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Fleet Telematics: Trimble

Trimble's telematics solutions include track and trace and personnel management. The requested information on the company is presented below.
  • Trimble is a Sunnyvale-headquartered company founded in 1978. It offers products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds in various industries, including agriculture, construction, transportation and logistics, and geospatial. Its solutions are used in over 150 countries across the globe.
  • Besides fleet telematics solutions, Thimble offers other products and services in the transport and logistics, including enterprise software, mobile solutions, and analytic. It also offers numerous other products and services tailored for other industries.
  • In the US, Trimble has offices in Alpharetta, Auburn, Boulder, Corvallis, Dayton, Englewood, Folsom, Hamilton, Herndon, Huntsville, Knoxville, Madison, Marlborough, Irvine, Plano, Tempe, Westminster, And Tipp City.


  • Trimble’s telematics solutions are designed to offer better insights for safe, cost-efficient, and sustainable transport. One of the solutions is track and trace, which gives full visibility of the driving and rest times of drivers and shipments’ location. Track and trace makes journey planning easy and effective. It also gives an accurate assessment of the estimated arrival time, thus helping businesses keep their customers perfectly informed.
  • Personnel management is the other solution. It helps in driving and rest time management to ensure drivers’ satisfaction. The solution enables companies to keep and precise record of activities through data collected by on-board computers.
  • Another Trimble’s fleet telematics solution is fleet management. The solution helps businesses in the transport industry to analyze current data on journeys driving and rest times, driving style, and fuel consumption. It also helps them track valuable shipments closely.
  • Fuel savings solutions enable businesses to improve fuel consumption and increase their margins. It helps businesses gain insights into their consumption figures and adjust accordingly.
  • Supply chain solution, eShipCo, nurtures collaboration among other carriers, forwarders, and independent drivers. It facilitates communication between different players in the supply channel and offers improvement suggestions.
  • Trimble's telematics solutions differentiate themselves by web-based such that users just need a PC and web browser to get started. They are also made using state-of-art technology that helps them make large volumes of data consumable and transparent to the user. The solutions also come with a clear pricing and a unique combination of other products.
  • Trimble’s telematics solutions use on-board computers that come in different types such as CarCube, Truck4U, and FleetXPS tablet. They also use FletXPS app that helps in seamless integration of fleet management operations. The on-board computers are the fitted with a software specific to a given telematics solution.
  • The company is responsible for developing and managing both software and hardware used in its fleet telematics solutions.


  • One of the major Trimble fleet telematics solutions customers is GSTC Inc. Using eDriver Logs, the company has marinated a good record of on-time delivery of damage-free load arrival. The solution ensures that the company’s drivers engage in the preferred fleet practices and proper fleet equipment.
  • Carolina Cargo is the other major customer. The company uses fleet telematics solutions such as PeopleNet Link to ensure fleet drivers avoid unnecessary stops to retrieve order faxes. Using the solution, they can view images of produce orders on their in-cab PeopleNet BLU PCs.
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Fleet Telematics: Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect offers various fleet telematics solutions, including fleet tracking solutions and compliance management solutions. The requested information on the company is presented below.

The Basics

  • Verizon Connect is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. It was founded in 2018 as a combination of three distinct fleets and mobile workforce management software companies, namely Fleetmatics, Telogis, and Verizon Telematics. The company is one of the leading providers of GPS-based fleet management systems.
  • In the US, the company has offices in Aliso Viejo, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, San Diego, Temple Terrace, and Waltham.

