Gamned! Company Profile

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Gamned! Company Profile

Gamned! is a market leader in the programmatic digital advertising space and generates an estimated annual revenue ranging between $5.2 to $7.2 million. Gamned! has optimized over 2,500 digital advertising campaigns so far and serves numerous clients across 80 countries. In terms of the offerings provided and the operating market space of Gamned!, the top five competitors of the company were identified to be AppNexus, The Trade Desk, Dataxu, IPONWEB, and Beeswax. In November 2018, Gamned! was acquired by TF1 Group as a part of the latter’s new digital business segment called Unify.

Gamned! — Company Overview

Competitive Advantage:
  • Established in the year 2009 by Anthony Spinasse and Olivier Goulon, Gamned! is a real-time targeted digital advertising pioneer and a programmatic trading desk. Since its inception, the company has developed a wide range of proprietary technology/software tools that enable the dynamic design, creation, optimization, and broadcasting of unique real-time advertising campaigns.
  • Gamned! caters to all mobile and desktop media problematics such as client acquisitions and loyalty by utilizing cutting-edge capabilities. The company offers its customers programmatic campaigns across multiple channels such as DOOH, radio, video, native, social, mobile, and desktop, thereby, enabling them to target specific demographics via “agnostic multi-DSP (Demand-Side Platform) buying and real-time messages customization (DCO).”
  • The company has more than 140 programmatic advertising, digital, and technological experts who work towards building strategic collaborations and partnerships. According to the company’s managing director, Pierre, Gamned! combinesthe human savoir-faire” with artificial intelligence to help clients achieve their advertising objectives.
  • The company has acquired several awards over the years for its various programmatic tools and operations such as the Dispositif Drive to Store Bronze award in 2018, the Digital Strategy Rebranding award and the BigBoss Idol Winter Winner (Digilinx) award in 2017, Best Mobile Campaign award in 2016 presented by Mobile Marketing Association EMEA, the E-Commerce Award for Acquisition DCO in 2014 presented by E-Commerce Paris, and the UBI I/O San Francisco Winner in 2013 presented by UBIFrance.
  • Gamned! co-founder, Anthony Spinasse, believes that the company has been a consistent disruptor of the global programmatic advertising market by developing customized and innovative solutions that provide clients with impactful campaign results.
Services Offered:
  • Gamned! offers services across three broad segments — campaign management, technology, and consulting. Campaign management solutions include branding, drive, and performance of campaigns in combination with deal management and high media quality. According to the company’s website, Gamned! utilizes artificial intelligence technology to collaborate, integrate, and analyze data-driven insights.
  • In 2019, Gamned! launched its new offering — Emerge! — that provides advertisers with enhanced insights via its consulting and data science capabilities. This offering focuses on analyzing data of internet users during media activations and provides clients with a holistic view of their target’s engagement, behaviors, and profiles.
Clients Served:
  • Gamned! has reported having clients across 80 countries and has optimized over 2,500 programmatic advertising and marketing campaigns. According to Crunchbase, the company delivers over three billion personalized ads for its customers each month. With offices in seven global locations — France, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia — Gamned! works with over 400 enterprises of various sizes such as City Properties, Qatar National Bank (QNB), The Entertainer, AXA, Skechers, Jaguar, Land Rover, and DeLonghi.
Revenue and Funding Information:
  • While the company's financial figures are not available for public consumption, estimates from different reports suggest that Gamned! generates an annual revenue ranging between $5.2 million and $7.2 million. Since its inception, the company has raised over €2.2 million (approximately $2.37 million) in funding in two rounds. In 2018, Gamned! was acquired by TF1 Group for an undisclosed amount.

Top Five Competitors of Gamned!

Competitor #1: AppNexus, Inc.

