FSP Mentions

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FSP Mentions (B)

Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Functional Service Provider (FSP) have been mentioned together in the media 8 times during the last 3 months. Details of where they appeared have been provided below.


  • This is a magazine entry in the magazine named Contract Pharma. The company mentioned in the article was PHASTAR.
  • This is another entry from the same magazine where CRO and FSP (or their abbreviations) were found in the same article. The company mentioned in this article is IDDI.
  • An industry report announcement features both terms with several companies listed. Since this is an industry research report, it provides details of many companies, including IQVIA Holdings, Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (Covance, Inc.), Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc., Parexel International Corporation (Pamplona Capital Management), Charles River Laboratories International, Inc., ICON PLC, Dassault Systemes SE (Medidata Solutions, Inc.), Syneos Health, Inc., Pharmaron Beijing Co., Ltd., and GVK Biosciences Private Limited.
  • Another research report announcement features both terms with the following companies: Quintiles, Covance, Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD), Parexel, Charles River Laboratories (CRL), ICON, Plc, and Medidata Solutions.
  • Another research report announcement mentions both keywords with companies including Charles River Laboratories, Frontage Laboratories, Inc., Icon Plc, Syneos Health, Inc. (Inc Research/Inventive Health), LabCorp/Covance, Parexel, Pharmaceutical Product Development, PRA Health Services, Quintiles, and WuXiAppTec.
  • Another research report from Grandview Research mentions the following companies with the two terms: Quintiles, Covance, Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD), Parexel, Charles River Laboratories (CRL), ICON, Plc, and Medidata Solutions
  • This article mentions DSG and EmpiriStat in an article that discusses virtual trial technologies relating to COVID-19. This article also mentions the two keywords.
  • This is a forum, which mentions the two terms together. No specific company was mentioned in this article.

PPD Mentions Found During Research

Apart from the PPD website, some instances where PPD was mentioned in a relevant context have been provided below. However, these instances do not fulfill the criteria and have not been counted.
  • In an Oracle Blog article titled "Disrupting Clinical Operations with CRO Strategic Partnerships", PPD Business Innovation Director David Blackman was quoted about the independent operation of CROs and biopharma companies.
  • Although this article mentions PPD with the two words, it is marked as a "Paid Message".

Companies Mentioned

  • Companies that have been mentioned repeatedly in research reports include Covance, PPD, Parexel, Charles River, Icon, Medidata, Syneos, and Quintiles. Some others were found only once in industry research reports.
  • Apart from industry research reports, no company has been mentioned more than once. Other companies (those not mentioned in research reports) include PHASTAR, IDDI, DSG, and EmpiriStat.

Research Strategy

We conducted research to find mentions of Functional Service Provider (or FSP) in conjunction with Contract Research Organization (CRO). We found 8 instances of these two terms appearing together in the media during the last 3 months. We have considered any combination of the four terms, i.e. "CRO", "FSP", "Contract Research Organization", and "Functional Service Provider", as valid and counted it as one instance. We have defined the last 3 months as the last 90 days, hence including dates ranging from March 24th to June 24th in the research timeframe. Since we found a substantial number of mentions, we did not expand the timeframe to 6 months. We have not included results for "Full Service Provider" in the count.