Find me free market reports written in 2016 or 2017 which contain market sizing or growth information for the augmented reality market which is also segmented in some way such as the hardware/software market, mobile/headset market, consumer/enterp...

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Find me free market reports written in 2016 or 2017 which contain market sizing or growth information for the augmented reality market which is also segmented in some way such as the hardware/software market, mobile/headset market, consumer/enterprise, by industry, etc. For example:

Hello! It is my pleasure to provide you with a second response to your query requesting free market reports with vertical segmentation for the Augmented Reality Market. The results of my findings are included on a spreadsheet and outlined below.
As requested, I have created a spreadsheet called “Market Reports: Augmented Reality Market”. It lists the following for each report included: Title, Source, Link, Month/Year Published, Vertical / Vertical Value, and Notes. The spreadsheet is broken down into two major sections: Free Reports and Paywalled Reports.

In your query and your email regarding the original response, you indicated that the reports provided must meet the following criteria:
• No cost / free
• 2016 or 2017 only
• Provides market vertical segmentation

The first Analyst to respond to your question indicated that there were no reports available that met all three criteria. I have found this to be nearly accurate. In an extended and deep search, I was able to find four (4) more paywalled reports for either 2016 or 2017 (in addition to those found by the original Analyst). The costs for these range from $999 - $7150. One other pay-option that I discovered is the Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset Tracker (highlighted in Yellow on the spreadsheet). It is a quarterly report on the Hardware Segment of this market and may be of use to you. It costs to procure it, but is available as SaaS, so the subscription should be much more reasonable than a totally-paid annual report (like the others listed). Additionally, I found a report from ABI Research called “Augmented & Mixed Reality: Content Creation and Application Marketplaces” (highlighted in Peach on the spreadsheet). This was published in August 2017 and only covers that segment of the market. It is available via a subscription or may be free to you if you sign up for a Free Trial Membership. On the spreadsheet, I have listed the available information for all 12 paywalled items, so you have them in one place should you opt to use them.
I realize that these are not what you are looking for, however, it must be noted that primary market research like you are requesting is typically not fully publicly available until later in the year that it is published, and then parts of it will be summarized / published via third-party media outlets throughout the following year (or even two years) after that. Those organizations purchase the full reports – and provide snippets of it to the public to keep their readers’ interests and eyes. Traditionally, these types of reports are not made fully public until three, five, or even ten years after they are published. Otherwise, how would the primary market research company make money off these products?
Wonder provides secondary research services, not primary research, so we do not have access to any paid market research reports. We only have access to what is available via deep web searches by our skilled, expert Analysts. Since what you are asking for is not available to the public, it is not available to us. As noted in the original response, the only publicly-available market segmentation is from 2014 or 2015, which is too dated for your purposes.
Fortunately, I did find several other reports that may be of use or interest to you, and may provide you with enough information to meet your needs. As requested, each of these reports is free. However, each only provides a partial answer to your question. It is my hope that these are sufficient to meet your needs.

They are listed on the spreadsheet and outlined for you below:
• Virtual and Augmented Reality – CitiGroup (Oct 2016): This report offers estimated market values for 2020 and 2025. Through the charts provided in the report, it is possible to estimate the current verticals for the AR Hardware/Headsets, AR Commerce, AR Communications, and AR Commercial/Enterprise segments. It should be noted, however, that these are just estimates based on chart interpretation.
• Virtual & Augmented Reality (2025 Market) – Goldman Sachs (Jan 2016): This report offers expected / estimated values for a variety of verticals and segments. From these – and using the expected CAGR provided in the reports, you may be able to estimate the current market values of each vertical and segment.
• Augmented Reality Market Report – Woodside Capital Partners (June 2016): This report provides the funding amounts for several verticals in this market. The funding is noted from January 2015 – March 2016. The report does not give any information on current / expected market size.

As noted, there are a variety of paywalled reports available to provide the information you are looking for, if the free reports listed above do not include what you need.
Thank you again for your question, and I hope this information gives you what you need. Please contact Wonder again for any other questions you may have!