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Biography - Bryan Russiano

Bryan Russiano was born in 1969, is currently married and has 4 kids. His ethnicity is unknown, his political affiliation are currently registered as Unaffiliated/Non Affiliated; and religious views are also unknown. He was a part of the Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee activities and societies during his college years and is currently seen enjoying snowboarding, fishing and hiking with his family. He is also known to maintain his relationships with many people, including his family, friends, associates, and neighbors.

Professional Life:

Career Track:

  • Bryan Russiano has a total career experience of 31 years and 7 months and is currently serving as the VP, Digital Marketing and Media Strategy for Florida Blue since August 2019 in Florida.
  • Before this, he was the managing director, consulting at Evoke for 6 years 5 months from December 2012 to April 2019 in Greater New York City Area.
  • He has also served as EVP, Strategy & Planning at GS&F for 2 years from November 2010 to October 2012 and executive director, Consumer Communications & eMarketing at Pfizer for 2 years and 5 months from December 2007 to April 2010.
  • Prior to the above, Russiano was also in a leadership role at Publicis Groupe for 7 years 11 months from February 2000 to December 2007, and served as EVP, executive director at Publicis for 2 years 11 months from January 2005 to November 2007.
  • Bryan Russiano also worked for 4 years 5 months as an SVP, managing director at Novo/Semaphore Partners from February 2000 to June 2004 after serving as an assistant planning director at Ammirati Puris Lintas for 2 years 6 months August 1997 to January 2000.
  • He started his career as a media supervisor at FCB/Tierney and worked there for 2 years 3 months from June 1995 to August 1997.

Important Initiatives:

  • Russiano is also seen advocating innovation at a senior level and strongly believes that if innovation is not valued at a senior level, even the juniors don’t value it.
  • He also goes on to explain how every innovation effort can help impact an organization in the long run.
  • He was also seen talking about innovation as a focus in an interview excerpt in 2003.
  • Bryan Russiano published an article with Pat Thistlethwaite, MD North America, Across Health on “Nutraceuticals: Big Pharma or Big Food’s next Big Growth area?” in 2013.
  • The Nutraceuticals article focuses on how in the next few years the dynamic nutraceuticals space will evolve and will be interesting space for companies to be involved.

Opinion On Past Advertising Campaigns:

  • Bryan Russiano explains how the traditional ways of marketing and advertising are becoming obsolete and now organizations are in a state of constant transformation with markets moving, customer dynamics becoming increasingly complex, and media opportunities changing quickly.
  • He highlighted that marketers are now choosing to abstain from the "traditional yearly brand planning cycle for trendy 1-page Objective-Goal-Strategy-Metric (OGSM) marketing overviews that look exclusively at the big picture."
  • He also mentions that a “detailed road map should not only guide brands to move beyond steady state, but it should also take in-market impact into consideration and build in the appropriate bandwidth for peaks and pivots.”
  • Russiano mentions that, "Whereas in traditional media, 75% of the work is planning/buying and 25% is analyses, in online media, it is the reverse. Most of the work with online media is post-planning/buying.

Quotes In Publications:

  • Bryan Russiano is recorded as saying, "I’m advocating for the revival of a new kind of detailed marketing plan—one that not only contains everything needed to execute against brand objectives and strategies, but that also plans for constant evaluation and agile adjustments to in-market forces and learnings.
  • Russiano commented on Transformation of Healthcare through Social Connectivity in an interview in 2013, "there is a lot of desire and interest to do something in social but the people aren’t quite sure where to begin.
  • Bryan Russiano mentions that, "Our focus is innovation," and "We innovate, not just to say we are doing the latest, sexiest thing, but to allow our clients to stand out and deliver on its business objectives."

Personal Life:

Family Background:

  • Bryan Russiano is natively from Nashville, Tennessee and completed his BA in Communications from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.
  • He has a home at Great Circle Road, Nashville, Tennessee, United States, 37228.
  • Russiano has 4 kids and frequently posts pictures of them and his family on his Instagram page.
  • Russiano is seen as friendly, a sharp dresser and someone who is a forever friend, and who sees the value in making work fun.
  • Bryan Russiano is 50 years old and was born on 10/07/1969 and has lived in Brentwood TN, Norwalk CT and Malvern PA previously.
  • He is currently married and maintains relationships with many people, including his family, friends, associates, and neighbors like Ann Russiano, Melissa Russiano, Patricia Russiano, Barbara Hill and Sandra Hood.
  • Russiano’s ethnicity is unknown, his political affiliation are currently registered as Unaffiliated/Non Affiliated; and religious views are also listed as unknown.