  • AppNexus is a Xandr Company and is one of the world’s leading players in real-time advertising technology. AppNexus operates the world’s largest cloud-based marketplace that helps advertisers and marketers optimize programmatic advertising campaigns online. According to the company’s website, advertisers have the ability to connect with their target audience on several high-quality apps and websites through its transparent marketplace and proprietary technology.
  • AppNexus offers an easy connective path between sellers and buyers, provides competitive pricing for its accounts, maximizes monetization for publishers, and maximizes purchasing power for marketers. The company also claims to be transparent at every stage of the media supply chain to ensure their clients understand what technology fee is charged and which impressions are purchased.
  • AppNexus is also found to have a strategic partnership with the marketing technology provider, Zeta Interactive Corp. Some significant metrics of the company’s operations include 250TB of daily processed data, 6 million queries processed per second at peak times, and 11.4 billion impressions are being transacted each day. AppNexus has an online advertising market share of 2.65% in the global digital advertising industry.
  • The company claims that all the Ad Age 100 brands and over 90% of the total addressable comScore digital publishers prefer to buy and sell advertising on AppNexus Marketplace on a regular basis.
  • AppNexus services several large, medium, and small-sized companies such as Scibids, Wayfair, Greenhouse Group, Microsoft, Light Reaction, American Express, AutoTrader, Beanstock, Datapoint Media, Brightcom, The Seattle Times, Yashi, Xaxis, TripleLift, and Show-O-Vision. The company reveals that over 177,000 brands and 34,000 publishers utilize AppNexus Marketplace. Some top companies with revenues above $1 billion that utilize AppNexus’ services are FebEx Corporation, Q8 Danmark, Carrefour, and SAS Danmark.
  • While AppNexus does not publish its financial figures for public consumption, it has been estimated by Business Insider that the company generates an annual revenue of around $300 million. So far, AppNexus has raised over $321.5 million in funding across 12 rounds. In 2018, AppNexus was acquired by AT&T for an undisclosed amount.

Competitor #2: The Trade Desk

  • Established in the year 2009, The Trade Desk is an online technology demand-side firm that empowers advertising buyers through its cloud-based, self-service platform. Advertising buyers are given the ability to create, develop, manage, and optimize data-driven online advertising campaigns across multi-channel formats including display, audio, video, social, and conventional paths. The company makes strategic collaborations with key publishers to ensure clients obtain the best results.
  • According to the company’s LinkedIn profile, digital ad campaigns that are powered by the company’s open platform can leverage specific targeting capabilities, detailed reporting, and full-funnel attribution to obtain a complete view of their customers’ journey from impressions to final conversion.
  • The company’s operating model has several attractive features that make it easy for customers to become The Trade Desk’s long term clients. According to the company’s website, The Trade Desk helps brands offer relevant and impactful ad experiences for customers by “setting a new standard for global reach, accuracy, and transparency”. With The Trade Desk, clients can reach over a billion customers and obtain more value from the company’s APIs.
  • The Trade Desk has won several awards over the years including the 2019 Winner of Grand Prix, the 2019 Winner of Best New Product or Service, the 2019 AdExchanger Winner of Best Demand-Side Technology, 2018 Winner of Best Marketing Technology Solution presented by ExchangeWire and another award in the same category presented by Digiday Media Awards Europe, and the 2018 IAB Sales Excellence Winner for a Small-to-Medium Sales Organization.
  • The Trade Desk offerings can be categorized under Demand Side Platform (DSP), Data Management Platform (DMP), Publisher Management Platform (PMP), and Enterprise APIs. Through the company’s Enterprise APIs, the company’s clients can develop customized features on the platform to suit their specific needs. They can also access the company’s Marketplace that provides a suite of offers such as inventory partners (display, mobile, and video), private marketplace contracts, and third-party desktop, mobile, and cross-device data partners.
  • The company serves a wide range of clients across the globe such as multi-national buyers, data owners, agency trading desks, and ad networks providing RTB services. The company’s client retention is found to be around 95% over the past 20 quarters since 2018. Two of the company’s large clients are Omnicom Media Group and Goodway Group.

Competitor #3: Dataxu, Inc.

  • Founded in 2009, Dataxu is an analytics and digital technology company that empowers advertisers by leveraging programmatic capabilities to drive the most significant marketing metrics — sales revenue and ROI. Dataxu offers clients a global advanced cloud-based media platform for digital analytics and buying. The company’s platform is powered by machine learning and algorithmic technologies to assist clients in real-time.
  • Dataxu’s platform provides exceptional inventory access to multiple channels (social media, video, mobile, and display) through its private and open digital marketplace. The company offers market-leading analytics by using data science and ROI measurement approach across all digital channels. Furthermore, in collaboration with OneView Technology, the company offers impactful insights into the effectiveness of TV ads while analyzing an advertising campaign in terms of key KPIs such as sales lift.
  • The company works to match the high standards of the industry by providing the best for its clients in terms of excellence, collaboration, innovation, and trust. The company also claims to have a transparent operating practice that provides complete visibility to its clients’ audience, markets, and performance.
  • Dataxu’s product portfolio includes TV targeting services, TouchPoint, OneView, and ClearSight. TouchPoint is an AI-powered omnichannel DSP that provides access to over three trillion ad impressions. OneView provides clients with a holistic view of its customer audience along with real-time data and identity management. ClearSight empowers clients with access to advanced analytics, strategic data, and customer insights.
  • The company serves a wide range of clients such as agencies like Catapult, Adgenda, and TeamOne; brands like Lexus and Schneider Electric; and publishers like BBC and Universal. Other clients include American Signature Furniture, Vodafone, Sky, Pandora, DWA, MasterCard, Southwest Media Group, Horizon Media, The Richards Group, DigitasLBi, Subway, and Duncan Channon.
  • Dataxu has nine offices across the globe with five locations in America, two offices in the Asia Pacific (Singapore and Sydney, Australia), and two in Europe (Germany and the United Kingdom). The company's corporate headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Dataxu has an estimated annual revenue of $236 million. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised over $87.5 million in 8 funding rounds, the most recent of which was obtained in 2017 for an amount of $3.5 million. Last year (2019), a pioneering TV streaming company, Roku acquired Dataxu for $150 million.

