Fitness Brand Competitive Analysis

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Nike Plus, Part 1

Nike Plus is a free fitness-focused membership program offered by Nike in nine countries via their available apps. Members can receive "Unlocks", or exclusive content available only to Plus members, as a part of the Plus incentive program. On the attached spreadsheet in row 3, the requested information can be found.


Competitive advantage and benefits

Tiers and fee-based options

  • Nike Plus membership is free, and there are no locked or premium features that require payment to access. All content is available to every Nike Plus user.

How to earn benefits

  • Nike Plus's program revolves around "Unlocks". These are personalized incentive goals and challenges for each user.
  • The more a user is active through any of Nike's connected fitness apps, the more rewards will become available to them. The rewards include exclusive products, as well as Nike and Nike partner experiences.

Membership data

  • Nike Plus has an estimated 100 million users.
  • The four apps that are connected to Nike Plus (Nike, Nike Run Club, Nike Training Club, and SNKRS) had a total of 2.20 million downloads in March 2019.
  • Members can track their runs and/or their workouts by using either the Nike Training Club or the Nike Run Club app. Both apps have GPS tracking and are compatible with iOS and Android wearable fitness devices.

Program partners

  • Nike's program partners are Apple Music, Headspace, and ClassPass.
  • Nike has not announced any new partners for their Nike Plus program in 2019 as of now.

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Under Armour Connected Fitness, Part 1

The Under Armour Connected Fitness loyalty program is a social network where users can log their workout and foods through the family of Under Armour's apps (MyFitness Pal, Endomondo, and MapMyRide). Users earn points through logging workouts to various prizes and gear through branded challenges. On the attached spreadsheet in row 4, the requested information can be found.


  • MapMyRide is available in the USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.
  • Under Armour Connected Fitness has 200 million members.
  • Under Armour Connected Fitness has 100,000 new users per day.
  • The platform has 7 million workouts and 27 million foods logged per day
  • MyFitnessPal is the connected fitness tracker and has 125 million users.
  • MapMyFitness has over 35 million users.
  • Endomondo has over 20 million users.
  • Members earn Loyalty Reward points for staying fit. The Loyalty Rewards points are linked to the brand's specific loyalty programs.
  • Connected Fitness is a social network where users can track, analyze, and share their fitness activity.
  • Users can choose between a family of apps consisting of MapMyFitness, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal.


  • MyFitnessPal Premium features are ad-free, exclusive content, macronutrients by gram, food analysis, Quick Add Macronutrients, different goals by day, exercise calorie settings, home screen dashboard, priority customer support, data export, Macros by meal, and calorie goals by meal.
  • MapMyRide MVP features are heart rate analysis, unlimited printed maps, Route Genius, power analysis, cadence analysis, training plans, mobile coaching, live tracking, advanced leaderboards, ad-free experience, custom splits, advanced maps, export workout, and interval training.
  • Premium Endomondo features are low power mode, Heart Rate Zones, hydration, #tagging statistics, interval training, interactive graphs, weather, and Beat Yourself.


  • MapMyRide is currently partnered with Ford.
  • Users can also earn chances to win Under Armour gear.
  • Polar (a smartwatch company) had a branded challenge with Endomondo in October 2018.
  • Under Armour is partnering with Virgin Galactic.
  • Under Armour is partnering with JBL & Samsung.
  • Under Armour is partnering with Auburn, Bradley, Cincinnati, Colgate, Gardner-Webb, Georgia State, Maryland, New Mexico State, Northeastern, Old Dominion, St. Mary’s, Seton Hall, St. Johns, Temple, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Yale.

Research Strategy

We began our search on Under Armour's Connected Fitness site and reviewed, among others, press releases, news articles, and blog posts on the site. The website had information for advertisers and instructions for working with UA as a branded partner but did not include information on past or present partners. We were able to locate specific user numbers for each of their apps.

Next, we combed through news sites, press releases, and blog posts from the company on each of their three main apps - MyFitnessPal, MapMyRide, and Endomondo. Through this search, some current partners were identified for MapMyRide. However, both MyFitnessPal and Endomondo's challenge sections were dominated by user-submitted challenges and did not display a "Featured" challenge or brand partners. On social media, we were able to locate the Polar partnership with Endomondo from last year. Through our searches, we were, however, unable to find any specific branded challenges with MyFitnessPal.

Current specific branding information is difficult to find, possibly because the Under Armour Connected Fitness umbrella operates more as a social network that generates revenue through native advertising and other subtle means of advertising, leading the company to not publicize their partnerships once they are inactive.
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New Balance MyNB Rewards, Part 1

Row 5, columns D to M of the attached spreadsheet have been completed. The New Balance MyNB Rewards loyalty program is available at every New Balance store in the US except for 16 locations.

New Balance MyNB Rewards

  • Some of the benefits of joining the program include exclusive rewards, $10 birthday offer, members-only sales & early access to products, free standard shipping with no minimum purchase, and $10 2-day air shipping with no minimum purchase.
  • The program’s tiers include Bronze (0 - 1,999 points), Silver (2,000 - 4,999 points), and Gold (5,000+ points).
  • Members earn points by downloading the app, completing a profile, and spending money.
  • The app has been downloaded over 100,000 times on the Google Play store and reviewed 1,293 times on the iTunes store.
  • Run to Home Base is the only known partner and the partnership was announced in 2019.


An examination of New Balance’s website, industry publications, business databases, and market research sites did not reveal data related to the number of members/active participants for the New Balance MyNB Rewards loyalty program. The only available data that indicate the size of the program are the number of downloads/reviews on the Google Play store and the number of reviews on the iTunes store. The remaining information related to the program were obtained from the company’s website.

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Puma AdvoCAT, Part 1

Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program is a point redemption program available in India and Malaysia that allows their customers to earn ranking and discount percentages in their purchases at the PUMA stores. The tiers in which the program is divided are Suede, Disc and Ignite. All the relevant information has been included in the attached spreadsheet.

Research Strategy:

  • We were unable to identify the data on members and size of the program, the fitness tracking systems and the partnerships announced in 2019.
We began our research by looking for the information in the official Puma website and the program's site. We also made use of credible sources like the company's press releases and annual reports. Additionally, we searched for public announcements and news from sources like Forbes, Sports Pro Media, and Sportswear News. However, these sources only provided the information announcing the release of the program, the company's general results, and partnership announcements, with no pertinent information regarding Puma AdvoCAT.

We also consulted sources up yo 2011, the year in which the program was released, with the objective of finding information related to the program. Using this approach, we were able to find information about their partnership with Capillary systems, a technology partner that allows them to redeem and review points in real-time through mobile devices. We were also able to derive that the program was released to Malaysia and India. We were also able to gather some information about the customer perception towards the program. However, there was no direct information about the size of the program and the number of subscribed members, or if it had a fitness tracking system implemented.