Things He Is Passionate About:

  • Bryan Russiano is also a food and nature enthusiast and posts pictures quite often on his Instagram page.
  • He follows rag & bone, Tim Timebomb, 4AD, Rocketdog Creative Studio, Stereolab, Music Vids To Enhance Life, Loma Vista Recordings, Parks Project, The New Yorker Cartoons, Carmina Shoemaker, Overheard New York, MoMA The Museum of Modern Art among others on Instagram.

Topics To Steer Clear Of/Red Flag:

  • After analyzing his social media profile testimonials, likes, comments and what he follows no such topic was assessed or found.

Additional Insights:

  • His full profile can be unlocked or can be found behind a paid wall here.

Research Strategy:

To provide both a professional and personal biography of Bryan Russiano, the VP, Digital Marketing and Media Strategy for Florida Blue we examined his LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter profiles along with the corporate webpage, and industry publications.

We have also used sources older than 24 months to provide a comprehensive biography and also since no new sources highlighted that specific information. We also used a 2003 source as he talks about innovation in it which he again talked about in a 2016 source. This was to highlight that his innovation philosophy has not changed and it is still very important to him.

The research team also analyzed his Instagram photos and conclusions were drawn based on the images he posts, his comments and accounts he follows.
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Biography - Shannon Romano

After an exhaustive search through several credible sources, it appears that sufficient personal and professional information on Shannon Romano is not available in the public domain.

Helpful Findings

  • Florida Blue operates as "an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, serving residents and businesses in the state of Florida."
  • Patrick “Pat” Geraghty serves as the CEO and president of Florida Blue, as well as the GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation and GuideWell Group, Inc.
  • Nichole Creadon, based in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida, acts as the senior director of Medicare marketing strategy for Floriday Blue (since January 2014).
  • She once served as the director of marketing and outreach for Universal Health Care Group, Inc. (October 2009 to February 2013) and the Florida community outreach manager for WellCare (July 2004 to October 2009) before working for Florida Blue in 2013 as a marketing professional.
  • Creadon was the ambassador of the American professional football team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2004 to 2006). She was also an independent personal trainer/group fitness instructor (January 2003 to August 2005), and an event associate for Soirees in Style (August 2004 to May 2005).
  • Creadon studied at the University of South Florida School of Public Health, where she earned her MBA in health care management.
  • According to Florida Blue's director of new product development, Kim Kelly, "Nichole is a highly motivated and qualified professional with experience in all aspects of Marketing and Community Outreach. I feel strongly that Nichole will make an outstanding contribution to any organization of which she is a part."

Research Strategy:

Due to the lack of existing information, we did not find professional and personal details for Shannon Romano. We employed the research strategies outlined below to find the requested details.

Our research began by exploring the Florida Blue company website as it is the most credible source of information. We searched its newsroom and press release sections for a list of its employees and any articles mentioning Shannon Romano. However, we did not find any relevant information concerning this individual on the employee page, press releases, or news articles. We only found information about Florida Blue's president and CEO Patrick “Pat” Geraghty, the Board of Directors member list, and an overview of the company.

Next, we tried searching for Shannon Romano or any employees closest to the requested position/title (Senior Director of Medicare Marketing) using Florida Blue's list of employees on its LinkedIn page. However, we did not find any relevant information about Shannon Romano through this research strategy. We only found Nichole Creadon (senior director of Medicare marketing strategy) for Florida Blue as the nearest to the requested position/title by the client.

Afterward, we decided to get creative by using Florida Blue's social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We aimed to find links to their executives' social media channels by checking the comments on their posts to see if Shannon Romano was among them. However, we did not find any links to Shannon Romano. We only found other Florida Blue executives from the list of related users on the company's Twitter page.