Competitor #4: IPONWEB

  • IPONWEB was established in the year 2000 and is currently one of the world’s leaders in programmatic, media trading, RTB platforms, and real-time advertising infrastructure and technology. IPONWEB’s pioneering proprietary technology (u-Platform) powers more than 150 media trading online platforms around the world. The company is known to work across the advertising supply chain, providing clients with highly personalized advertising solutions.
  • The company’s u-Platform technology consists of three core frameworks that are generally needed to operate a real-time media trading system. Each framework (u-Server, u-Predict, and u-Slice) offers clients a “highly evolved, unique, and sophisticated technology asset” such as ad-serving, probability modeling, and big data analytics. Through u-Platform, clients have the ability to create a customized solution that suits their specific needs.
  • The company’s offerings are broadly categorized under demand solutions, supply solutions, and television solutions. Demand solutions assist brands and agencies to work on improving performance and access to competitive advantages. Supply solutions consist of a comprehensive set of tools designed for sellers and publishers to control their technology stacks, data assets, and strategies.
  • IPONWEB has also developed a programmatic ecosystem platform called BidSwitch along with a supply management and curation platform called The Media Grid.
  • The company serves clients across the globe in over 20 countries. Some of their major clients include LiveIntent, Digiday, AdExchanger, The Drum, Luma Partners, Automattic, and D.A. Consortium.
  • IPONWEB has offices located in London, New York, Moscow, Berlin, Cyprus, Singapore, Switzerland, and Tokyo. While the company does not publish its financial figures for public consumption, it has been estimated that IPONWEB generates an annual revenue of about $76.9 million.

Competitor #5: Beeswax

  • Established in the year 2014, Beeswax is an ad-tech firm and is considered to have developed the industry’s first custom programmatic purchasing platform. The company offers the pioneering Bidder-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution that is cloud-based, customizable, and scalable for digital advertising campaigns. Beeswax believes that an RTB bidder would be as easy to use as any other aspect of the marketing cloud.
  • Beeswax’s BaaS solution offers ad buyers with flexibility, transparency, and full control of their programmatic spend. According to the company’s website, the BaaS platform combines the “best-in-breed solutions from across the programmatic ecosystem” along with the clients’ strategies, proprietary data, and algorithms into a seamless single unit.
  • According to the co-founder of Beeswax, Ari Paparo, the company’s BaaS technology platform was designed to allow marketers and advertisers to fully customize and lease an ad purchasing software. Additionally, the platform enables the company’s partners to write their very own algorithm, control, manage, and access data whenever necessary. The BaaS platform offers clients with unique features that include custom optimization, extensible APIs, access to programmatic ecosystem, and standard DSP capabilities.
  • The company offers programmatic solutions for every kind of ad buyer such as marketers and brands, technology and data platforms, and publishers. Beeswax claims that their BaaS solution is “better than a DSP, more efficient than building one yourself”. Beeswax also offers its clients a marketplace where they might be able to connect with the company’s technological partners.
  • Beeswax serves over 75 clients from various industries from media to consumer goods such as Congnitiv, Amazon, Iotec, Keymantics, Twitch, Vivendi SA’s Dailymotion, TRE Sensa, Legendary, The Big Willow, Operative, and Foursquare. The company plans on continued expansion to enhance the performance of its offerings and its product portfolio. An example of this is the most recent strategic partnership made between Beeswax and Operative to help customers “bundle their linear and digital inventory far more efficiently”.
  • The company is headquartered in New York City and has two other offices in London and San Francisco.
  • Beeswax has raised $28.3 million in funding so far, the most recent of which was obtained in 2019 for an amount of $15 million in a Series B round. The financial figures for Beeswax are publicly unavailable. However, third-party sources estimate the annual revenue of Beeswax to be around $16.9 million.

TF1 Group — Overview

  • Established in 1935, TF1 Group is a privately held industry leader in French media content with Bouygues as its major shareholder. Developing content has been the core of TF1 Group’s business for many decades and for the past few years, the company has begun to explore all genres and formats present in today’s content value chain. The company strives to stimulate the audience through inspiration, creativity, and positive emotions.

