What are the five most successful companies in the Healthcare space?

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What are the five most successful companies in the Healthcare space?

Hello! Thank you for your question on the 5 most successful companies in health. The short answer is that, according to annual revenue, the top 5 most successful companies, listed from highest to lowest, are: McKesson Corporation, UnitedHealth Group, AmerisourceBergen Corporation, Cardinal Health, Express Scripts Holding Company. Below you will find a deep dive of my research, including details of their operations, revenues and contact details for hiring.

To answer your question, I used Google and the Wonder research database as my primary research tools. Through these tools, I found the above-listed companies, as well as the following site, which proved useful in my research on revenue: Hoovers.com. I searched for industry information about top 5 companies in healthcare in the United States.

From the resources I found, the 2016 Fortune.com article "The Biggest Health Care Companies in the Fortune 500" proved to be the most beneficial, as it provided both the list of the Top 5 companies, as well as their annual revenue for 2015. I used both the individual companies' websites and Hoovers.com to find information on their 2016 revenues.

For each company, I reviewed the details of their annual financial reports as well as the company culture and hiring practices.

According to their corporate overview on their website their main operations are distribution and technology solutions, i.e. delivery of pharmaceutical and medical products and business services to retail pharmacies, hospitals and health systems; pharmaceutical solutions for biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers; medical-surgical distribution to alternate care sites; software solutions, services and consulting to hospitals, physician offices, imaging centers, home healthcare agencies and payers.

They are the leading company in terms of annual revenue in 2016 and according to their financial report on Hoovers.com their revenue was $190.9 billion.

Application process for employment goes through their online system, where all current jobs are listed and person applying should visit company's Corporate Careers page, click "Apply Here", register and after that look and apply for the wanted position.

Human Resources Contact Information
- Phone: 415-983-8300
- Email: careershelp@mckesson.com.

Regarding Contact Persons
- Not knowing your location and particular areas of interest, I have provided you with a list of the top Mckesson human resources profiles on LinkedIn. To contact any person on this list, the email format is as follows: FirstName.LastName@mckesson.com. I have verified this format using Email Checker and Hunter.io.

Based on data collected from company's website, they provide products and services, such as health, dental and vision coverage, health management, health care network and resources for individuals and families, employers, physicians, health care professionals, brokers and consultants.

They are the second ranked company that has the highest annual revenue. In 2016 their revenue was, according to their financial report on hoovers.com, $184.8 billion.

Applying to UnitedHealth Group is done online through the company's Careers page. Persons seeking employment must create a profile through which they can apply for available jobs.

Human Resources Contact Information
- Phone: +1-603-6297558

Regarding contact information for specific persons: no reliable email format was found, and thus I did not include this information. However, the company's LinkedIn group page provides you with a number of contacts within Human Resources.

On the company's "About Us" page, it states that their main operations include global sourcing and distribution to retail pharmacies, healthcare providers and manufacturers, business and strategic consulting services, technology solutions, clinical and operational education, etc. They are the largest distributor of blood derivatives, vaccine, biologic injection products, oncology products, specialty pharmaceuticals etc. to more than 50,000 healthcare facilities. Having achieved the annual revenue of $146.8 billion in 2016, they are the third most successful company in US healthcare.

Persons interested in working for the company must complete an online application process, through which they submit their resumes.

Human Resources Contact Information
- The only direct contact available is the telephone number for the corporate headquarters: 610.727.7000.

- Regarding contact specific persons within Human Resources, there are a number of personal listed on the company's LinkedIn page. One such person is Jessica Keener, a talent acquisition specialist. Her email is jessica.keener@amerisourcebergen.com.

- The standard format for emails at the company appears to be FirstName.LastName@amerisourcebergen.com.

Cardinal Health's About Us page states that the company provides clinically-proven medical products and pharmaceuticals and cost-effective solutions for hospital systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices worldwide and also connects patients, providers, payers, pharmacists and manufacturers.

In 2016 Company had annual revenue of $121.5 billion and is listed as the fourth successful company revenue wise with growth of 18.5% compared to 2015.

Persons interested in employment can find a current listing of available positions on the company's Careers page. Thereafter, applying for a position can be done by registering directly to the site or by using a LinkedIn profile.

Human Resources Contact Information
- Phone: 614.757.5000
- Email format: FirstName.LastName@cardinalhealth.com
- Christopher Sena is the Vice President of Human Resources, and his email address is christopher.sena@cardinalhealth.com. His LinkedIn profile links to other members of the human resources department.

The company's main operations are as follows: network-pharmacy claims processing, home delivery pharmacy care, specialty pharmacy care, specialty benefit management, benefit-design consultation, drug utilization review, medical and drug data analysis services, and distribution of bio pharmaceutical products.

Their revenue in 2016 was $100.3 billion. Among the top 5, they are the only company that had a small drop in revenue compared to 2015 when it was $101.7 billion.

Persons interested in employment can find a current list of available positions on company's Careers page. To apply for a position, candidates must register on the website to complete an application.

Regarding contacting their human resources department, no verifiable email address format could be found. However, the company does have a LinkedIn profile, through which it is possible to link with members of the department.
Sara Wade is the SVP & Chief HR Officer. You can use her page to find other members within the department.

To wrap it up, based upon revenue, the top 5 companies are as follows: McKesson, UnitedHealth Group, AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, and Express Scripts Holding. Together they make annual revenue of over $740 billion, covering almost all products and services needed in healthcare spectrum. Each of these companies requires job applicants apply online through their websites. Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help with anything else!