Food & Beverage Gap Analysis

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F&B Feasibility

Potential gaps in the food and beverage market surrounding Aotea Square in Auckland, which can be linked to strategic goals in the city's Master plan, include Māori cuisine and family friendly restaurants. There is no local seafood restaurant in the area. Ethnically both Indian and Mediterranean cuisine are missing.

Auckland Demographics

  • Auckland's current population is estimated at 1,415,550.
  • There are approximately 142,770 Māori in the area.
  • In the City of Auckland, 28.2% identify as Asian, 53.5% identify as European, 11.5% as Maori, 15.5% as Pacific People and the rest as other or multiple ethnicities.
  • In Auckland, 68% of the people are between 15 and 64.

Auckland Strategic Vision

  • The Aotea Square is in the City Centre of Auckland New Zealand. The City Centre is in the middle of a transition as part of a City Centre Master Plan.
  • The goal is to refresh the vision from the 2012 report and work toward a city centre that is more family-friendly, more pedestrian-friendly and more environmentally-friendly.
  • Two of the strategic goals of the plan are to highlight Māori culture and to create an inclusive, engaging and child-friendly City Centre.

Aotea Current Food and Beverage Market

  • Aotea Square currently has 50 dining establishments.
  • The breakdown by type is one Asian Fusion, one bakery, one burger shop, eight cafes, five casual dining, one Chinese restaurant, five dessert shops, two places to go for drinks, two fining dining establishments, two Hot Pots, seven Japanese, four Korean, one Malaysian, one salad place, four snacks, one steakhouse, three tea shops, one Thai restaurant and one Vietnamese restaurant.
  • A full list with names, categories and addresses is available here.



  • One of the relevant strategic goals is to highlight Māori culture, yet there are no Māori food or beverage establishments in the Aotea Square area.
  • Traditional Māori fare includes kumara (red, gold or orange sweet potatoes), seafood including whitebait, kuku or mussels, kina or sea eggs, tipa or scallops, koura or freshwater crayfish, paua or abalone and tio or oysters.
  • Other foods include korengo, a type of seaweed, horopito, a kind of pepper and kānga kōpiro (fermented corn).

Family Friendly



  • The most apparent Asian ethnic cuisine missing from the list is Indian.
  • A check of Aukland demographics revealed the ethnicity is only broken down as Asian or Pacific people, so there is no way of knowing from the publicly available information the number of Indians in the area.

Mediterranean — Italian/Pizza/Greek/Middle Eastern

  • Although shows 94 places in Auckland that serve pizza, there is no restaurant in the Aotea area that advertises pizza or pasta.
  • There is also no middle eastern food like shwarmas, falafels, hummus, tabouleh and others.
  • No restaurants advertising Greek food were found in the list.

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