As the program has a mobile application, we attempted to triangulate the size of the program by determining the number of downloads from Google Play and the Apple Store. However, we were unable to find the application on either store. The only available Puma application for fitness tracking was called Puma Trac, a points-per-purchase system that allows users to obtain discounts and exchange points for items.

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Asics One Asics, Part 1

The benefits members receive with their membership in the OneAsics program are free express shipping on all orders, 90 days to try all shoes and apparel along with the free 90-day trial of the Runkeeper Go™ app, access to exclusive offers and events, and a 10% off on the first purchase. Details on Asics One Asics loyalty program are provided in the attached spreadsheet.


  • For delivery by Asics the only eligible market is the United Kingdom.
  • Markets eligible for InStore enrollment for OneAsics are: Vienna, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Chamonix, Paris, Milan, Lisbon, Portimao, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and London.




  • Under the 90-Day Free Returns condition, members had the liberty to test the gear for 90 days and then send it back in any condition if not liked.
  • Under the 'Free Express Shipping' condition, the delivery was faster (1-2 days) for all orders and all the time. [Source 3]
  • With the free 90 days trial of the Runkeeper Go™ app members could access features such as custom workouts, virtual coaching, personalized race training and more.
  • The members of the OneAsics program were eligible to know about new products first and avail special offers and exclusive content from Asics, Asics Tiger, and Onitsuka Tiger.


  • The fitness tracking system that is a part of the program benefits is the Runkeeper Go™ app of which members get a 90 days free trial of and can access features like custom workouts, virtual coaching, personalized race training.
  • The app was originally developed by the FitnessKeeper which was acquired by Asics on Feb 12, 2016.


  • In terms of retailers, to enroll for the OneAsics program all eligible locations were retail centers of Asics itself. This included Asics stores at Vienna, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Chamonix, Paris, Milan, Lisbon, Portimao, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Cape Town, Johannesburg, London.
  • No external technology partner was involved as the Runkeeper Go™ app was under the brand 'ASICS Digital, Inc.', after Asics acquired the original developer of the app FitnessKeeper.


Although the program 'OneAsics' was found to have no partners, Asics, as a brand, announced the following partnerships in 2019 :
  • Partnership with iRewind, a start-up from the Greater Zurich Area, which will provide runners with bespoke finisher videos.
  • Partnership with I:CO, an innovator in the sustainable collection, reuse and recycling of clothing and shoes, to implement a program that will enable recycling and reuse of Asics' products at marathons across EMEA.


While information relating to Asics One Asics loyalty program were available, we could not find the information relating to the program's statistics i.e. data points such as the total number of members and the number of members that are active participants in the program.

To find OneAsics program's statistics, we looked into its social media following. However, no comprehensive numbers pertinent to the program itself could be found in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. For example, social media platforms did not have any specific handles for the program OneAsics. The Asics UK (the main geography for the program) twitter handle had 13,100 followers. But from this number, any insight relating to the membership volume of OneAsics could not be drawn.

Similarly, upon studying hashtag-popularity from sites such as Hashtagify we could not find any presentable insight as the data present were not enough for analysis according to these sites. The hashtag #oneasics had 58 posts on Instagram for example. But that information was also not enough for concluding any membership insights.
We also looked into the download statistics of the app RunKeeper which was a critical part of the program. However, this download statistics were for the app overall, and not specific to its use in the program. Therefore, this number of 10,000,000+ installs till date could not provide any hint to draw any inference on membership.

Next, we looked into the website's blog posts articles and all sorts of investor relation reports published by the company and present in its website. Although these reports provided details relating to the overall size of the company, no inference could be drawn on the program.

We also looked into press releases relating to the OneAsics program in sites such as Businesswire, PrNewswire, Globenewswire, etc. But none of the announcements were relating to membership numbers. The announcements were mostly centered around the announcements of features and benefits of the program.

While program-specific data could not be found we looked into the reach of the company Asics as a whole in terms of social media following of the entire company, footfalls in stores and its participation volume in other programs such as Asics Frontrunners, etc. While data pertaining to some metrics were present, they were not at all enough to extrapolate or triangulate membership numbers for OneAsics.
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Nike Plus, Part 2

The Nike Plus Loyalty program deployed some action steps to acquire more members. These steps include offering value-added perks through the Nike Plus app and providing more immersive experiences in their facilities. The program is being marketed to fitness enthusiasts through experiential fitness programs. For the collectors, the loyalty program is offering exclusive access to limited edition product designs. Meanwhile, news about the program includes new additional incentives and the opening of a "retail experience" store where members can have exclusive access to limited shoe designs through the Nike Plus app. The rest of the findings below were entered in the linked spreadsheet, row 3, and under columns O to R.



  • In Nike's 68,000 square foot "retail experience" store in New York City, Nike Plus super fan app members can avail of reservation and pickup of their chosen products through the app.
  • Nike declared that it will soon add new rewards for its Nike Plus loyalty program members.
  • Nike Plus will add a vending machine in selected retail stores to dispense freebies.
  • Prior to the 2019 Oscar Awards, Nike Plus members received an email note with the subject, "A Message from Serena Williams." In the note, the tennis pro urged customers to be one with her in pursuing "crazy dreams" and invited them to watch Nike's best Oscar advertisement entry.



  • Nike has set up a "Just Do It" pop-up training center in the Los Angeles area as part of its "Just Do It" campaign. In the center, Nike Plus members can perform their fitness activities with notable athletes such as Leticia Bufoni, Chloe Kim, Jared Goff, and Kyle Kuzma. This offer can also be upgraded to include podcast with fitness gurus and "NTC Pro," an NTC app network for fitness professionals.
  • Through Nike's "Donate Japan" campaign, runners are encouraged to donate $5-$25 to the American Red Cross and input the distance that they can cover for 30 days into the Nike Plus app. Businesses and individual donors have also collaborated with Nike to donate a certain amount for each kilometer covered.
  • The Nike Run Club app incorporates a Nike Plus member shop where runners can avail of multiple varieties of the Garmin health watch.
  • Nike Plus runs various exclusive promotions for collectors such as offers of limited collections like the 2019 Nike Free Running line.


