Global Sequencing Library Preparation.

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Global Sequencing Library Preparation.

The global market size for sequencing library preparation is calculated to be $7.54 billion in 2019. While we were unable to find the breakdown in market size in terms of library preparation kits and library preparation automated instruments, we were able to estimate the product segment under which each item sits is worth around $4.52 billion and $1.89 billion, respectively.

Below you will find a deep dive of our findings and how we came to these conclusions.

Total global market size for library sequencing preparation

Our research strategy involved finding as many market research reports as possible in the public domain published in the last two years. We quickly found that this industry is more commonly referred to as next-generation sequencing, a phrase which then turned up several market research reports published recently. Finding several reports allowed us then to compare the figures presented within against each other. All reports used contain the total global market size for both library preparation kits and library preparation automated instruments. We then used each report where we could either calculate or it was explicitly stated the market size for 2019. Using 2019 figures from four reports, we then found the average figure in order to present the most accurate triangulated number possible for the market size for global sequencing library preparation.

We also include the links to a few paywalled market research reports where no figures were available in the free preview, in case these were of additional interest.
  • Grandview Research states the total market is $8.49 million in 2018, with a CAGR of 12.78%. This equals a projected 2019 market size of $9.58 billion.
  • Allied Market Research found the market was valued at $3.567 billion in 2015 and was projected to reach $12.801 billion by 2022. This is a CAGR of 19.9%. Using $3.567 billion from 2015, we calculated the 2019 market size as $7.37 billion.
  • Markets and Markets state that the market size in 2018 was $5.7 billion, with a CAGR of 19.2% until 2024. This calculates to a 2019 market size of $6.79 billion.
  • A report from Market Research Engine supplies figures that a little less precise, but we decided to include it for completeness. Their report states the market will be "more than $16 billion" by 2024, growing at "more than 20%" CAGR. Using these base figures to backward calculate the market size for 2019 equals $6.43 billion.

Therefore, the found 2019 market sizes are $9.58 billion, $7.37 billion, $6.79 billion and $6.43 billion. The average is $7.54 billion.


Breakdown between library preparation kits and library preparation automated instruments

Despite locating ten different market research reports on the industry, finding or calculating the breakdown in market size between library preparation kits and library preparation automated instruments was much more difficult. Out of all ten reports, only Allied Market Research came close to even providing a vague breakdown of the market by product in the free preview. Using our best estimates on the pictorial pie chart provided, it looks like instruments count for roughly 1/4 of the market, while consumables seem to be around 60%. We also found in the Research and Markets table of contents listing that library preparation kits typically call under consumables, whereas library preparation automated instruments come under instruments.

We then turned to search for reports on these segments separately, as sometimes market research can be very specific and separate out market segments into their own reports. We found one report on library preparation kits, but the free preview did not contain market size or market share information. We also found a report from Kalorama Information on "library preparation and target enrichment products for next-generation sequencing", but the report preview is extremely vague and does not mention whether the market size within is for kits, instruments, both or neither. Without a more clear definition, we decided that the Kalorama Information report was not usable for this research.

We then expanded our scope to look for market sizes for sample preparation for a variety of industries, hoping we could use the ratio of market size segment breakdowns between kits and instruments as a proxy for the next-generation sequencing industry specifically. Markets and Markets has a report which should break down the industry between kits and instruments, but no size or percentage data was available in the free preview. We found several other paywalled reports with the same issue — no market research has been released publicly stating the market segment difference between preparation kits and preparation instruments. We also checked various press releases for the paywalled reports, as sometimes the press release will give different or additional information than the company website. However, this did not yield any meaningful data.

After exploring all possible avenues for publicly available information on the breakdown between library preparation kits and library preparation automated instruments, the best information we could find was an analysis of the pie graph on an Allied Market Research report. From this, we estimated that instruments constitute roughly 1/4 of the market, whereas consumables are around 60%. As a rough estimate, this computes to:
$7.54 billion x 25% = $1.89 billion (instruments)
$7.54 billion x 60% = $4.52 billion (consumables)