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FSP Mentions (A)

There were not numerous results for news articles, industry reports, and mentions of social media of the term Full Service Provider used in conjunction with the term Contract Research Organization during the past three months. In total, these terms were mentioned 40 times in the media, with Covance, IQVIA, and PPD being the companies most commonly mentioned during the past six months.

Full Service Provider and Contract Research Organization

  • There were two news articles published in the past six months that included both terms.
  • The first article was related to Sofpromed, a Spanish Contract Research Organization (CRO).
  • The second article referred to the acquisition of Akcelis by the CRO Pivotal.

FSP and Contract Research Organization

  • In the past six months, FSP and Contract Research Organization are mentioned in two CRO market reports; however, the term FSP referred to functional service provider in one of them, which could be true for the second report as well, in which only the term FSP was used.
  • One of these reports cited "Quintiles, Covance, Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD), Parexel, Charles River Laboratories (CRL), ICON, Plc, and Medidata Solutions" as key market players. IQVIA is also mentioned.
  • There was one article on the website of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals; however, this was a paid post promoting job opportunities at PPD.
  • A news article was published mentioning these two terms together in relation to the company Quanticate; however, the term FSP referred to functional service provider.


  • One industry article published in the past six months mentions both terms, with no mentions of specific companies.
  • In addition, an industry report was published in the past six months using both these terms, although FSP referred to functional service providers instead of full service providers.
  • Said report cites "ICON PLC, Dassault Systemes SE, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, IQVIA Holdings, Inc., and Charles River Laboratories International, Inc" as the key players in the market. It also mentions PPD as an innovator in the market.
  • One news article regarding the company Synteract, a CRO provider, used both these terms.
  • These terms were mentioned six times on Twitter and 25 times on LinkedIn, with numerous of these mentions in the latter platform being related to Covance.

Research Strategy

We used different combinations of full service provider (FSP) and contract research organization (CRO) as our terms to identify industry reports, news articles, and any type of media coverage, including social media. No results were found using the combination "full service provider" and "CRO"; however, there were articles and industry reports for all other search term combinations. While there was one report published in the last three months (using March 22 as the cut-off point), the majority of news articles and reports were published within the last six months (using December 22 as the cut-off point). We excluded results in which articles were published by CRO on their websites, an exception that was not made for social media platforms. Publications regarding job offers in the area were also excluded.