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Stop and Shop Branded Gas Station

Stop and Shop feature 107 own-brand (Super Stop & Shop) gas stations across the New England region of the US. The Super Stop & Shop gas stations were found across the states of Connecticut (40 stations), Massachusetts (49 stations), New York (4 stations), and Rhode Island (14 stations). Details about the number of gas stations and other company stores are presented in the attached spreadsheet.



  • Massachusetts features 49 own-brand gas stations located across 134 total store locations in the state.

New York

Rhode Island

New Jersey

  • New Jersey does not feature any own-brand gas station for its 62 Stop & Shop locations.

Research Methodology

To identify the total number of Stop and Shop branded gas stations in each state, we started our research by examining the company's website, press releases, media publications, and financial reports. It was found that the company featured its own-brand fuel stations (Super Stop & Shop) and nearby Shell brand gas stations on its store locator section of the website. Further, it was noted that the store locator section featured only ten nearby gas stations for a given location. Alternatively, we found a store index that featured the details for all 415 stores of Stop and Shop according to state, city, and town. It was found that every store featured on the index either had a nearby own-brand gas station or a Shell gas station. We carried out an exhaustive search to identify each gas station owned or operated by the parent company for each of the 415 store locations.

We found that for each Stop and Shop store in the US, a nearby gas station and its distance was listed on the store profile page. It was noted that those stores which do not have their own-brand gas station featured the nearest Shell gas station. We reviewed each of the 415 store profiles and identified the number of own-brand gas stations to be 107 gas stations spread across Connecticut (40 stores), Massachusetts (49 stores), New York (4 stores), and Rhode Island (14 stores). Further, we were not able to find any own-brand gas station in New Jersey.

To support our findings, we cross-referenced some historical and current reports that identified the total number of own-brand stores in 2011 to be 70, and in 2019, about 105 gas stations across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Additionally, we found the total number of gas stations operated by the parent company (Ahold Delhaize) in 2018 to be 223 gas stations under the market areas of Stop & Shop and Giant/Martin.

Lastly, we critically analyzed our findings by reviewing a few gas stations locations that featured own-brand gas station on its store profile. We ran a scanned through profile representing each state to confirm if the company-owned gas station (Super Stop & Shop) was featured on the store locator page of the website. We were able to successfully confirm our findings by sampling through profiles of Enfield (CT), Plymouth (MA), Farmingville (NY), and Warwick (RI).

  • "Stop & Shop was acquired by Ahold in 1996 and is a supermarket brand in the northeastern United States. Stop & Shop is divided into two divisions: Stop & Shop New York Metro, with 200 stores in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey and Stop & Shop New England, with 217 stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, each as of January 1, 2017. "
  • "The Stop & Shop divisions operate superstores, which are larger than typical supermarkets, some of which include gas stations, full-service pharmacies and conventional supermarkets."
  • "Ahold USA subsidiaries also operated 229 gas stations in the United States as of January 1, 2017, the majority of which are located in the Giant Carlisle and Stop & Shop New England market areas."
  • "As of Friday, April 29, shoppers will be able to redeem Gas Rewards points at about 600 participating Shell stations, as well as more than 70 existing Stop & Shop gas stations throughout the Northeast."
  • "Stop & Shop has launched a reduced emissions fuel program at 105 of its gas stations in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island."