We started our research by looking for directly available reports that contain information on how Nike Plus loyalty program acquire new members and position themselves. We also looked for news articles about the program. We searched for this information in various sources such as in Nike and Nike Plus' official website, in business-related sites like Bloomberg, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and others; advertising-related sites like Adage, Effie, Moat, and similar sites; consumer sites such as Retail Dive, Sole Collector, and related sources; press release sources such as those from Cision, Newswire, and others; media outlets such as CNN, CNBC, and other relevant sources. Based on this search approach, we were able to find various reports on how Nike Plus acquire new members and position themselves. We also found news articles about the loyalty program. Our findings are stated in the section above and in the linked spreadsheet, row 3, and under columns O to R.
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Under Armour Connected Fitness, Part 2

News specific to the Connected Fitness program include a lunch of Connected Fitness and HOVR shoes in Malaysia and a review of UA HOVR and Connected Fitness. The requested data has been added to the attached spreadsheet, row 4, columns O-R.

Promotional efforts

  • Launching of HOVR series in Malaysia and introducing UA solutions to a new market in March 2019.
  • Organizing "Will to Run" in Asia and promoting Connected Fitness and HOVR during the preparations and during the event in April 2019.
  • In January 2019, the launching of HOVR series took place.

Ways of marketing in the program

  • The product is designed for both professional and amateur athletes it is being sold to ease up the organization of training and help with a healthcare f.e. to monitor basic vital statistics of the organism.
  • Lately, the Connected Fitness is concentrating in the runners' sector, both professional and amateur, especially in Africa and Asia ensuring professional monitoring and statistics for runners without a mobile phone

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New Balance MyNB Rewards, Part 2

The New Balance MyNB Rewards loyalty program acquire new members and position themselves through their partnership with Strava, through referrals, through the promotion of their social media accounts or the purchase of specific products and giving free shipping to their members. They have been recently on the news with the promotion of the NB RunHub and selling official gear for many marathons. After thorough research, we have provided the requested information in the attached spreadsheet.

MyNB Reward program

Campaigns/partnerships (new members and positioning)

  • Through the partnership with Strava, MyNB program offers points and rewards for tracking the workout through this app.
  • The program also acquires new members through referrals (each friend that join the MyNB is 50NB point worth).
  • MyNB promotes itself by giving members extra point for following NB on their social media accounts.
  • Through the marketing of the NB RunHub, NB brings closer new buyers interested in MyNB program to take advantage of the rewards.
  • MyNB offers free shipping to members enrolling to their program.

News about the program

  • A website offers for Mothers' Day that engage people through their free shipping on their products.
  • In the NYRR website, gold members of MyNB are specially invited to join at the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the NB Run Hub after the 2019 Popular Brooklyn Half for complimentary finisher medal engraving.

Promotional efforts

  • Free shipping promotion enrolling the MyNB program: all members of MyNB program get free shipping on their online purchases.

MyNB marketed to fitness/athletes as compared to lifestyle/collectors

Research Strategy

First, we started the research on the New Balance website to study how a customer gets to the program, and we found that the first thing NB offers is free shipping for MyNB members. That led us to the program website, where we could find more detailed information. We could find that the program gives more points for referrals, for following their social media networks, or for buying a specific product line. We also could find information about their partnership with Strava, pointing the more fitness and athletic customers.

Then, we looked into activities and news, and we found that New Balance engage all kinds of marathons and they promote the official gear of the events. That gear leads to the website where immediately you can find the "free shipping" promotion engaging the program. That strategy is pointed directly to the healthy lifestyle consumers and collectors. We also found very special treatment for gold members, involving medal engraving and special invitations to the RunHub. We also found marketing ads for Mother's Day encouraging customers to take advantage of the free shipping engaging the MyNB program.
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Puma AdvoCAT, Part 2

Puma has shown its marketing effort by having various initiatives like offering new customers with 10% on their shopping after registering, and 20% discounts on their birthdays. We have provided the requested information in the attached spreadsheet, row 6, columns O-R.




  • Instagram Campaign — Through a partnership of Khairul Fahmi, Malaysia goalkeeper and the use of his Instagram account with 522,000 followers to promote Puma AdvoCAT program emphasizing the benefit such as 10% off, exclusive PUMA events, special offers, birthday discounts, and many more when the joining the program.
  • Facebook Campaign — With the use of Facebook influencer such as Runwitme / Celebrunner with 16,342 followers on Facebook promoting Puma AdvoCAT program.


We were unable to find Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program's recent promotional effort in acquiring new members, how the program is being marketed and any recent news specific to the program. First, we examined the part one of the research and identified that this program was conducted in Malaysia and India. We then began searching through Puma’s website in Malaysia and India to identify any Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program's recent promotional effort in acquiring new members, how the program is being marketed and any recent news specific to the program through press releases.

After a thorough examination of the website, we were unable to identify any information that would provide answers. Most information presented were products available for sale. Though there is some promotional campaign, but not specific to AdvoCAT loyalty program. Upon checking the press release, this will redirect us to the press release to the international Puma website, but still, no recent news in terms of Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program. After an exhaustive examination, we were able to identify some helpful findings in regard to the Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program. As stated in the terms and conditions of Puma AdvoCAT customer, PUMA AdvoCAT Loyalty Program is owned but not operated by Puma Sports India Pvt Ltd (PSIPL/ Puma). It is also clarified that the Loyalty Program is implemented by the third party with whom PSIPL has a Principal to Principal relation.

Secondly, we then searched through annual reports of Puma India and Malaysia hoping to find any information in terms of Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program's recent promotional effort in acquiring new members, how the program is being marketed and any recent news specific to the program. Unfortunately, we were unable to find annual reports specific only Puma Malaysia and India. We then broaden our research to examine the Annual report for the whole Puma company. After an exhaustive examination, we were unable to find recent information about Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program. Most information found were revenue, growth, sales, and more.

Third, we then searched through social media accounts of Puma for information about Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program's recent promotional effort in acquiring new members, how the program is being marketed and any recent news. We examined the following social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Unfortunately, this yield no relevant recent information to provide answers. While expanding the criteria to at least include past 3-year data, this yielded some helpful findings for promotional efforts such as the Facebook campaign conducted by Runwitme/Celebrunner and Instagram Campaign through a partnership of Khairul Fahmi, Malaysia goalkeeper, in promoting new participants on Puma AdvoCat program. No information was found specific to how it is being marketed and any recent news about the program.

Fourth, we searched through industry reports, trusted sport and lifestyle articles, media articles, new reports specific to Malaysia and India for information about Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program's recent promotional effort in acquiring new members, how the program is being marketed and any recent news specific to the program. We searched through the, India Today, Forbes, CNBC, and more. Research result showed that Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program was conducted during 2016. We were also able to gather some promotional campaign in acquiring new members during that year. But unfortunately, a recent promotional campaign of Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program within the past 12 months period was not available.