Due to the lack of pre-compiled information, we concluded that there is no publicly available information about Shannon Romano. A probable reason is that there is not employee operating under that name and title for Florida Blue, or there is no publicly accessible information about her. We decided to provide information on Nichole Creadon, Florida Blue's current senior director of Medicare marketing strategy. According to our findings, Nichole Creadon began working for Florida Blue in 2013 as a marketing professional before becoming the senior director of Medicare marketing strategy in January 2014. We also added her previous employment, education, and feedback from her colleagues.
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Biography - Regina Mylan

Regina Mylan is 44 years old and was born on March 19, 1975. She previously lived in Harrison, New York, and Jersey City, New Jersey. More details about her professional and personal life are provided below.

Professional Life

Career Track

  • From June 2005 through February 2006, Mylan worked as a strategy manager at Galileo International where she supported business development with strategic and financial analysis as well as oversaw project implementation.
  • From February 2006 through August 2006, Mylan worked as a business analysis manager in Global Operations GTA at Cendant, where she managed and delivered initiatives focusing on revenue generation and cost-saving opportunities stemming from company acquisition.
  • Followed by that, she worked as a revenue manager GTA at Travelport from August 2006 to December 2006 where she created a structure for an enterprise-wide approach to yield management based on booking and pricing cycles of all sales channels and finding key metrics affecting the success of each channel. She re-joined as a senior director for revenue management where she was responsible for transforming pricing structure and operations to enable effective enterprise-wide revenue management. Mylan held the position from November 2007 to September 2009.
  • She served as a revenue management director at OctopusTravel.com from January 2007 through October 2007 where she led revenue management function for the online travel agency with a focus on B2B and direct sales. She was responsible for global pricing and competitive strategy.
  • From January 2010 to November 2011, Mylan served as Vice President Strategic Initiatives at PR Newswire where she was responsible for supporting the CFO and executive team with strategy planning, business analysis and analytics, valuations, M&A screening, and overall project management across all corporate functions.

Initiatives She Finds Important

  • Mylan backed the former company, Avis, on being ranked the #1 car rental company in the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, where the company received the highest marks in the car rental category by ranking first across all four behavioral engagement drivers, including empathetic customer service; comprehensible pricing, discounts and options; digital convenience, expertise and reputation; and offering a wide range of connected, reliable and empowering features and vehicles and stated, "We’re proud of our efforts and to once again be the top provider in our category."

Opinion on Past Advertising Campaigns

  • She supported the Avis marketing/promotion plan where they chose to reward returning customers for their continued business and loyalty.

Quotes in Publications

  • While Mylan was vice president, customer engagement and loyalty at Avis she quoted, "Avis is one of the world’s top brands for customer loyalty and this promotion is another way that we reward customers for their continued business and loyalty. Drive Free is open to all Avis Preferred members whether they are traveling for business or leisure."
  • "We are committed to developing and extending an unrivaled customer experience—today and every day—through investments in technology, usability, and high-touch service."

Personal Life

Family Background

  • Mylan is 44 years old and was born on March 19, 1975. She has previously lived in Harrison, New York, and Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • She is married and has many family members and associates who include Kairi Bailey, Kim Bailey, Shawkat Ahmed, Candace Stuart, and Nellie Bailey.


  • Based on postings and topics followed on Pinterest, Mylan seems to enjoy interior designing as she is following a lot of Pinterest profiles about furniture and home decor.


  • She is interested in tax issues and is an environmentalist and second amendment supporter.

Red Flag

  • Regina Mylan is seen as extremely smart, highly-skilled, ambitious and confident yet unpretentious and admired by many.
  • After analyzing her social media profile testimonials, likes, comments and what she follows, no such topic was assessed or found that indicated a red flag.

