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Foodtech Map

After in-depth research, we have provided a total of six names of research firms and data platforms that specialize in providing insights into the food-tech sector. Out of these six names, four are research firms in the food technology area, and they include SIS International, Rosenheim Advisors, Food +Tech Connect, and Innovation Advisors. The remaining two are data platforms which include the Institute of Food Technologists, and Better Food Ventures.


SIS International has a revenue of $18 million; it also has above 35 years of experience in rendering strategy consulting and market research to food technology companies. The company said it has developed “core competency in digital innovation and helping companies to understand the human element in technology adoption.” SIS International specializes in three areas as explained below.

This field of expertise comprises consulting and research in farming, production/processing, packaging of foods, the activity of warehousing, delivery, distribution, safety testing, the guarantee of food quality, and tracking of sales to the consumer.

This technology includes how consumers interact with food, including restaurants, retailers and food delivery services.

This includes online ordering from restaurants and food delivery services such as GrubHub, Uber, and Doordash.


Rosenheim Advisors is a privately owned financial and strategic consulting company that is centered on the food-related tech and media sectors, delivering targeted research and advice to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and institutions. The strategic and financial advisory services offered are corporate development strategies which include mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, valuation analysis, and competitive assessments. Rosenheim Advisors' market research and business intelligence support comprise wide-ranging sector research and analysis, trends assessment, corporate, and investment due diligence.


Food +Tech Connect has a revenue of $1.8 million and a somewhat different business model than a plethora of research firms. Instead of researching from a distance, they involve themselves in the food tech industry. Through their website, consulting, and newsletters they ensure people are familiar with top food tech, innovation, and investment trends. They sponsor events in which investors, entrepreneurs, executives, technologists, designers, farmers, chefs, journalists, and advocates collaborate/network and share best the practices to explore and help to form the future of the industry.


Innovation Advisors has revenue of $24.7 million and works with top executives in the food industry/company. These include food suppliers, food processors, packaging companies, and ingredient suppliers. They offer consulting services in revenue growth, product lines, emerging technologies, and solving unique technical challenges. They also support research and provide insights about emerging technologies and trends and can help identify new opportunities in the value chain.


IFT has a revenue of $20 million; it is an association composed of scientific scholars, visionaries, innovators, and committed to the advancement of the science of food and food technology. [8]
IFT publishes newsletters weekly, and the ''Food Technology Magazine'' monthly. These publications provide information on critical issues and advances in food science and technology.
There are 3,708 members in 62 Chapters in the United States. Internationally, there are 16,833 members in 97 countries, and 95% of their members promote IFT to their colleagues. 96% of members renew their membership. There are 442 peer-reviewed articles and 6,105 webcast views.


Better Food Ventures is a privately owned venture capital company which is composed of experienced, international specialists in the food technology industry that concentrates specifically on investing in companies that can advance the performance of the food and agriculture industries through the implementation of ''information and communications technology.'' They have currently invested in 12 companies, the latest is in September 2018.