We were also unable to gather information on how the program is being marketed to fitness/athletes and lifestyle/collectors. Most marketing information presented were targeted to the whole consumer and not a specific consumer. Lastly, no recent news specific to the Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program were publicly available within the past 90 days. A possible reason for the lack of data is because Puma AdvoCAT loyalty program was conducted during the year 2016. Aside from that, this program was only specific to Malaysia and India consumers. Another reason is that this program is not operated by Puma Sports India Pvt Ltd (PSIPL/ Puma) but rather implemented by the third party with whom PSIPL has a Principal to Principal relation.

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Asics OneAsics, Part 2

The latest news on the OneASICS program is about the partnership between ASICS and iRewind to produce innovative finish line content at some races in 2019 which will be used as promotional content featuring the program. The program acquires new members through email newsletters, promotion channels of newspaper websites and voucher websites, print ads and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It is also marketed to fitness professionals and athletes through partnerships in marathons and other events as well as discounts and voucher codes for lifestyle /collectors.


  • A press release on March 27, 2019, discusses the partnership between ASICS and iRewind.
  • ASICS partners with iRewind, a video-tech company, to produce innovative finish line content at some races in 2019 which will be as promotional content to target consumers featuring the major ASICS products, the brand’s training hub and its membership scheme, OneASICS.


  • Email newsletters — ASICS sends out email newsletters which promote the OneASICS program and acquire new members by offering discounts and other promotional offers.
  • Promotions channels of newspaper websites — ASICS include the OneASICS program on promotions channels of newspaper websites such as The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.
  • Voucher websites — ASICS promotes the OneASICS program on voucher websites such as Vouchercloud,, and
  • Print ads — ASICS also promotes OneASICS program using print ads specifically in South Africa where promotions are only available in stores.
  • Social Media — ASICS used Facebook and Twitter to announce OneASICS giveaways at their Marathon event with partners.


  • OneASICS program is currently being marketed to fitness/athletes by partnering with marathons and other athletic events in which they are involved.
  • Examples of these events are the Virgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon, 6th Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon and ASICS 5km Run Club.
  • OneASICS also offers a free 90-day trial of Runkeeper Go™, the premium version of the ASICS Runkeeper™ app, featuring custom workout plans, virtual coaching, personalized race training and more.
  • OneASICS program is currently being marketed to lifestyle/collectors through discounts and voucher codes upon signing up for new members and additional promotional offers for existing members.
  • Examples of these offers are 10% off First Order, £40 Off Orders Over £200 with OneASICS Sign-ups, Free Express Delivery, 90-Day Free Returns, and More with OneASICS Membership among others.

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Connected Athlete / Tracking Device Market Historical Growth

The growth rate for the connected athlete / tracking device market from 2016-2019 (past 36 months) is $18,709,200,000 in 2016 to $$29,052,325,128.5 in 2019 with a CAGR of 15.8%.

Connected athlete / tracking device market

  • The global wearable fitness tracker market is valued at $18,709.2 million or $18.7092 billion at the end of 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.8% in terms of value over the forecast period 2017-2027.
  • The scope of the report for the global wearable fitness tracker market is technology-based products that provide a variety of fitness tracking and health monitoring options to individuals who are health conscious (athletes).
  • The estimated market size in 2019 for connected athlete / tracking device market is $29,052,325,128.5 (Triangulated)

key insights

  • The growth in the wearable fitness tracker market can be attributed to an increase in the number of corporate players in the market and also due to the adoption of new technologies such as Constant Glucose Monitoring (CGM), which is encouraging customers to adopt wearable fitness trackers.
  • The wristwear segment, such as smartwatches, is to account for a sizable share of the overall wearable fitness tracker market.
  • The wearable fitness tracker market is dominated by the age-group 25-44 years due to higher affordability and growth in disposable income.
  • North America holds a major value share in the global wearable fitness tracker market and is likely to maintain its dominance in the global wearable fitness tracker market over the forecast period.
  • The companies that dominate the market are Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

Research Strategy

To provide the global growth rate for the connected athlete/tracking device market from the past 24-36 months (2-3 years), we searched for market reports for connected athlete/tracking device market. We found a report from Future Market Insights that mention forecast for 2017-2027. The report mentions that the market size at the end of 2016 is $18,709.2 million or $18.7092 billion and a CAGR of 15.8% within the forecast period. Using those data we can provide the market size for 2017, 2018, and 2019. For calculation, we used a reverse CAGR calculator.
For the estimated market size in 2019, we input in the starting value $18,709,200,000, in CAGR 15.8%, in number of periods we used 3, and the estimated market size for 2019 is $29,052,325,128.5

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Connected Athlete / Tracking Device Market Predicted Growth

In 2016, the global wearable fitness trackers market size was $18.7092 billion and estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15.8% from 2016 to 2027.

KEy findings

  • The global wearable fitness tracker market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.8% (0.158) between 2017 and 2027.
  • 2016 market size was $18.709 billion
  • 2017 market size is estimated to be $21.67 billion
  • 2018 market size is estimated to be $25.09 billion
  • 2019 market size is estimated to reach $29.05 billion
  • 2020 market size is estimated to reach $33.64 billion
  • The market is valued at $18.709 billion in 2016.
  • The "growth in the wearable fitness tracker market can be attributed to an increase in the number of corporate players in the market".
  • The wrist wear segment is expected to have the highest share of the overall market.
  • North American market holds the highest share of the overall global market.


Using the global wearable fitness tracker market growth forecast we can, therefore, estimate the value of the market from 2017 to 2020. To carry out the calculations we employed the reverse CAGR formula (initial value * CAGR) + initial value.


(2016 market size * CAGR) + 2016 market size
(18,709,200,000 * 0.158) + 18,709,200,000 = $21,665,253,600 ~ $21.67 billion


(2017 market size * CAGR) + 2017 market size
(21,665,253,600 * 0.158) + 21,665,253,600 = $25,088,363,669 ~ $25.09 billion


(2018 market size * CAGR) + 2018 market size
(25,088,363,669 * 0.158) + 25,088,363,669 = $29,052,325,129 ~ $29.05 billion


  • (2019 market size * CAGR) + 2019 market size
  • (29,052,325,128 * 0.158) + 29,052,325,128 = $33,642,592,499 ~ $33.64 billion

research methodology

We began the research by searching for reports of the connected athlete market growth through industry sites such as MarketsWatch, MarketsandMarkets, Technavio, Wiseguyreports. Although we were able to find reports on the estimated market size and forecast, the information was behind a paywall.

Next, we combed through media sites such as TechCrunch, Forbes, PRNewswire, Reuters etc. and press releases on the market size but again this led to a deadlock as the information was not freely available but they were references to reports by industry sites and only available behind a paywall.

We were able to find the CAGR growth and 2016 market size of the industry. From the information available, we were able to calculate the market growth from 2016 to 2020 by using the reverse CAGR calculator.

