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01 Competitors, Part 1

Flavor Plate and Let's Eat! are two competitors of Bento Box that provide website building services and support for the restaurant industry. The three companies reference increasing revenue as one of the main goals for a restaurant business to continue to use their services, highlighting the ease of use that they all introduce to the website building process. Details on both of these companies have been provided in the attached spreadsheet.


  • Like Bento Box, Flavor Plate specializes in providing SEO-friendly, simple website building templates and design services for restaurants.
  • Flavor Plate features ADA-compliant website templates. Exactly like Bento Box's accessibility services, these are meant to align with the Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) published by the Wide Web Consortium, which focus on how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Also, like Bento Box, Flavor Plate's setup fee makes website design services and support available to clients who don't feel comfortable doing this themselves or can't dedicate the necessary time to the task.


  • While Let's Eat! does not offer web design services such as Bento Box and Flavor Plate, it does provide website templates designed for the restaurants. Templates allow for the same level of third-party integration and offer SEO optimization that is specific to the restaurant industry.
  • Both a coupon generator and menu builder tools are provided by Let's Eat directly. Clients don't need to integrate with any further services or apps in order to access these functionalities within the websites they generate using Let's Eat. This is something that the solution has in common with Bento Box, which also provides ways to generate digital or physical gift cards designed to drive sales.
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02 Competitors, Part 2

Similar to Bento Box, Restaurant Logic and GloriaFood are website builders for restaurants. They offer similar products and services, such as SEO-friendly theme templates, sites that can be scaled for any device, and online ordering systems. However, Restaurant Logic sets itself apart by also focusing a lot on marketing, while GloriaFood offers affordable rates. Information on both of these companies can be found below, as well as on the attached spreadsheet.

Restaurant Logic

  • Restaurant Logic is a website builder and a web marketing platform for restaurant operators.
  • It helps build a site through four steps, which include information gathering and theme selection, content and website creation, photo editing, and reviewing and launching. Their marketing tools allow restaurants to measure and drive more traffic. These tools include managing menus, e-mail marketing, social media, customer reviews, calendar and multiple locations.
  • Similar to Bento Box, Restaurant Logic includes unlimited support and website updates, along with SEO-friendly website templates. Some of their similar features include online ordering systems, gift card and merchandise sales, and a mobile-first mentality.


Pricing Structure
  • Restaurant Logic offers one plan. They charge $999 to set up a website. This includes a theme site set up, photo editing and content creation, dashboard set up and up to two hours of training. Additional locations that require a website set up will cost $249.
  • After the website is set up, Restaurant Logic charges $199 per month to have the website running. This includes full access to web marketing, unlimited live support, website and email hosting, up to half an hour a month of website updates and changes, and full access to the marketing content library. For an additional location to maintain a site, it will cost $49 a month.
  • There is not a contract nor a cancellation fee.

Gloria Food

  • GloriaFood is a website builder for restaurants who want to design a food website from scratch. The site focuses on creating one-page websites with images and various color schemes where creators don’t require coding skills. The one-page websites allow end-users to learn more quickly about what services a restaurant offers instead of gaining an understanding through browsing several tabs. GloriaFood uses WordPress analytics and theme templates that are optimized to increase sales. GloriaFood also offers a built-in online ordering system that’s fully integrated on a website. It allows unlimited orders, real time online ordering, and a multi-location support for chain restaurants. In 2018, GloriaFood launched a table reservation module. Its similarities to Bento Box include SEO-friendly websites that can scale any device, the websites are optimized and they both offer an online ordering system.


Pricing Structure
  • GloriaFood has a free service plan that includes these features: Website ordering widget, mobile ordering, table reservations widget, pictures in menu, detailed reports, Facebook ordering app, real-time ordering, ordering ahead for reservations, ordering for later, and running a promotion or coupon deal.
  • It also has four optional paid plans.
  • Online / Credit Card Payment Service allows the ordering system to connect with credit cards. This way, restaurants can accept online payments directly without the money passing through GloriaFood. This service is $29 a month.
  • Advanced Promo Marketing: This service runs promotions so restaurants can sell directly to target clients. This plan, which costs $19 a month, allows restaurants to meet multiple marketing goals.
  • Sales Optimized Website: This plan helps build a mobile friendly website that is designed to generate more online orders. The domain is included, but it will also allow restaurant operators to use an existing one. This plan costs $9 a month.
  • Branded Mobile Apps: This plan includes app store listings with a restaurant’s logo. This service costs $59 a month.


From Part 01
  • "In 2018, 21 percent of all ADA web accessibility actions were filed against restaurants that had been previously listed in a suit. Some restaurant holding companies have been sued seven times or more over 2017 and 2018. When restaurants make digital accessibility a priority, they will not only avoid legal action, but increase their customer base, improve morale, and become an inspiration to others in the industry."
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