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Number of Shoe Producers Worldwide


Through our research we were able to find the total number of footwear manufacturers worldwide, as well as the exact figures for the seven countries that made up the largest percentage of this number. Furthermore, we identified non-athletic footwear as the leading market segment in the footwear industry. Finally, our queries led us to other insightful statistics regarding the industry, such as the largest footwear producers by volume and the industry's annual growth rate.

Below I will elaborate on the aforementioned findings.

Footwear market volume

According to a 2017 IBIS report, there are currently 63,722 footwear manufacturers operating around the globe, which reflects the steady growth of the industry over the past 5 years. The total industry revenue for 2017 amounted to $251 billion, and the three largest manufacturers were expected to generate less than 5.0% of this revenue. Employment numbers for the industry further demonstrate its massive influence as it employed 5.4 million people worldwide.

In 2016, the industry as a whole produced 23 billion pairs of shoes with 86.7% of production occurring in Asia. The breakdown of this region's top producers is as follows:

• China — 13.1 billion pairs
• India — 2.25 billion pairs
• Vietnam — 1.18 billion pairs

As one can see, the footwear industry is especially productive and may continue to slowly and steadily grow at the 3.6% growth rate it has sustained over the past 5 years.

Market segmentation

The footwear market is split into two segments: athletic and non-athletic. For reference, the non-athletic segment is broken down into categories such as casual footwear, military boots, dress evening footwear, and lite hiking outdoor sandals, to name a few. This non-athletic segment accounted for 52.9% of market revenue and 64.0% of market volume in 2016, making it the leading type of footwear in the market.

In terms of revenue distribution, North America accounted for 35.6% of overall market revenue. However, the Asia Pacific region claimed 40.5% of market volume in 2016.

Breakdown by Country (2017)

We were able to identify the exact number of manufacturers within the top seven countries in the industry. The breakdown of number of manufacturers in descending order is as follows:

• India — 15,000
• China — 14,399
• Turkey — 6,800
• Bangladesh — 4,542
• Sri Lanka — 3,040
• U.S.A. — 919
• Indonesia — 365

These nations account for approximately 71% of footwear manufacturers worldwide.


The global footwear industry is a slow-growing behemoth and Asian countries are leading the way in terms of production. In particular, we found that there are 63,722 footwear manufacturers operating around the world. From the top seven footwear-producing countries, India contains the most footwear manufacturing companies at 15,000 units. Despite this, China outproduces all nations while North America as a whole holds the largest share in market revenue. In addition, the leading footwear type in the industry is the non-athletic segment, which accounted for 52.9% of market revenue in 2016.

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