The steps taken in our calculation are detailed in the calculation section of our research and the report by Future Market Insights was used in triangulating the market size. The information on the site is behind a paywall and can be accessed here.

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Connected Athlete / Tracking Device Market Evolution

The connected athlete/tracking device market evolution over the past 24 months is most prevalent in professional sports and includes technology for training and game-time monitoring. Safety professionals (firefighters, police officers, and military) are adopting Connected Athlete technology to protect professionals in the field.


  • Evo One, Wilson X, 95fifty, ShotTracker, and Hoop Tracker are all new brands in the basketball Connected Athlete/Tracking Device market.
  • Sense Arena, from the Czech Republic, developed the virtual shooting gallery that provides 70 drills to improve hockey players' performance.


  • In basketball, smart basketballs such as Evo One, Wilson X, and 94fifty can measure shooting performance, such as backspin, shooting accuracy, shot arc, ball rotation, and release speed.
  • Also, in basketball, net sensors together with arm or wrist trackers worn by the player, such as ShotTracker and Hoop Tracker, provide real-time feedback on shooting stats and provides trends over time.
  • Catapult is currently developing a baseball pitching monitoring system.
  • Retired NHL goalie, Patrik Elias, after testing the virtual reality training system indicated that the locker room shooting galleries are a recent addition since 2016 but the addition of this virtual shooting gallery will continue to improve individual performance. Elias added that virtual training aids are in the cognitive development of reaction times.
  • Advanced data analytics indicate when people are at risk of physical or mental harm. For example, a bush firefighter's tracked data, together with geo-location, and current condition data can indicate when immediate intervention is required to bring a person or people to safety.
  • Challenges to expanding into consumer markets for advanced Connected Athlete technology include educating the prosumer and consumer of the technology available for personal use.
  • Catapult Intends to expand into the consumer market to complement its current offerings in the elite athlete market.


  • Noah Basketball's backboard sensor, winner of a 2017 startup competition in sports analytics, measures location the shot was made from, entry angle, depth, and left-right position of the ball in real time, changing how shooting is analyzed.
  • The predictive analysis inherent with Connected Athletes has led to the adoption of the technology in areas outside of athletics, such as firefighters, police officers, and military. A report from Australia and New Zealand indicated Connected Athlete platforms are important for monitoring the safety and well-being of firefighters, police officers, and military in the field.
  • Currently, Catapult Sports controls the market share for Connected Athlete technology, but in 2015 only one professional league partnered with Catapult (the AFL).
  • In 2016, Catapult Sports acquired sports video provider XOS Digital, GPS tracking company PlayerTek, and connected data platform, Athlete Management Systems to provide more comprehensive penetration in the sports technology market.
  • Catapult is moving away from its identity as a wearables company to a player performance company. Future comprehensive offerings will include one platform that will provide video, data management, and tactical analytics.
  • Catapult’s primary focus is the hardware and software applications impact on the user experience.


  • Today, wearable technology is so advanced, the NBA has limited the scope of data allowed during game time and how it can be used.
  • Catapult devices and systems are currently supplied to 1,638 teams in 35 sports in 61 countries.
  • In June 2017, Fitbit partnered with the Minnesota Timberwolves and is the "official wearable" and "official sleep tracker" for the team, starting the trend in NBA of Connected Athletes.
  • Professional rugby players wear sensors during games to measure activity such as leaps, kicks, and springs, to assist the coaching staff in predicting when a player will become fatigued, which is an indicator of injury risk.
  • In the United States, Statcast data for MLB and Next Gen Stats for NFL are broadcast at games, but only include outputs, not biometrics, providing fans with real-time player performance.
  • In March 2017, Samsung partnered with Under Armour to support the fitness applications available in the "Under Armour Connected Fitness Suite, bringing the Connected Athlete to the average consumer.
  • Catapult launched its first global consumer Connected Athlete product, “Playr,” In 2018.


We leveraged a compilation of industry publications, market reports, and reputable news organizations to identify key trends in the market evolution of Connected Athlete/Tracking Device market. Several articles were found in tech and sports publications that provided in-depth information on current trends in technology, as well as future outlooks.

We chose the examples included in the key findings based on the prevalence of particular topics, primarily the use of Connected Athlete technology is relatively new in (since 2016) NBA and NHL but has been used for longer in other areas (NFL, for example). We included Catapult as a case study example because they entered the market early and have grown exponentially as the market leader. Key acquisitions have positioned them to dominate and direct the market, but they did not start that way. They were a small company that became a game changer when they started acquiring other companies to enhance their own offerings.

We did not go into depth on personal fitness tracker devices because they are not fully in the Connected Athlete bucket, but that is changing based on Under Armour's partnership with Samsung and Catapult's desire to provide platforms for prosumers and consumers.

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Sportswear Loyalty

At a global level, sportswear brands are embracing loyalty programs because these help them connect with their customers at an emotional level. This helps them gain data on the behaviors and preferences of their users. Elements like daily trackers, social media, reward points, content, and data are helping build a stronger connection between brands and customers.

The NikePlus program

  • Through the NikePlus program, members can earn rewards such as Nike t-shirts, exclusive playlists from Apple, and an Apple Music subscription. Moreover, Nike is working on a collaboration with ClassPass (fitness classes) and HeadSpace (guided meditations).
  • Nike does not share any details of what goals will grant you what rewards.
  • Members of NikePlus that buy the Nike Epic React Flyknit sneakers will be able to access Apple Music for up to four months.
  • NikePlus' best feature is the way it allows people to earn rewards. It does this through workouts and gamification.
  • Nike Chief Digital Officer Adam Sussman stated that in the past two years, membership to Nike's loyalty program has increased to 100 million members, representing a 30 percent increase. In the next five years, Nike will triple its reach mainly because of the importance of membership offerings.
  • Nike Chief Digital Officer Adam Sussman admitted that membership has a special value since NikePLus members that shop on mobile apps spend 3x the amount that guests spend on the company's website.

