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Ghirardelli Chocolate

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company maintains social media presence across LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, with nearly 2 million followers in total. On LinkedIn, Ghirardelli's activity focuses mainly on its corporate actions and people relations, but among its other social media platforms, Ghirardelli's posted content primarily showcases promotional content for Ghirardelli products and featured recipes that use Ghirardelli products as ingredients. Research suggests that Ghirardelli's target audiences tend to be general chocolate lovers as well as baking and entertaining enthusiasts, and its general messaging communicates to followers that Ghirardelli is an easily-accessible indulgence for everyday cravings.

Ghirardelli's LinkedIn Presence

Ghirardelli's Pinterest Presence

  • The company's Pinterest page also promotes some of Ghirardelli's proprietary recipes, like its double chocolate shortbread cookies and its chocolate chip banana bread.
  • Ghirardelli also frequently shares other Pinterest user's recipes featuring Ghirardelli chocolates, such as a chocolate cream pie recipe published by Baking A Moment and chocolate macarons shared by Sweet & Savory.
  • Aside from the promotion of recipes using Ghirardelli chocolate, the organization's Pinterest page did not feature many direct advertisements for its products, except for a holiday message proclaiming Ghirardelli's annual release of its peppermint bark and an interactive chart inviting consumers to find their "ultimate" Ghirardelli bar.
  • Based on Ghirardelli's heavy Pinterest promotion of recipes and other creative uses of its products, research suggests that the company's intended message on Pinterest is that consumers should think of Ghirardelli chocolate as their go-to chocolate for high-quality baking and sweet treats.

Ghirardelli's Facebook Presence

  • On Facebook, Ghirardelli's content tends toward being more product-focused, suggesting that the company's target audience on Facebook, its largest at 1.4 million followers, is the general consumer.
  • Ghirardelli does publish recipes on Facebook, but they tend to be proprietary recipes from Ghirardelli's official site, such as the ombre brownie cake made with Ghirardelli's brownie mix and no-bake fudge bars made using Ghirardelli baking chips.
  • Many of Ghirardelli's Facebook posts had advertisement-like qualities, such a post simply wishing followers a Happy Easter but featuring a photo of holiday baskets stuffed with Ghirardelli products, and a video encouraging followers to celebrate "#NationalCaramelDay" with the company's caramel squares.
  • Rather than the professional-quality food images shown on Pinterest, the recipes and product images shared by Ghirardelli on Facebook tend to be more casual and accessible, and feature more instances of packaged product.
  • A central theme among the messaging in Ghirardelli's Facebook content is that its products are a kind of everyday luxury, with videos of streaming Ghirardelli caramel proclaimed as a "midweek indulgence", a brownie recipe labeled as "ultimate comfort food", and a photo of Ghirardelli chocolate alongside a decadent latte captioned, "treat yourself".

Ghirardelli's Instagram Presence

Ghirardelli's Twitter Presence

  • Ghirardelli's Twitter account, which boasts 18,300 followers, also shares a lot of its visual and written content with that in posts from the company's Facebook and Instagram accounts, suggesting that the primary target audience on Twitter is also likely the general population.

Ghirardelli's YouTube Presence

  • Ghirardelli's YouTube channel mainly features videos of Ghirardelli chocolate-containing recipes and creative entertaining ideas utilizing Ghirardelli products, suggesting that Ghirardelli's target YouTube audience of 4,540 followers, like its Pinterest audience, is largely comprised of baking and craft enthusiasts.
  • Except for a few commercial ads for individual products like Ghirardelli's caramel squares or peppermint bark, relatively few marketing videos exist on the company's YouTube channel.
  • Recipe videos on Ghirardelli's YouTube seem to appeal largely to more casual home bakers, with several featuring Martha Stewart's baked goods and instructions for "simple" desserts.
  • The company also posts simple seasonal craft video tutorials on its channel, such as an Easter DIY Inspiration video and instructions for assembling a small holiday house using Ghirardelli chocolate squares.
  • In addition to baking and crafting videos, Ghirardelli's YouTube channel has also published a variety of video content exploring wine pairings that complement various Ghirardelli chocolates, suggesting that the company may be seeking more of an entertaining-focused audience on YouTube than its other channels.
  • On YouTube, Ghirardelli's published activity indicates that its central message to followers is that Ghirardelli chocolates are a simple and accessible way to add an element of indulgence to desserts and occasions.