Fractional Supply Chain Management Players

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Fractional Supply Chain Management Players

Four fractional supply chain management players based in the U.S. are Zebulon Solutions, Logility, JDA, and Infor. For purpose of this research, fractional supply chain management refers to supply chain management (SCM) services that offer small to mid-size companies the chance to share a dedicated supply chain manager and that also help with areas such as procurement, production planning, logistics, fulfillment execution, strategic sourcing etc.

Zebulon Solutions is the only company that offered upfront pricing information. The rest of the other companies require businesses to contact them for a personalized quote. We also researched reviews that show how customers feel about the value of the fractional company services to get some sense of whether they are satisfied with the pricing.


The mission of Zebulon Solutions is to transform R&D projects into products that ready to be manufactured. The company’s specialization is productization, management, and technical services. Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, the company’s supply chain is local and global, with locations set up in Mexico, China, Singapore, and Poland. Zebulon specializes in serving companies of all sizes, particularly in the medical and clean-tech industries.

Services offered include: • Product Design • Product Redesign • Testing, • Supply Chain assessment • Industrialization • Management

Pricing Structure The process of working with Zebulon Solutions starts with an independent assessment. The company has several offers, and three levels of independent assessments available at three different price points. • $1,600 — Mini Review for simple products with 8 hours of analysis • $3,000 — Regular Review for moderately complex products with 16 hours of analysis • $5,000 — Detailed review for complex products with up to 30 hours of analysis Other more detailed services are produced on a customized basis and require a quote.

LOGILITY Logility provides advanced retail planning and collaborative supply chain management solutions. The company serves over 1,250 customers and has won several prestigious awards, such being recognized in the Inbound Logistics Top 100. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA the company offers small to mid-sized businesses cloud-based solutions, helpful industry alliances, 24-hour support, and training. Logilty’s goal is to help businesses grow revenue through “planning optimized” in various industries such as apparel, life sciences, consumer goods, and wholesale distribution. Services Offered: Logility offers two types of services made to coincide with its planning software. • Logility Voyager Solutions is focused on providing optimized inventory management and planning in the areas of sales, operations, manufacturing, retail merchandising, transportation, and business integration. • Logility Integration Services helps small to mid-sized businesses integrate unconnected business systems to leverage data, discover best practices, and set strategic action to run enterprise level business operations.
Pricing Structure
Detailed pricing information for Logility is not available publicly. Prospective clients must contact Logility directly for a quote.

JDA offers end-to-end supply chain services to help businesses smoothly connect operations to profit from optimizing customer experiences. The firm has over 4,000 customers worldwide across the industries of Manufacturing, Retail & Services, Distribution & Logistics, and Hospitality, Travel, and Entertainment. Their integrated planning and execution solutions reduce costs and increase revenue. JDA is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and has offices in major cities in the United States, Asia Pacific, Canada, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Services Offered

JDA offers an entire host of services including: • Cloud Services • Custom Solution Development • Customer Support • EDI Services • Education & Training • Implementation & Upgrades • Performance Services, and • Strategy & Optimization • Warehouse Management • Inventory Management • Transportation Management • Order Processing • Supply Chain Analytics • Supply Chain Planning
Pricing Structure Just like Logility, JDA does not offer their pricing structure publicly. This information is only available upon request once a business contacts the company for a quote. Although the pricing for JDA is not available, it does appear that customers are satisfied with the prices they pay for JDA's services. In the category of Value for Money, JDA recieved rating of 4.57 out of a possible 5.
Infor supports over 90,000 organizations globally. This SCM company has 168 direct offices, over 15,000 employees, 1,750 partners, and 1,200 support experts. Infor designs and deploys industry specialized cloud applications to empower deep analytics, a worldwide supply chain, and artificial intelligence enabled user experiences. Infor's headquarters are located in New York, NY. Counting the U.S., there are locations in 43 countries. The 16 most common industries that the company works with are Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Chemicals, Distribution, Equipment Dealers, Rental & Service, Fashion, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, High Tech & Electronics, Hospitality, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Industrial Manufacturing, Professional Services, Public Sector, and Retail.

Services offered include: • Advisory Services • Deployment Services for best practice implementations • Education Services • Managed Services for total end-to-end management or partial management • Support Services for resolving of day-to-day incident, decision-making support, and process monitoring

Pricing structure Infor serves small to medium-sized businesses; however, their pricing details are not available to public. The company suggests contact through its website. It is important to note that customers do not appear as satisfied with the pricing they receive from Infor. On a popular review site, the company’s Value for Money rating is only 2.5 out of 5 stars.


Zebulon Solutions, Logility, JDA, and Infor are fractional supply chain management (SCM) companies that offer small to mid-size businesses the chance to improve various areas of their business such as logistics, fulfillment and planning. Each of these companies offers a different menu of services designed increase revenue and reduce costs.

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