General Insights

  • Loyalty programs mitigate the effects of the seasonality of sporting goods by providing data that allows merchants to see the behavior and preferences of customers.
  • Through the use of data, merchants can avoid the accumulation of dead inventory.
  • Loyalty improves retention rates. In fact, increasing the retention rate by 5% can increase profit from 25% to 95%.
  • For athletes, reliability is important in the sportswear industry, and loyalty programs can offer this to customers.
  • Tailoring services through a loyalty program can improve a company's long-term relationship with customers.
  • In the sportswear industry, companies are rewarding people with loyalty points for daily tracked exercises.
  • Tactics that companies can incorporate into their loyalty programs include member competitions, special treatments, and personalized offers.
  • Brands in fitness are engaging fans with videos and content. They are not only selling a product but inspiring people to improve their fitness.
  • Brands are studying how customers live and use their products.
  • In the coming years, the goal for fitness brands will be to become a place where consumers can turn to for lifestyle options.
  • Columbia's reward program allows members to shop early for certain sales. Also, there are members-only sales. They have benefits like opting out of email notifications.
  • Dharma Bums is a yoga and activewear company from Australia that offers its members various benefits through a loyalty program.
  • Loyalty programs provide essential information about the habits and behavior of activewear users.
  • Loyalty programs help engage customers after their first transaction.
  • Studies show that up to 69% of consumers do not feel a sense of loyalty to clothing brands.
  • Historically clothing companies have not been able to make a strong emotional connection with people.
  • Rebook's loyalty program offers customers rewards for every purchase and interaction with the company. Rewards are based on the number of points.
  • Points in Rebook's members' program provide free new products, nutrition plans, on-demand training, and workout videos.
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Connected Athlete / Tracking Device Market Key Hardware Players

The top hardware players in the connected athlete/tracking device market are Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Fitbit, and Samsung.



  • Apple had a shipment of 46.2 million wearable devices, and most of it is from their Apple Watches. Their global market share is 26.8%.
  • The Apple Watch series four is the latest Apple wearable device. It provides ECG on the user's wrist, fall detection and emergency SOS, notifications for low/high heart rate, and irregular rhythm.
  • Also, it can be used for workouts, yoga, and hiking workouts because it has an automatic workout detection.
  • The Apple Watch has advanced features for runners like cadence and pace alerts.


  • Xiaomi had a shipment of 23.3 million wearable devices. The Xiaomi Mi Band accounts for over 30% of their shipments. Their global market share is 13.5%.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Band monitors the user's activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burned.
  • It lets the users achieve their daily exercise target.
  • A feature of their device is the sleep tracker and alarm, which monitors users sleep activity and analyzes their sleep quality.


  • Huawei had a shipment of 11.3 million wearable devices. Also, they recorded a 248.5% growth in the wearables market during the fourth quarter of the year. Their global market share is 6.6%.
  • The Huawei Watch GT features a look different from other smartwatches.
  • Their device feature real-time heart monitoring by using a self-learning algorithm and innovative sensors.
  • It also provides coaching with advanced running courses to assist the user in real-time while also providing guidance training and giving time-movement effect feedback.




To provide a list of the top hardware players in the connected athlete/tracking device market, we searched for market reports that feature top companies by revenue or market share. We found a report from IDC that features the top 5 hardware companies based on their shipments of their devices and their global market share. We used the IDC report as the main source, and we looked through their hardware devices in their official websites.
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Connected Athlete / Tracking Device Market Key Software / App Players

The top players in the "connected athlete" market based on revenue are MyFitnessPal, Sweat, Strava, Lifesum, and Freeletics.


  • This is a fitness app that allows users to manage their fitness goals, monitor calorie intake and record their activities. The app also has a database for 11 million foods, which gives the possibility for users to know the ingredient breakdown of what they eat.
  • The app can also be connected to several wearables like Fitbit Tracker, Striiv Play Smart Pedometer, and Nokia Health Mate Wearables.
  • Global Revenue (as of March 2019): $3 million from iTunes and $1 million from Google Play.


  • This app is specially developed for women. It provides its users with training that are customized based on their needs.
  • Apart from planning workouts, it also allows users to plan their weekly meals and shopping lists.
  • The Sweat App is supported by Apple Watch, wherein the following metrics can be tracked: active heart rate, average heart beats per minute, active Calories, total Calories, steps, and distance.
  • Global Revenue (as of March 2019): $2 million from iTunes and $300 thousand from Google Play.


  • Strava tracks and analyzes every part of the activities done by the user. By starting the app before commencing an activity, it records the performance of the user while doing the activity. Upon finishing, the user could then dive deep into his or her activity statistics.
  • Apart from Android and Apple phones, it also works with GPS watches and head units like that of Fitbit, Polar, and Wahoo.
  • Global Revenue (as of March 2019): $1 million from iTunes and $500 thousand from Google Play.
  • The app helps users to achieve their health goals primarily by providing personalized diet and meal plans. It also tracks one's body composition by providing detailed information on body weight, waist size, body fat, and BMI.
  • This app is supported by Apple Watch, which allows automatic tracking of the user's activities. This would then help the app to give accurate feedback.
  • Global Revenue (as of March 2019): $800 thousand from iTunes and $300 thousand from Google Play.


To provide a list of key app players in the "connected athlete" market, we have consulted the 2018 overview published by Sensor Tower regarding the top-grossing mobiles apps within the health and fitness category. This list was a mix of general well-being apps and fitness tracking apps. Sensor Tower was consulted since it provides valuable insights and data to marketers and publishers about the mobile app ecosystem. From the top 10 grossing fitness tracking apps, we searched for the respective current revenue of the apps on the Sensor Tower website. These data were then used to rank the apps and to generate a list of top 5 app or software players in the "connected athlete" market. In this list, only those apps that can be connected to wearables such as Striiv Play Smart Pedometer, Apple Watch, and Fitbit Watch were included.

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Connected Health Industry Growth Rate

The CAGR for the connected health market is 21.1% from 2018 to 2023. The CAGR and revenue from the telehealth, IT enabled healthcare, and elder care technology markets are also stated as they are highly related to the connected health market.

CAGR and Revenue

  • Cision PR Newswire determines that the global connected health device industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.1% from 2018 to 2023 to reach around $36.1 billion in 2023.

Market Factors

  • The drivers of growth are the increase in IT in healthcare, increase in healthcare costs, need for easier and more reliable patient monitoring systems, and increased awareness for health and fitness.
  • Emerging trends include the adoption of cloud technology and the adoption of telemedicine.
  • The hospital market segment is expected to be the largest segment from 2018 to 2023.
  • Asia-Pacific is predicted to be the largest market with the highest growth rate due to their increasing aging population, increase in disposable income, and increase in smart phone usage.

Highly Related Markets CAGR and Revenue

Relevant Information

  • In 2017, 9% of the world population was aged 65 and older.
  • Major companies that influence the elder care technology market are AMC Health, BioTelemetry, Inc., Boston Scientific, Biotronic SE & Co. JG, Bosch Healthcare, Care Innovations, LLC, and Honeywell Life Care Solutions.
  • The elder care technology market is driven by increase in senior numbers, increase in life-expectancy, increase in healthcare costs, and a decrease in healthcare professionals.
  • The telehealth market is driven by an increase in the geriatric population, rise in chronic diseases, and a demand for self-care devices. Cardiology and radiology will have a major share of the telehealth market.
  • North America and Europe are expected to have the largest market for telehealth.
  • The IT enabled healthcare market is influenced by e-Helath programs and government support and has the potential to be afflicted by security problems with gathering and managing data.
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Customer Engagement Trends in Fitness

Some trends around how the fitness industry is increasing customer engagement include the use of mobile apps to affect engagement positively, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as chat bots to drive customer engagements, the use of music streaming devices to improve customer engagements.