Fleet Telematics Solutions

  • Verizon Connect's fleet telematics solutions are a set of applications used in fleet management. The applications are built on a single platform to help track vehicles in the field, enhance fleet operations, worker productivity, and encourage safe driving. The solutions include fleet tracking solutions, dash cams solutions, compliance management solutions, commercial navigation solutions, roadside assistance solutions, and asset tracking solutions.
  • The fleet tracking solution helps in monitoring the entire mobile workforce with enhanced visibility through easy-to-use dashboards, detailed maps, and apps. Fleet dash cam solutions provide powerful insights into the fleet’s safety. The solution helps control unsafe and aggressive driving among drivers.
  • Compliance management solutions help fleet fulfill their compliance needs with innovative solutions designed to be easy to use and updated with all the recent government regulations. Asset tracking solutions help in monitoring individual assets such as trailers in a fleet from a specific location or on the go.
  • Commercial navigation solutions give fleet drivers direction to their destinations based on their vehicle class. Thus, drivers can avoid driving on restricted roads and avoid obstacles. Roadside assistance solutions provide a quick, cost-effective coverage on whether any driver in a fleet needs fuel delivery or has a flat tire. The solutions help fleet drivers to remain productive.
  • Verizon Connect differentiates its fleet telematics solutions by simplifying the user interface to improve access. The solutions are also designed to deliver insights instead of plain data. They also customized to address all customers’ fleet management needs (one-stop shop).

Overview of Technologies

  • Verizon Connect’s fleet telematics software and hardware come built-in for fleet vehicles produced by various manufacturers. The owner only needs to activate the devices online and manage the applications. For fleets without the built-in option, the company offers easy-to-install aftermarket hardware, including GPS devices.
  • The hardware can be battery powered or powered through the company’s internal electric system. It then installs Verizon Connect’s software and apps than run on Apple and Android operating systems. After installation, the system allows the sending, receiving, and storing of telemetry data.
  • The collected data is transmitted to a centralized server, which interprets the data, and displays it via optimized apps or websites. The data captured include speed, location, idling tome, fuel consumption, and harsh acceleration, among others.


  • One of the company’s major clients is The City of San Jose. The city uses Verizon Connect's fleet telematics to manage thousands of vehicles in the various departments.
  • Another major client is Flex Fleet. The company, which has over 1700 vehicles, uses Verizon Connect fleet telematics, to effectively manage their business and deliver excellent customer service.

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Fleet Telematics: Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman — which is a pure player in the fleet management industry — provides a suite of tracking and management products for fleet management. Its has won multiple awards for its advanced GPS tracking system.

Company Overview

  • Teletrac Navman was established in 1988, and is headquartered in California, US. It is currently a subsidiary of Fortive.
  • To date, Teletrac Navman has won eight business awards, four of which are specific to innovation. The company is multi-national and operates in five countries (US, Mexico, Australia, UK and New Zealand) across three continents. Its dedicated SaaS product suite is specific to fleet management.
  • Some of Teletrac Navman's notable US clients include Land Rover, the American Red Cross, Ryder, Two Men and a Truck, and the US government.

Fleet Telematics Solutions

  • Teletrac Navman's fleet telematic solutions set is composed of multiple, dedicated tools for tracking "vehicles, equipment and mobile assets." These tools include both GPS and satellite tracking for vehicles and trailers, as well as performance and maintenance management software.
  • GPS tracking can be applied to both vehicles and trailers. It provides real-time data on operator behavior, vehicle performance, and vehicle/trailer regulatory compliance. Satellite tracking can also be applied to vehicles and trailers, and provides similar data across remote routes, where GPS tracking is unavailable or unreliable.
  • In addition to real-time operator and vehicle/trailer tracking, Teletrac Navman also provides software for performance reporting and maintenance management. The performance reporting software includes real-time alerts on operator behavior, route deviance and compliance issues; maintenance management software includes remote engine diagnostics, routine maintenance scheduling, and vehicle inspection reports.
  • Fleet telematics solutions are offered in three different tiers: essential (starter), professional (mid-sized), and enterprise.
  • Compared to Verizon's Fleetmatics (a major competitor), Teletrac's fleet telematics solution set integrates with significantly more fleet management-specific tools to create a more "cohesive IT system." In addition, the company's GPS monitoring system is considered advanced in the industry.


  • According to the consumer-facing website, Teletrac offers 'both' GPS and satellite tracking. Since GPS geo-location is conducted via satellite, it is reasonable to assume that the distinction which the company is claiming, is relative to the relay function, which may rely on telecom signals to relay data back to the fleet command center.
  • The hardware products include both onboard sensors and dashboard cameras.

