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Fresh Dragon Fruit Exporters In Nicaragua

We were unable to find any exporters of fresh dragon fruit in Nicaragua that export the fruit to the US other than Burke Agro, Sol Organica, and Transimport. Since it was requested that we not use the first two companies mentioned they were not included. As far as Transimport, we found that they do export fresh dragon fruit, but were unable to find a website or any other public information about the company.


  • According to the US Embassy, "The United States and Nicaragua have laid the foundation for this bridge, and that foundation is nothing but the (Central America Free Trade Agreement) CAFTA."
  • Frieda’s Specialty Produce says that Nicaraguan dragon fruit is "available from June through November." They also explain that "Nicaraguan red dragon fruit has a rounder shape—like a pink softball—with a deep magenta flesh and better flavor than the mild Vietnamese variety."
  • July is a peak season for Nicaraguan dragon fruit, considering the high volume of requests. They can be purchased on the Frieda’s Specialty Produce website.
  • Transimport SA ships fresh red dragon fruit from Managua, Nicaragua but they have no website.

Research Strategy:

We began by doing a direct search for Nicaraguan dragon fruit exporters. We focused specifically on websites that publish information on the Central American fruit and produce space. Through this search, we located Sol Organica and Burke Agro. However, these suppliers were requested to be left out of this brief. Since we were unable to find any other dragon fruit exporters, we moved to our next strategy.

Next, we decided to search for the competitors of Sol Organica and Burke Agro since both companies are Nicaraguan dragon fruit exporters. To do this, we searched financial databases, investor databases, and sites that focus specifically on Nicaragua's produce. Most of the information we found was not related to Sol Organica because there is another company based in the US that is named Sol Organics. Searching Burke Agro provided agricultural information, but nothing related to exporting dragon fruit from Nicaragua. Since this strategy did not produce anything, we moved on to another strategy.

As another strategy, we decided to review some governmental agricultural websites in both the US and Central America hoping to find any trade agreements or other listings of exporters. We reviewed the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the US Embassy, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Some information we found was related to a soil partnership between Central America and the Caribbean. We also found plenty of data on various fruits that are exported, like citrus and dried fruits, but nothing referenced dragon fruit being exported from Nicaragua.

As a last resort, we looked for any Nicaraguan business directories that may have listings of fresh fruit exporters. We could look through the lists and found which exporters shipped fresh dragon fruit to the US. Of all the sites we searched, the Paginas Amarilla was only pulling restaurants and stores names, rather than providing information on fresh fruit exporters. Most of these publicly available sites are consumer-facing, so they focus on stores and companies that directly interact with consumers, rather than exporters.

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