  • According to a 2018 Research Gate publication, fitness app are known to affect attitudes positively and mobile app usage in the fitness sector is known to enforce some behavioral control.
  • The trend on the effect of mobile applications on consumer engagement is discussed across a plethora of sources including a 2017 Net Imperative web publication which discloses that in the three years leading to 2017, the use of health and wellness app grew by 330%. Mobile applications are becoming very popular and effective in driving engagements.
  • Fitness app users are known to be loyal to specific apps, with about 96% using just one fitness app. More than 75% of active fitness app users have developed a habit of opening their health and fitness applications at least twice in a week, while about 25% utilize their fitness apps over ten times in a week.
  • Health & fitness app users are found to be the most loyal users within the app industry based on retention rates, engagement, as well as the frequency of usage.
  • A 2018 publication by RedBytes reveals that some of the best fitness apps used to engage customers are Headspace fitness app, the Nike Run Club, among other fitness applications.
  • Headspace and Nike are among the top 10 most innovative companies within the fitness industry according to a 2019 Hyperactivz web publication.


  • According to a 2018 Emerj publication, artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in maintaining good customer relationships and engagements for firms in the fitness sector. AI companies are offering technological solutions such as chat bots to help gym members in maintaining personalized fitness regimens.
  • According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), the fitness industry's premier global trade association, the use of artificial intelligence to drive engagement within the fitness sector is fast becoming the best sales tool in the industry.
  • Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the use of AI, and prefer it across a wide variety of situations, just the same people now favor texting over voice calls.
  • The use of AI is making fitness wearables smarter. Fitness wearable now collects more data and can do much more than count our steps.
  • Through the use of AI, Fitbit and Google recently announced a partnership to connect fitness data with individual electronic medical records to give a more comprehensive view of peoples profiles. This will go a long way in enhancing customer engagements.
  • Fitbit is one of the top ten most innovative companies in the fitness sector across the world.


  • A 2018 Forbes publication reveals that audio workouts are among the fastest growing category of services within the digital fitness arena. According to Fritz Lanman, the CEO of ClassPass, the use of audio has become a natural progression in engaging members for more patronage in the fitness sector.
  • The right music is known to keep fitness customers more engaged based on a long-term analysis. Customers utilizing fitness apps that have specialized music curation are more than twice likely to return and patronize a fitness service within the coming months and in the next quarter of a year.
  • The Nike Run Club utilizes music to boost engagement in fitness customers.
  • Nike is one of the top ten most innovative companies in the fitness sector across the world.


  • A recent Multi-Channel Merchant web publication reveals that fitness brands are building brand loyalty aimed at boosting engagement by becoming part of the customer lifestyle.
  • Fitness brands are being transformed into lifestyle brands to build brand loyalty with their consumers.
  • According to Jenny Walters, the CEO of 360 Connext a customer experience consulting company, fitness brands are also building brand loyalty with specific athletes by tracking mechanisms linked to loyalty rewards programs.
  • Nike has announced a new reward program for NikePlus members, which includes Apple Music subscriptions and other benefits.
  • Nike is one of the top ten most innovative companies in the fitness sector across the world.

5. Connected Athlete and Tracking Devices

  • Smart wearable devices, tracking sensors and numerous connected devices have gained momentum within the sports industry for some years now. The trend is set to continue as the adoption of connected devices in the fitness sector shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Technology utilizing wearable is growing to cover smart clothing and electronic textiles, like the self-heating jackets used by the United States team during the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Other wearable technologies boosting engagement include Nike’s HyperAdapt shoes having self-tying laces.
  • Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Apple in the process of developing smart wearable and interactive garments, which means more new products will be released into the market in the future.
  • According to a 2019 Market Watch report, new opportunities from the internet of things (IoT), increasing smartphone subscriptions, LTE adoption, as well as mobile data traffic growth are some factors accelerating wearable technology growth. The global industrial automation market which comprises wearable technologies is expected to be valued at USD 50 billion by the year 2022, at a CAGR of 16% from 2016 to 2022.


Our research team scoured through news releases, media articles, the fitness industry situation reports as well as research journals, white papers among other resources for trends on how the fitness industry is increasing customer engagement. Unearthed information which suspected to be trends or reported as trends were verified across several credible web resources. We researched and uncovered more information or statistics backing the prevalence of unearthed trends as a criterion for inclusion in our study.

Some trends uncovered and verified through the above methodology include the use of mobile apps to affect engagement positively, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as chat bots to drive customer engagements, the use of loyalty reward programs and music streaming devices to improve customer engagements.