Research Strategy

Teletrac Navman's current website is highly streamlined and focuses exclusively on the company's fleet management products. Deeper research indicates that the company provided more of its company history at a previous time, but those web pages are no longer retrievable, and none of the company's current profiles (such as LinkedIn or Crunchbase) provide any significant information about the company's history. The company also provides no specific information about the technologies underpinning its platform, nor was any information available in third-party case studies, articles or reviews. The information provided on its technologies was compiled via analysis of the available, limited information.
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Fleet Telematics: Omnitracs

Omnitracs is the industry's largest provider of fleet telematics solutions. Omnitracs provides comprehensive and customizable telematics solutions for any fleet operation, from basic to the most complex client needs. The company pioneered early satellite tracking systems, and it is now a leader in mobile and remote telematics solutions. Omnitracs's products cover all areas of fleet management, including tracking, safety, asset management, and load efficiency. Additionally, Omnitracs offers integrations and partnerships with a vast network of global transportation leaders.

General Company Overview

  • Omnitracs has over 30 years experience as a pioneer and innovator in fleet management services. Omnitracs began in 1988 as part of Qualcomm, developing satellite-based communications prior to the development of mobile tracking technologies.
  • Omnitracs's experience encompasses the areas of compliance, safety, productivity, route planning, delivery, analytics, and transportation management.
  • Over 1000 Omnitracs employees are involved with the company's sofware-as-a-service solutions (SaaS).
  • Omnitracs serves over 40,000 private and for-hire fleet customers in over 70 countries.
  • The Omnitracs company now includes: Omnitracs Latin America, Roadnet Technologies, XRS Group, Sylectus, and Omnitracs Analytics.
  • Omnitracs is a member of Vista Equity Partners.
  • Omnitracs ranked as the largest and most comprehensive provider of fleet telematics in 2019.
  • Compass Intelligence ranked Omnitracs 5th in terms of overall telematics solutions.
  • In it's 10-K form, Trimble Inc. lists Omnitracs as one of their key competitors in the telematics industry, indicating the strength of Omnitracs in the industry.
  • Currently, Omnitracs is focusing on cloud development for improved products and services.
  • Omnitracs has main offices in Dallas, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and San Diego, as well as two offices in Ontario, Canada, and one in Mexico and Brazil.

Omnitracs's Fleet Telematics Solutions

Fleet Telematics Services (Hardware and Software)

  • ELD hardware and service plans are linked to a HoursGo mobile app so drivers can check logs and log in and out remotely.
  • For driver safety and litigation purposes, Omnitracs's in-cab Critical Event Video allows for real time and remote access, the inability for drivers to delete data, and the ability to monitor and address driver issues in real time.
  • Omnitracs provides a comprehensive commercial navigation system.
  • Omnitracs offers route planning software to automize, store, customize, and improve the efficiency of route planning.
  • Omnitracs offers the opportunity to participate in their web-based Load Board, allowing clients to network and share loads with other carriers, private fleet managers, brokers, and other transportation professionals.
  • Fleet GPS Monitoring is installed into mobile assets, allowing the client and manager to track driver locations in real-time from a web-based application.
  • A recent partnership with SkyBitz allows customers to combine Omnitracs's in-cab monitoring with SkyBitz's trailer telematics monitoring.
  • Omnitracs's partnership with Red Hat in 2019 improved its cloud-based Omnitracs One, in order to give customers more security, flexibility, and scalability.
  • A partnership with Verisk allows customers to use data gathered by Omnitracs telematics, and transfer the data to the Verisk Data Exchange. This allows clients to receive analytical safety feedback, which is helpful for insurance claims.
  • Omnitracs's new LTE or Wi-Fi devices, the Active Mobile Gateway with Communications (AMG-C), and the Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG), provide drivers more options to provide customer service and reconcile orders en-route. The AMG-C is an in-cab device that uses the drivers phone to transmit data, while the IVG is hard-wired to the vehicle's engine control module.

List of Major Omnitracs Clients