Research Strategy:

To provide professional and personal biographies for Regina Mylan at Florida Blue, we thoroughly looked for evidence of social media accounts and, when present, thoroughly scoured their feeds and activities for insights (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter profiles along with the corporate web page and industry publications linked to Mylan). We found very limited information available on public platforms since she is not social-media active, as can be gleaned from the absence of Facebook and Instagram accounts and the lack of activity on her Twitter account (it only has one tweet that was posted in 2013). We also found that she does not have a solid presence on her current or previous companies' executive portfolios. Mylan represented her previous organization, Avis, in media only on two instances and both were used to analyze the initiatives she finds important, opinion on past advertising campaigns and her quotes on both occasions. We analyzed her Pinterest photos and conclusions were drawn based on the images she posts as well as her likes and comments, and the accounts she follows. Brief information about her was also found on MyLife.com which shed some but still very limited light on her personal life.
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Biography - Alayna Oram

There were no publications, press releases, or interviews that showcased Alayna Oram's opinion on past advertising campaigns. Information on her personal life was unavailable in the public space and efforts to find additional data were unsuccessful. However, Alayna Oram has a wealth of experience from nearly twenty years in the marketing field and has built a healthy career. One such success story is her current position with Omni Hotels & Resort, where she fills the role of Corporate Director of Marketing. She is perceived to be a very candid person and can be quite outspoken but is not given to bad reviews.

Professional Life

Career Track


Personal Life

Things She Is Passionate About

Topics To Steer Clear Of/Red Flag

Research Strategy

We began with Alayna Oram's personal social media channels including her LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to get a glimpse of her professional and personal life to establish her interests, opinions on past ad campaigns, initiatives, quotes she has made, and personal life including her family background. While her career track record regarding was readily available on LinkedIn, information on her personal life and opinions on previous advertising campaigns, and quotes appear to be unattainable, both on her social media channels and the few publications where she was mentioned.

As a first approach to establish what her opinions are we searched her social media channels for any comment she may have made during an advertising campaign. We conducted searches via her LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter handle but was unable to get any information, since her Twitter page practically has no tweet at all since it was opened in 2009. Her Facebook page, on the other hand, had nothing to showcase any advertising campaign flaunted on her Facebook timeline. LinkedIn was the only social media channel that offered some modicum of information on her professional career but offered no insights on past advertising campaigns. Not to mention any opinions she may have made regarding such campaigns. Secondly, we then tried another approach by searching for press releases via Omni Hotels where she currently works. There was no information contained in the press releases we perused. As a final note on her opinions, we looked at the reviews on TripAdvisor to gain some insights on possible opinions she may have uttered while addressing a disgruntled client, but the information wasn't available. We also looked at a most recent publication where she was mentioned as some of today's powerful women, to get some opinions on any past advertising campaign, but this also provided no solution in assisting us with the client's request.

To ascertain what her family background is, we also reached out to her Facebook page but this offered nothing to assist us since her "about" page on the social media platform was nearly empty. We then explored other relevant sources like MyLife, a personal profiling website that we hoped would assist us to shed some light on her family background. This also nearly proved abortive but for the few names, we obtained from the site that had ages ranging in the 70s, which may suggest that the two individuals mentioned (John & Joyce Oram) could be Alayna's parents. Hence, we searched further to see if we could find some personal interest of hers, looking through other bio details available, but could not find any interests highlighted. As a third approach, we consulted her profile on ZoomInfo for some personal biographical data. The information there was inadequate. We also searched the True People Search website, but again, this provided no tangible insight into her family background or personal interests. A few names were mentioned, but no information on her husband and children emerged.

On getting information on quotes she has mentioned, we first assessed the Florida Blue official website, which indicated that she was not on the list of board of directors as indicated in the request. To access some interviews that may help highlight some of her quotes, we approached a website via AdChat. Upon scanning through, we found that Alayna Oram was mentioned but only as one of many successful women advertisers, with no discussion or interviews had. At this point, we had to conclude that Alayna Oram does not have any publicly available data on her personal life, nor are there interviews she may have participated in.
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Biography - John Kerr

John O. Kerr is an evangelist and creative person in the field of Marketing and has served multiple organizations before Florida Blue. He is married to Waruinu Y Kagombe and stays in Jacksonville, Florida.

