie viewers 22% stated they watch short-format movies on a VOD service. Demographically 48% of Millennials, 38% of Generation Xers, and 26% of Baby Boomers use on demand services to view content.


Social media entertainment includes blogs, networking websites, and vlogs. There are over 1.6 billion social network users worldwide and more than 64% of all internet users access social media online. Video viewing has become a large chunk of the social media traffic. For instance, Facebook alone has 8 billion video views per day. Keep in mind that only 50% of Facebook users view at least one video per day.

When it comes to social media video viewing sites we cannot forget the ever popular, YouTube. The site makes up for one-third the users on the internet and generates 3.25 billion hours of video viewing per month. There are 300 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute, and 5 billion videos are watched every day, with over 30 million visits per day. A total of 80% of internet users 18-49 years old watch videos on the site. Of sites registered users 38% are female and 62% are male. YouTube reaches more individuals ages 18-49 than any cable network in the United States. On a global scale, 80% of the sites views are located outside of the United States. The site features 76 different languages which helps them reach 95% of the internet population.

Video blogging, or vlogging, has come into its own and caters to vast number of internet users. Per GlobalWebIndex, 65% of internet users have watched a vlog. As far as the vlog gender demographics, 40% are female and 43% are male. While other types of digital media seem to draw a younger audience, vlogs cater to a larger age demographic. Vlog viewers include 50% of all Millennials, 66% of all Generation Xers, and 15% of all Baby Boomer users on the internet. Another surprising fact about vlogs is that they tend to draw the wealthiest of internet users; attracting 49% of internet users from the top 25% income barrack.


96% of Millennials (ages 13-34), watch online video content at an average of 11 hours per week. Also, 71% of this age group have subscriptions to On-Demand services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. And 57% watch free online TV an average of 6.4 hours a week.  Millennials believe in the convenience of on demand video, with 81% feeling free to watch online video at any time.  On demand also allows for a more personalized experience. A fact that 61% of Millennials users agree is a valuable feature of online video services.

When it comes to Generation Xers (ages 35-51) 60.3% own or use smartphones. 28.4 million (74.5%) of them have social media accounts and 30 million (78.7%) download or stream video at least once per month.

While, 8 out of 10 Baby Boomers regularly use the internet, only 6 in 10 them watch digital video. Also, only 57.6% of the 59.9 million boomers have social media accounts.


Global internet usage can give us some idea of how digital entertainment is being used worldwide. The following statistics will start with a general scope of internet users and usage broken down by region, which is followed by available regional usage information.

There are 2.5 billion internet users worldwide, with Asia Pacific users being the most at 40% of all usage. The rest are broken down as follows: Europe 21.5%, North American 11.4%, Latin America 10.4%, Africa 7%, Australia 1%, and Middle East 3.7%. Overall, 1 in 4 people used social media worldwide in 2013, with Facebook making up 60% and YouTube 44% of usage.

As far as digital video use online worldwide. Africa has doubled its usage since 2015 and YouTube remains the top mobile application in Asia-Pacific and Middle East. When it comes to social media video viewing, Facebook has over 1.7 billion users; 75% of which live outside the United States. This can lead one to logically believe that social media videos are the most prominent form of video being view worldwide.

26% of global internet users from 61 countries polled by Nielsen stated they subscribe to services like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. The lowest VOD users are found in UK, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. An average of 78% of all global users find the ability to view content at any desired time to be VOD's most convenient feature.

Nielsen's report reveals, that just as in United States, the global internet market is dominated by the younger generation. The numbers are as follows: 31% of Millennials, 24% of Generation X, and 15% of Baby Boomers using online video services.


In conclusion, global digital entertainment is made up of social media video and on demand services and is targeted mainly to individuals between the ages of 18-34. Global usage is highest in Asia Pacific countries and lowest in the UK and Africa. I hope this information is helpful to you. Thanks for using Wonder, and let us know if we can help with anything else.

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