Flooring Industry - Orange County, CA

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Flooring Industry - Orange County, CA

Flooring customers in Orange County, California, are mostly 65 and over, usually women, with an annual household income of over US$75,000, though likely to clip and use store coupons.

According to trends, they are likely to choose streamlined, transitional to traditional styles of flooring.

As requested, for this re-do we focused exclusively on customer segmentation for the flooring industry in Orange County, California. However, despite an extensive search, statistics and demographic information exclusive to this geographic were not publicly available, nor were specific numbers for Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel or Aliso Viejo available.

Therefore, we expanded our search to include a larger section of California, as well as the state itself and some national statistics. Below you will find information about the Coachella Valley, which includes Orange County, as well as some figures about flooring in the US and California — all applicable to the area requested.

Please note that the below information, which is general data applicable to the entire region, was not suitable to fill the spreadsheet.

According to a survey carried out by magazine Coachella Valley Tidbits, of which one of every six readers is a potential flooring customer and 16.6% said that tend to make flooring purchases in the next 12 months, the flooring audience in the area (which includes Orange County) is made up of 15.1% 35-54 year olds, 26.3% 55-64 year olds and 57.2% 65 and older.

Of each age segment, the gender make up is as follows:
35-54: 26% men, 74% women
55-64: 49.1% men, 50.9% women
65+: 49.4% men, 50.6% women

Almost half of flooring customers in the Coachella Valley (46.4%) have annual households of over US$75,000, whereas 30.5% are between US$50,000 and US$74,000, 14.0% are between US$75,000 and US$99,000, 21.1% are between US$100,000 and US$149,000 and 11.3% are over US$150,000.

These findings coincide with national trends, which point out that three-quarters of flooring purchases come from households with over US$70,000 annual income.

Despite belonging to an affluent tax bracket, 86.2% of flooring customers in Coachella Valley are likely to clip and use store coupons.

In terms of preference in materials, hardwood floors are the most popular throughout the country — including California. Hardwood floors are driving demand throughout the US, and were the choice for 16% of replacement flooring works in 2016 — up from 12.9% in 2012.

In terms of styling, since the flooring industry in the Coachella Valley is dominated by 65-year-olds and older, is likely to be transitional or traditional, which is the style most preferred by Baby Boomers. Given that 52.9% of Californians own pets, flooring is also likely to be solid (recommended by 39% of experts) or engineered (36%).

To wrap up, flooring customers in Orange County, California, are mostly women 65 and over belonging to a household with an annual income of over US$75,000, though likely to clip and use store coupons.

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