Professional Career Track

  • Towards the beginning of a career, John Kerr had been part of The Boardwalk Group where he served last as the Vice President of Marketing & Branding during the tenure of Feb 1998 – May 2003.
  • Kerr was also the AVP Marketing at J.P. Morgan Chase from Jun 2003 – Aug 2004.
  • He launched his own business by the name of Ellis One, Inc. where he served as the President & Creative Director at Ellis One, Inc. from Aug 2004 – Jan 2011. His wife Waruinu Y Kagombe also served in the company.
  • Starting Jan 2011 till Apr 2014, he served as the Director of Marketing at Florida State College, Jacksonville.
  • Kerr had a short stint at The HCI Group from May 2014 – Sep 2015 where he served as the Director of Marketing and Communications following which he joined Florida Blue as the Senior Brand Manager.

Important Initiatives

  • John Kerr has a keen interest in Digital Marketing and Communications wherein he has put great efforts in reduction of cost in healthcare by offering cost-effective solutions for healthcare systems to plan, implement and sustain health information technologies.
  • He was also interested in leading planning as well as the implementation of brand level/program development communications and promotional strategy that spans across new media, social media, television, print, radio, outdoor, interactive, and non-traditional approaches in a multi-brand environment.

Educational Qualifications

  • John Kerr accomplished the AA Graphics Design certificate from Miami Dade College in 1990.
  • This was followed by a BFA in Graphic Design (from 1991 to 1994) from the University of North Florida.

Some Past projects and Campaigns

Personal Life Details

Family Details & Hobbies

  • Kerr stays in Jacksonville, Florida and is married to Waruinu Y Kagombe who partnered Kerr in his Ellis One business. He is further related to Donna Kerr, Ivy Mackay, Janice Kerr, and Janice Kerr.
  • He is fond of weekend BBQs and supports organized labor. Kerr is further an evangelist by nature with no political inclinations.

Public Image

  • Kerr is known as a creative ninja in branding solutions.
  • He is a strategic thinker and an all-rounder coming up with fresh and original ideas most of the time.
  • On the personal traits, Kerr is flexible and possesses a great attitude towards work.
  • He is also known for his great leadership skills, evident from the endorsements received in the professional front.
  • He is one of the best players in Social Media Marketing and Marketing Strategy and Creative Direction.

Your Research Team Applied The Following Strategy

We began our research by looking for all the precompiled Information related to the professional and personal biography of Kerr. Although we found interesting data, some pieces of information were unavailable. For example, an opinion on past advertising campaigns and quotes in the publication could not be assessed even after multiple approaches. The associated reason is the scarcity of publicly available data since Kerr seldom confronted media or other sources where public speaking was involved. Another reason cited for missing on such information is the reluctance of either his previous employers or himself in producing such data publicly due to fierce market competition. Information related to Charities, social causes or other in-depth data towards his family or hobbies has been lacking due to a missing or non-traceable social media profile. The main reason cited behind this is the nature of the common name of John Kerr which published multiple people with the same name, making it quite challenging to ascertain a certain profile that accurately pertains to the John Kerr referred to this research.

Our first strategy was to look for information from Kerr’s previous employment, which would help us ascertain and reach out to other authentic data points. Though we deduced some characteristics related to his traits, there was not much information that could have let us to a deeper search. Under this approach, we thus looked into organizations like Florida Blue, The HCI Group, Florida State College which gave us an insight into his personality. A scan through Linkedin, zoominfo, and Bloomberg provided scanty information though. The idea behind searching these sites was to assess details related to aggregated data as provided by these partners.

Our second strategy was to look for detailed personal information for which we scanned through multiple databases like searchpeoplefree, mylife, and fastpeoplesearch. These sites are intended to compile and provide all information related to a personality living in the States that is gathered from multiple authentic resources. We were able to deduce much information using this strategy, which has been the base of building this research. This strategy though provided a deep outlook of Kerr's profile, some aspects like his hobbies and social causes remain unanswered.

Our third strategy was to start looking for reviews from social media sites. We scanned through Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to have and access to Kerr's identity and other personal traits. However, we observed that "John Kerr" was a name that is quite commonly used by many people, which refrained from getting on to the correct profile required. We proceeded further to look for publications from his college time, thus scanning through sites of Miami Dade College and the University of North Florida. However, we could not acquire any information due to large gaps in dates and failure of the universities in producing such old information.
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Biography - Jordin Alford

Jordin Alford is an innovative strategic marketing and insights director at Florida Blue, a not-for-profit health solutions company. Her keen eye for identifying winning consumer insights has been one of her greatest traits.