TF1 Group’s Core Business Segments

Business Segment #1: Production

  • TF1 Group’s production segment is led by TF1 Studio and the French television production company, Newen. Through Newen, TF1 Group intends to expand its resources in projecting all types of genres, stories, and perspectives worldwide. In addition to the company’s news and entertainment content being broadcasted across the world, audiovisual activities are being explored to include streaming music via Play Two.
  • In 2019, Newen produced over 1,200 hours of unique content.
  • While the other segments reported better revenue figures, the production segment saw a decrease in revenue by €18.6 million year-on-year. The annual revenue reported for 2019 was €390 million with an operating profit of €57.9 million.

Business Segment #2: Broadcasting

  • The company’s broadcasting segment was developed to create a unique ecosystem that consists of an MYTF1 digital platform, four theme channels, and five free-to-air channels. The MYTF1 digital platform is a content platform that brings together premium content from the free-to-air channels. The MYF1 platform has over 24 million users who have the ability to access over 7,500 hours of programming content.
  • TF1 Group believes that its TV channels “occupy a unique position in the French audiovisual landscape”. The market leader in TV broadcasting has five free channels namely, LCI, TF1 Series Films, TFX, TMC, and TF1; and four pay-TV themed channels — Ushuaïa TV, TV Breizh, Histoire TV, and Serieclub.
  • According to the 2019 financial report, the company’s broadcasting segment reported €1.774 billion in revenue for 2019 with approximately €31.3 million revenue increase in year-on-year. The segment’s operating profit amounted to €185.5 million.

Business Segment #3: Digital

  • Unify is TF1 Group’s digital business unit that brings new talent and innovative content together to create “highly engaged digital communities”. According to the company’s website, Unify is currently made up of 15 media brands serving customers to overcome their digital advertising challenges. This network of brands provides media firms and agencies with expert programming services, integrated services, digital creation, consulting, and events.
  • Unify has over 100 million unique website visitors each month and is considered to be the top digital division that has been developed around unique productions, federating content, events, and talents. The brands under Unify include Aufeminin, Beaute Test, CNET, Doctissimo, Gamekult, Les Numeriques, Livingly Media, Marmiton, My Little Paris, Netmums, Onmeda, Parole De Mamans, and ZDNet.

TF1 Group — Digital Segment (Unify) Acquisitions

  • The digital division of TF1 Group, Unify, was created in 2019 with the aim of grouping the company’s digital businesses under a single unit. Over the past few years, TF1 Group acquired seven enterprises under this business segment.
  • In 2018, TF1 Group acquired Aufeminin Group, an international digital media firm, that focuses primarily on female-based content. With this acquisition, TF1 Group intended to enhance the momentum of its digital transformation. Due to the strategic pillars of Aufeminin Group’s business model, TF1 Group can expand its offering to include innovative solutions that focus on affinity, influence, and awareness.
  • The same year (2018) TF1 Group acquired the digital media firm Doctissimo from the parent company, Lagardere Group. Through this acquisition, TF1 Group expects to be able to expand its reach to connect with all audiences, especially women.
  • TF1 Group continued to diversify its digital business segment by purchasing the digital firm, Neweb. Through this acquisition, TF1 Group obtained “unique expertise in shopping recommendation on various complementary themes”.
  • TF1 Group’s final acquisition was made by purchasing the majority stake in the programmatic trading desk, Gamned!. Through this acquisition, TF1 Group will be able to offer marketers an omnichannel, high-powered, innovative offering that focuses on effective programmatic digital advertising.
  • MinuteBuzz, TF1 Digital Factor, and Studio 71, along with the above entities (Aufeminin Group, Doctissimo, Gamned!, and Neweb) constitute the business segment — Unify. This digital segment has provided TF1 Group with better transparency of its digital services with marketers and enhanced its specialization in sectors like e-commerce, brand content, consultancy, influence, and social media.

Research Strategy

Research for information on Gamned!, TF1 Group, and TF1’s digital business segment, Unify, was fairly straightforward as most of the required data was readily available through their official websites, press releases, and media reports. To identify the top competitors of Gamned!, we focused on determining the companies based on similar offerings, market operating space, global presence, and revenue. Since the geographical scope is vast (global), we proceeded to look into the key players in the programmatic digital advertising space from market reports published by well-known platforms such as MarketWatch and Persistence Market Research. Each key player identified by these market reports were then individually researched to determine if their product offering and market segment specialization were similar to those of Gamned!. After an extensive search, we were able to present five of the top global competitors of Gamned! along with their competitive advantage, client base, product offering, locations, and revenue/funding information.