Global Former Female Boxing and Kickboxing Champions

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Global Former Female Boxing and Kickboxing Champions

Key Takeaways

  • A total of 50 global female boxing champions were identified.
  • A total of 50 global female kickboxing champions were identified.
  • Lucia Rijker, Holly Holm, Elena Reid, Daisy Lang, and Regina Halmich appeared on both the boxing and kickboxing champions list.


A list of 50 former female boxing champions has been provided in the "Former Global Female Boxing Champions" tab of the attached spreadsheet. A list of 50 female kickboxing champions has also been provided in the " Former Global Female Kickboxing/MMA Champions" tab of the attached spreadsheet.

Lucia Rijker

  • Lucia Rijker is 53 years old, and she was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • She has won the following boxing titles:
    • 1998 — WIBO Junior Welterweight World Champion
    • 1997 — WIBF Super Lightweight World Champion
    • 1997 / 1998 — WIBF European Boxing Champion
    • 1988 / 1989 — IWBA Boxing World Champion"
  • Her kickboxing titles include:
    • 1991 — ITMF World Muay Thai Champion
    • 1989 / 1994 — ISKA World Champion
    • 1985 / 1994 — WKA World Champion
    • 1984 — ISKA Super Lightweight Low Kick World Champion | 137 lbs

Research Strategy

To provide the requested information, we leveraged the most reputable sources available in the public domain. This was accomplished by combing through boxing news sources, sports analyses, athlete and women boxing archives. Sites ranking the greatest fighters of all time provided us with top female boxers and kickboxers' names. These sites included ESPN, Ranker, Sportsshow, BOXREC, Tapology, Bolavip, and other websites. We then used sites like Awakening Fighters and Boxerlist to identify specific detail about the fighters. Details collected included their age, place of origin, weight class, and titles won, including the years the championships were won. Since most of the female champions won various titles in different years, we thought it best to arrange the list from the youngest to the oldest champion instead of arranging it based on the year a title was won. We also limited our list to only fighters who had won a title. We excluded famous fighters who are globally known but had not won a championship.

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