Educational Background

Career Track

Important Initiatives and Key Contributions

Personal Life

Family Background

Hobbies and Interests


Research Strategy

Jordin Alford's hobbies and interests are not entirely available. The team, however, gathered some insights by checking her social media profiles and posts. Although she has a minimal online presence, it was evident from her Facebook posts that she is a sports fan. Information on her immediate family background was not readily available, however, the team combed through various publications like LiHerald and gathered information on her extended family background. From the team's extensive research on advertising journals and marketing magazines, there is no evidence on Jordin Alford's opinion on past advertising campaigns.

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Florida Blue Press Scan

Over the past year, Florida Blue has been involved in a lawsuit, contracted with multiple health care systems, and awarded money to non-profit health care groups. Below you will find ten articles about the company that were published in the last 12 months.

1. Florida Blue to Provide Claims Information to State

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • Florida blue is providing over 60 million insurance claims to a state database that helps people shop for health insurance.

2. Florida Blue Contracts With The Villages Health

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • Florida Blue announced its partnership with The Villages Health to include their Medicare Advantage plans in their care for The Villages patients.

3. DOJ Backs Oscar in Antitrust Case Against Florida BCBS

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • The Department of Justice backed insurer Oscar in a lawsuit against Florida Blue. The lawsuit alleges that Florida Blue was trying to make their exclusive broker policy exempt from antitrust regulations when it should not have been.

4. Data Breach Put Thousands of Florida Blue Members' Personal Information at Risk

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • In May, Magellan Health had a data breach that affected 1% of Florida Blue members. The data breach was caused by an employee's email virus and released names, date of births, and prescriptions.

5. In Loss for Oscar, Judge Says Florida Blue Can Use Its Brokers

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • Though backed by the DOJ, the antitrust lawsuit against Florida Blue was ultimately dismissed. Florida Blue will be able to continue exclusive broker contracts that will prevent smaller insurers from doing businesses with other healthcare plans.

6. Florida Blue Extends Florida Classic Title Sponsorship Through 2022

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • Florida Blue decided to extend its Florida Classic sponsorship and the Florida Blue Battle of the Bands until 2022. The Florida Classic is an annual family event that combines music, culture, and football.

7. Florida Blue pledges $150,000 to Hurricane Dorian relief

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • Florida Blue announced their plans to contribute $150,000 towards relief and recovery processes in Florida and the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. The money went to the United Way of Miami Dade and the American Red Cross.

8. Florida Blue Partners With Lyft

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • The company partnered with Lyft to offer free rides to physician offices for over 1 million members of their ACA exchange plan.

9. Tampa General Hospital Joins Forces with Florida Blue

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • Tampa General Hospital partnered with Florida Blue to bring more covered services to its hospital for patients that have Florida Blue's ACA exchange plan.

10. Florida Blue Foundation Awards $9 Million in Health Care Grants to Nonprofits

  • The link to the article can be found here.
  • The company awarded over $9 million to 31 different non-profit groups in Florida. The groups were chosen based on their work in innovation and patient care.

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From Part 05
  • "Current address: 7830 Mount Ranier Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256-2998 (as of Nov 2019)"
  • "Name: Mr John O Kerr Age: 49 born in 1970"
  • "Previous addresses: 7830 Mt Renoir Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256 (reported in March 2009) 8508 Glenbury N Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32256-9081 (reported in January 2004)"
  • "Contact number: (904) 997-7052 - (reported in November 2019)"
  • "John is known to be related to: Waruinu Kagombe • Donna Kerr • Ivy Mackay • Janice Kerr"
From Part 06
  • "Jordin thrives in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, applying her intellect and commercial business experience to help uncover then quickly action insights to grow the businesses she has worked on. Jordin does not shy away from challenges, easily embraces new approaches, and maintains a customer-centric approach in all she does. I worked with Jordin in both a marketing and research capacity, and endorse her skills and expertise in both areas. She is someone I could trust to make me smarter, to ask the right - and tough - questions, and to champion marketing discipline in our work."
  • "Jordin was a joy to work with. Medtronic is a highly matrixed environment where working across teams is critical. Jordin was one of the most skilled and collaborative leaders in our business."