From Part 05
  • "Products will only be delivered by ASICS to customers in the United Kingdom ("Territory")."
  • "Sign up for a free OneASICS account to unlock special benefits, including: -Free express shipping on all orders -90 days to try all shoes and apparel -Free 90-day trial of the Runkeeper Go™ app -Exclusive access to offers and events"
  • "Where is OneASICS available? OneASICS is launching first in the UK and select retail locations in London starting in December 2017. In 2018, we’ll start rolling out OneASICS to more countries around the globe."
  • "Zurich – The Japanese sports shoe and clothing brand Asics regularly organizes marathons in Europe. iRewind, a start-up from the Greater Zurich Area, will now provide runners with bespoke finisher videos."
From Part 07
  • " In the first edition, Will to Run aims to inspire a new wave of running revolution to beginner runners, ultra runners and aspirants across Asia. "
  • "This is an Online event. An Online event is a challenge or race that allows you to run or walk anywhere around the world during the event period – no specific starting time or starting place, alone or with friends and even at another race!"
  • "The top 3 participants who clocked the most distance at the end of the challenge from each of the following 3 countries will win one of the following prizes. [Applicable for Classic Category Only] Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia *1 pair of UA HOVR Infinite running shoes (3 winners "
  • "You are strongly recommended to use the official run tracking app — MapMyRun to track your race results."
  • "Under Armour's suite of high-performance HOVR running shoes were designed to help runners boost their performance. The shoes are connected and track a wide array of data from running basics like distance, pace and splits, to detailed running form data including cadence and stride length. "
  • "Using this data, MapMyRun provides a personalised coaching experience to each athlete, helping each runner find their ideal running form. Runners become a part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community of 245+ million people. "
  • "Under Armour has embedded a high-fidelity sensor in the midsole of the right-footed shoe that digitally connects seamlessly to the MapMyRun app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The sensor is fully protected from the elements and will last the lifetime without needing a charge. This connection allows the UA HOVR shoes to track a variety of metrics and data on a run, including distance, pace, splits, cadence, stride length, and lifetime distance. "
  • "New in 2019 is the gait coaching feature, which provides an in-depth analysis of a runner’s stride, so they can run with the least amount of effort and better manage their risk of injury. Gait coaching starts with a summary, showing the runner how their current form compares to their ideal form. Paired with coaching tips, the runner receives specific guidance, so they can make adjustments and achieve their ideal form."
  • "The coaching also provides a stride-by-stride analysis of the run. Runners see the paces and portions of the run where they hit their ideal form and where they can improve."
  • "Phone-free tracking: Running without a phone? No problem. Connected footwear tracks every run. After the run, the shoe pod will automatically sync with the MapMyRun app when it comes in close proximity to the runner's mobile device."
From Part 10
  • "All finisher content will also be used to target consumers with bespoke promotional ASICS content. Branded pre-roll and outro content features key ASICS products, the brand’s training hub and subscription to its membership scheme, OneASICS. "
  • "Seeking an app or training plan to get you ready for your next run? We've partnered with #ASICS to help! Check out our #training page and sign up to OneASICS to unlock a free 90 day trial of #RunkeeperGo: #ukrunchat #OxfordHalf #running #OneASICS"
From Part 14
  • " If you’re part of the NikePlus club, you should know that you can start achieving goals which will earn you rewards in the real world, like Apple Music. So let’s dive in to see some more details on the NikePlus rewards for its members."
  • "According to Nike Chief Digital Officer Adam Sussman, quoted in an investor document from October 2017 [PDF], the company has increased membership by 30 percent, to more than 100 million members. Sussman said Nike is aiming high in the next five years, hoping to triple its reach, because of the business impact the membership offering has."
  • "Likewise, due to lack of business intelligence in the form of customer data, many manufacturers are suffering with dead inventory. Along with this, rising material costs, ascending warehousing and store costs, etc. are all eroding profit margins. The only option that is left for manufacturers is to cut the cost at all possible avenues. The other way is to up the sale to compensate the loss."
  • "By tailoring your services to provide this level of value, you are positioning your brand to both endear itself to customers for the long-term and contributing to a winning platform in the present. One industry that is especially competitive, and has high rates of customer loyalty, is sportswear. People take the products they purchase for physical activity seriously, and as a result once they have chosen a brand, it can be difficult to persuade customers to choose another option. What is your sportswear brand doing to make this impact on its customers?"
  • "Sports activities are a science. Even at the beginner’s stage, people need information about how they can improve, grow and succeed. They need to know how much they should exercise a week, what kind of activities they need to do to achieve their own goal, how they can avoid injuries, and even what food intake heightens the impact of their workout. One cannot succeed without an understanding of how their body works. What I suggest is to use this opportunity to provide your loyalty members with this necessary content."
  • "Brands are extending beyond the product and purchase experience to customer support and the usage experience, keying into how the customer lives and uses the product."
  • "Columbia Sportswear is providing additional 20% off sale items for Greater Rewards Members. This deal stacks with its current Winter Sale, which has certain items for up to 50% off already. With the two offers combined, Rewards Members can get some seriously sweet discounts."
  • "Accumulate 2,000 points and get $10 off your next purchase."
  • " Loyalty programs for athleisure can provide essential information about the customer’s daily life, favorite garments or offline activity. It also enables you to continue engaging them after the first transaction. "
  • "But there is a bigger, more compelling motivation for these expensive offline retail investments: customer loyalty. Studies show that clothing brands haven’t historically done a good job of creating a lasting emotional connection with consumers. Sixty-nine percent of consumers don’t have any emotional connection to any clothing brand, according to Cotton Incorporated, and compared to the previous year, 47 percent feel less loyal to brands."
  • "Reebok UNLOCKED is Reebok’s loyalty program. As a member you get rewarded for every purchase and interaction. Accumulated points determine your level, which unlock an exclusive set of rewards. "
  • "Unlocked offers points for brand interactions, including purchases, event attendance and social media engagement. Points earn rewards like early access to new products, workout videos and rewards from 25 partners. Rewards members also receive perks like nutrition plans and on-demand training."
From Part 17
  • "The global connected health device market is expected to reach an estimated $36.1 billion by 2023 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 21.1% from 2018 to 2023."
  • "The major drivers for growth of connected health device market are increasing adoption of IT in healthcare, increasing healthcare costs, need of easy and reliable patient monitoring systems for chronic diseases, and the growing awareness for health and fitness."
  • "Emerging trends, which have a direct impact on the dynamics of the connected health device industry, include adoption of cloud technology for interconnected healthcare devices, and the adoption of telemedicine."
  • "The hospitals/clinic segment is expected to remain the largest segment over the forecast period from 2018 to 2023."
  • "APAC is expected to be the largest market and witness the highest growth rate during the forecast period due to a rapidly growing aging population with chronic diseases, rising disposable income, and increased adoption of smart phones."
From Part 18
  • "numerous AI vendors claim to assist gyms with signing up new gym customers, developing nutrition and fitness programs, and maintaining good customer relationships. Some offer chatbots that they claim can help gym members maintain personalized fitness regimens."
  • "According to the Consumer Technology Association, portable consumer fitness tech (activity trackers, smartwatches, personal sound amplification products, smart basketballs and baseball bats, etc.) will generate around $6.4 billion in sales this year in the U.S.—a 10% increase year-over-year, "
  • "Even if this shift isn’t yet being reflected in revenue, consumers are meeting it halfway. According to Flurry Analytics, fitness app usage has skyrocketed by 330% over the last three years. Because of the health benefits of regular exercise, these apps also create sticky habits: over 75% of fitness app users open these apps at least two times a week, while more than 25% of users access their apps more than 10 times a week."
  • "Audio workouts are one of the fastest growing categories in digital fitness given the convenience and flexibility,” ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman said in a statement, adding that “audio was a natural progression in giving our members more ways to work out and non-members a reason to try us as we continue to flex our muscle in the digital category.” (ClassPass declined to comment for this article."
  • "The right music can keep these users even more engaged in the long term: new research released this week from found that users of fitness apps with specialized music curation were 2.2x more likely to return the following month and 2.8x more likely to return the following quarter"
  • "Many fitness and health app users are loyal to their favorite apps, with 96% using only one health and fitness app. Over 75% of active users open their health and fitness app at least two times a week, and more than 25% of users access their fitness apps more than 10 times a week."