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Market Size - ODVA standard CIP Safety (Common Industrial Protocol Safety)

In 2018, we've estimated that the total annual revenue of ODVA Standard CIP Safety was $8.3 billion and the total number of devices that used the CIP Safety (via EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet) was at 26.82 million. Currently, EtherNet/IP account for 15% of the global network based on new nodes installed while DeviceNet has 3% share.


First, from thorough searching, there was no publicly available information or study conducted specific to the global market size of the ODVA Standard CIP Safety or also known as ControlNet, DeviceNet, and EtherNet/IP. Hence, we resorted our research methodology by curating available statistics and data pertaining to the market and utilize a top-down analysis to triangulate the market size.

For this research, since CIP Safety was nowhere to be found on any market research, we first determine what networks consist of the CIP Safety. We've known that EtherNET/IP, ControlNet, and DeviceNET are all safety data transmission that uses ODVA Standard CIP Safety system requirements. From recent market research released by HMS, we were able to determine the market share of EtherNET/IP and DeviceNET. However, the ControlNET was not provided due mainly to an insignificant (very small) market share as it is only applicable and implemented over a dedicated network. We, therefore, calculated the market size (annual revenue) by combining the market shares of EtherNET/IP and DeviceNET.


While earlier reports stated that EtherNET/IP has 25% share of the market based on the number of new nodes of industrial Ethernet networks shipped as of 2015, the latest report released by HMS in 2019, stated that EtherNet/IP has a 15% share and DeviceNet has 3% share of the total global industrial network. According to the report, the largest segment, the Industrial Ethernet (of where the EtherNet/IP belongs), account for 59% of the total industrial network market globally.

From a separate report by Marketsandmarkets, the Industrial Ethernet market is expected to be valued at $59.20 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 16.8%. We calculate back the Industrial Ethernet value in 2018 by using the 16.8% CAGR.

2022 = $59.20 billion/1.168 = $50.68 billion
2021 = $50.68 billion/1.168 = $43.39 billion
2020 = $43.39 billion/1.168 = $37.15 billion
2019 = $37.15 billion/1.168 = $31.81 billion
2018 = $31.81 billion/1.168 = $27.23 billion

If 59% of the global industrial network accounts for Industrial Ethernet and if this market was valued at $27.23 billion in 2018 (from calculation above), then the total global industrial network market in 2018 was at $46.15 billion.

Global industrial network market in 2018 = $27.23 billion/59% = $46.15 billion

If EtherNET/IP accounts for 15% share and DeviceNET accounts for 3% of the total industrial network system, then their value in 2018 was $6.92 billion and $1.38 billion respectively.

EtherNet/IP = $46.15 billion * 15% = $6.92 billion
DeviceNET = $46.15 billion * 3% = $1.38 billion

Total market size = $6.92 billion + $1.38 billion = $8.3 billion


In 2017, it was reported that 4.5 million Profinet devices were put on the market which brought the total number to 20.9 million at the end of that year. From the HMS report, Profinet accounts for 14% of the global market. Using this percentage indicator, we were able to calculate that the estimated global installed devices were now at 149 million. Back in 2012, the approximate number was at 131.4 million.

Estimated total global number of installed devices = 20.9 million/14% = 149 million

Using the market shares provided by HMS in 2019, we were able to calculate the estimated number of devices for EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet;

EtherNet/IP = 149 million * 15% = 22.35 million
DeviceNet = 149 million * 3% = 4.47 million

Total devices = 26.82 million


  • "The “CIP Safety” protocol was specified for safety data transmission via EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet. Using the pre-existing CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) Services as its foundation, the CIP Safety protocol makes use of the producer-consumer mechanism for the exchange of data between safe nodes."
  • "In ODVA’s media briefing today held at the Conference Center Nuremberg and concurrent with SPS IPC Drives Show, ODVA reported that EtherNet/IP continues to represent the largest number of new nodes of industrial Ethernet networks shipped, at approximately 25% share of market, according to IHS Markit, an international analyst firm who reported EtherNet/IP’s share of market as part of its Industrial Communications Intelligence Service for 2017. "
  • "Industrial Ethernet Market is expected to be valued at USD 59.20 Billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 16.8% between 2016 and 2022. "