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Florida Georgia Line Whiskey Quotes

When discussing whiskey in general or their own whiskey brand, Old Camp, Florida Georgia Line quotes mostly revolve around their love for whiskey, why they decided to create their own whiskey brand, and how the process works. During our research, we were able to provide 10 quotes from the group regarding either whiskey in general or their whiskey brand, Old Camp Whiskey. Below is an overview of our findings.

General Whiskey

  • In an interview with Maxim, Tyler Hubbard was asked why the group decided to make their own whiskey. His response was, "Man, it was just kind of a natural progression for BK and me. We’ve been drinking whiskey for a while now, and it was just kind of an organic thing that happened."
  • In an interview with High McIntyre from Forbes, the group was quoted as saying, "We have kind of always been lovers of whiskey since the beginning of F.G.L., and the beginning of our friendship."
  • In an interview conducted by Billboard, the two members of Florida Georgia Line were asked about the first type of whiskey they ever tried, Brian Kelley responded with, "I'd probably say Jack Daniels was the first kind." Tyler Hubbard agreed.

Old Camp Whiskey

  • In the same interview with Maxim mentioned above, the group was asked about why they decided to get into the liquor business, Tyler responded, "We first developed our own flavor that we could have on the road, and then one thing lead to the next and we decided to go big with it. We like to have our hands in different baskets and do different things to keep it interesting and stay creative."
  • The interview with Maxim then went on to ask the group about what they like best about their brand, Brian Kelley responded with, "I think the flavor, man. I think it’s very unique, and not to mention you get a flavor of Florida and Georgia, which is a little taste of home in every sip for Tyler and me. You get to know us better through our whiskey."
  • Kelley also stated, in response to the above question, "I think the flavor that we went with, the peach pecan, I think it offers a lot to whiskey fans. And even if you don’t like whiskey, we’ve found that people are loving it. Not everyone likes a strong whiskey, but even for people who are into whiskey… the pecan flavor isn’t overdone."
  • When asked by CBS how their brand represents them, the group responded with, "We always want our creations to be organic. We knew we wanted to create a whiskey. It has always been a post/pre-show ritual for FGL since the early days so we already felt like mini connoisseurs. So we just kind of enjoyed it and wanted to give our fans a little taste of who we are. Old Camp is something we have always called our team when we're out on the road. Our crew is old camp and so we wanted it to live on for a long time even after we're gone."
  • In the same interview on Forbes mentioned above, the group went on to say "We just felt like a whiskey line was a really natural fit. Something that would come easy for us. We enjoyed developing the flavor, the branding, the bottle, and all that stuff, and getting really involved with it. It's just another outlet for us to create something, outside of the music industry."
  • In the Billboard interview mentioned above, the group was asked about their flavor choices, Brian Kelley responded with, "I grew up with pecan trees and peaches in my backyard as a child and Tyler was in the same boat there. It hit close to home, and literally it was our favorite flavor when we were doing all the tasting last year. This was the one that really went down nice and felt like this is not just a whiskey drinker's flavor. It tastes like a dessert. It's nice to mix it up a little bit, even for the whiskey lover. The flavors give it a different kick and something that everyone can get down with."
  • In the same Billboard interview, Florida Georgia Line was asked if they were open to expanding to more flavors, Kelley's response was, "It's hard to say right now. As it continues to grow and build, in the nature of Tyler and myself, we'll probably continue to expand. Right now we're going to focus on the brand, getting it out to the fans, seeing what they think about it. We'll hear the responses and make more decisions and see where it goes from there."