Food and Cement Bag Manufacturers

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Food and Cement Bag Manufacturers

Twenty-two additional food paper bag and/or cement bag manufacturers include AB Group Packaging, Fiorini Packaging, Sun Coast Packaging, Ekerler Ambalaj, Novolex, Shuaiba Industrial Company, Firn Overseas Packaging Limited, Ross & Wallace Paper Products, Inc., Royal Sunrise International, El Dorado Packaging, Industrias Bolcar, Iguaçu Celulose, Tasdeer Holding, Thal Limited, Işıklar Ambalaj, Gravitas Packaging, NNZ Ltd, Akma Packaging Industries, SongDa Packaging, Wrona Opakowania, DoECO, and Gerdes Verpackungen GmbH. Information on these manufacturers including their website, locations, address, and contact details, has been provided in rows 13-34 of the attached spreadsheet. A brief overview of the findings can be found below.

AB Group Packaging

Fiorini Packaging

Sun Coast Packaging

Ekerler Ambalaj


Shuaiba Industrial Company

Firn Overseas Packaging Limited

Ross & Wallace Paper Products, Inc.

  • Based in Hammond, Louisiana, Ross & Wallace Paper Products, Inc. offers a variety of food paper bags including SOS (self-opening square) grocery bags, SOS grocery sacks, and merchandise bags.
  • Phyllis Love is the general manager of Ross & Wallace Paper Products, Inc. She can be reached at

Royal Sunrise International

El Dorado Packaging

Industrias Bolcar

  • Industrias Bolcar offers both food paper bags and cement bags in addition to paper bags for other sectors.
  • With its annual production capacity of 120 million bags, the company is among the top five paper bag manufacturers in Spain.


Tasdeer Holding

Thal Limited

Işıklar Ambalaj

  • Işıklar Ambalaj is based in Turkey. It offers cement bags and food paper bags along with packaging solutions for several other sectors.
  • Sema Koman is the sales and marketing director at Işıklar Ambalaj.

Gravitas Packaging


Akma Packaging Industries

SongDa Packaging

Wrona Opakowania

  • Poland-based Wrona Opakowania specializes in the manufacturing of packaging and paper bags for the food industry.
  • The company serves fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, pastry shops, and charcuterie shops in Poland and other European countries.


Gerdes Verpackungen GmbH

  • Gerdes Verpackungen GmbH offers paper bags and other packaging solutions for the food industry.
  • The company is based in Germany.